Sunday, 28 December 2014

Happy Xmas, New Year and all that Bollox!

Well that was a pretty quiet, expensive and yet enjoyable Xmas! Visted a couple of local boozers on Xmas eve (and there's pretty much not many left around these parts) and partook of a few sherberts but didn't go too mad and was back in bed before midnight.

I took the opportunity to cook Xmas dinner this year and it all went rather well, if somewhat delayed. A few bottles of Hoegaarden were then consumed on Xmas day and it was all pretty civilised. Unfortunately I've been like a human dustbin over the last few days and I'm starting to get that 'Big Daddy' kind of physique.

The racing kicked back into action on Boxing Day and it's always a bit of a nightmare with races clashing and non-existant liquidity in some of the wankier meetings. Unfortunately I then picked up the lurgi so I'm hoping to shift that before 31/12 as we're supposed to be off to the coast for a monster beer session.


+£52.71. Now although my daily total was nothing to write home about I did feel a lot more aggressive today so I felt relatively happy and if I continue in the same way then the increase in profits should materialise.


+£113.48 I started off very poorly today but then had a nice win in a race at Kempton which put me back in profit. The only downside was the loss in the last race of the day which is always a bit of a bummer.


+£564.68. I think that I might change the way in which I do my blog next year and maybe just do weekly updates on my P&L? I'll also try and make it more lighthearted and try not to moan so much!

After my nice win I was giving it 'whos the fucking daddy' (appropriately see above) at the top of my voice and later in the day my missus said 'I could hear you screaming from upstairs ..... so did you have nice win' .... doh!


Suffering a bit from a cold today and I'm hoping that I can shift it over the next couple of days in time for our coastal New Year celebrations. 

All I need to do now is search for one of those websites that has erotic audio recordings and find one that has a script along the lines of 'give it to me big boy, harder, faster, deeper, etc'. From now on it's going to be 'just going for an early night tonight darling' as I wander off and lock myself in my bedroom with my Ipod, plastic minge, a copy of Razzle ...

... and copious amounts of lube!!




  1. Hilarious blog Dave...all i got for Xmas was a pair of socks!!!

    Happy New Year mate, have fun on the coast.


    1. Hi Steve.

      I'm coughing and spluttering like an old man here at the moment, so a nice pair of warm socks seems like an ideal gift!

      Yep hoping to shift this cold before we hit the coast otherwise it'll be a bit miserable :(

      How's things going at your end with the new house and new job?

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. Ha ha great video Dave. You should be on TV pal, wasted here !
    All the best for the new year !

    1. Cheers Benny.

      I'm trying to keep it all light hearted otherwise I'll go mad sitting here all day by myself staring at horses run around a field day after day.

      Have a good'un - Dave.

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