Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Some Fucker Nicked My Toilet Roll!

In my quest for a super chiselled body I've taken to walking instead of jumping in the car every time that I need to go somewhere. My local Asda is only about 1 mile away so with the recent nice weather I've grabbed the opportunity to do plenty of walking to and from Asda with my shopping in my small backpack. Sometimes I take a detour via the local parks to extend the journey and burn even more calories.

So there I was last Friday hunting out the bargains in my local Poundstretcher when I spotted a shed load of toilet rolls for £5 ..... what a bargain! I had already loaded my backpack with nutrients from Asda and had another plastic bag with Wagon Wheels and Penguins etc for the grandkids so it was convenient that the packets of bog rolls had little plastic handles.

So armed with all of these goodies I strolled across the car park to Home Bargains to get some crisps for the missus. When I got outside I had to hoist my heavy backpack onto my back so I plonked the loo rolls on the shopping trolleys and put my plastic bag on the floor. After successfully loading up I trudged home carrying the 20kg of shopping. It was only later in the day that I realised that I'd left the fucking toilet paper on the trolleys! I was gutted that some thieving bastard had probably legged it off with my bargain £5 buy! On my next visit to Home Bargains I asked if anyone had handed in my loo roll and obviously they hadn't ... gutted!


-£111.70. I had a poor start early doors as the market went violently against me in an AW race at Lingfield and then I backed O'Faolains Boy to place in The Gold Cup when Cue Card fell, only for it's legs to fall off after 2 out! So pretty pants really ....


+£2400.59. I had my biggest single race win today. I backed the 100/1 winner in one of the Irish races at 1000 on BF at the start of the race and gradually traded out for a £2200 profit ... happy days!


+£343.56. Buoyed by yesterday's success I charged into the markets today with renewed vigour and had a cracking day. I played more aggressively and despite a few losses I did quite well.


-£11.68. I tried to continue my aggressive strategy today but it was a typical Monday's racing and opportunities were few and far between. I probably would have made a small profit if I hadn't forgotten that I had pressed the pause button on my Sky remote control and therefore in one race on RUK I was watching pics that were about 40 seconds behind what was actually happening!

I decided to venture out for a few sherberts in the evening. Monday night is karaoke night in my local so I thought that I would break my curfew and test my reaction to a couple of beers. In fact I had four pints of Carling and didn't feel too bad at all. Unfortunately the beer eroded my discipline and I smashed into the Wagon Wheels and Penguins when I got home!

At 106 calories per bar you can do some serious damage to the daily calorie intake .... and I certainly did! I'm not too sure exactly how many bars I scoffed but it was quite a few!


+£138.49. I jumped on the scales this morning fearing that I'd gone back up over 85kg and much to my surprise I was at my lowest weight for over 20 years at 83.7kg!! Seems like I have discovered a new way to lose weight .... drink Carling and eat Wagon Wheels and Penguin bars!

I did a Google search for 'Carling Pissed' (to find a suitable picture) and hey presto I scrolled down a page and came across this pic from back in October 2013!


+£29.33. Today was a day of 'what could have been'. I noticed that Back By Midnight was about to poach a crafty early lead in the 16:00 @ Haydock so I stuck a few quid on and then traded out a bit just before the start. BBB did in fact jump off in the lead and as the price tumbed I started to phase out my position. However, the suspend monkey wanker at BF hadn't turned the race in-play and then decided to suspend it after a few furlongs, so I was left with just over £100 on BBB at 11.0 +. Now this beast was cruising along nicely in front but as they turned for home instead of kicking on the dopey cunt Nick Scholfield sat like a fucking statue and let the 2 challengers, both being driven like crazy, go bowling past. With stats like this I shouldn't have been surprised that he was so fucking incompetent ...

I pity any of the poor fuckers who might have decided to have a fiver on each of his mounts over the last 5 years!

For a second I thought that the horse must have gone wrong as he was making no effort. Then jumping the last he decided to start waving his arms about a bit and drove BBB up the backside of the one in front, before switching out and rallying near the line to finish a fast closing 1/2 length second. So instead of winning over £1K I did over £100 all because of that dozey fucking useless wank jockey Scholfield.

I'm not lying when I say that this guy (see above) could have got the horse home! So a word of warning .... Scholfield is crap!

And now a picture of Holly Willoughby ...


+£137.20. A day of plodding along ...


-£33.96. Only the 2 meetings today and I played everything incorrectly and somehow managed to lose! To be honest my concentration levels were super low as I was fucking about with other things during the racing. Poor effort really!


+£204.69. A good aggressive day today with some good wins and also 1 or 2 annoying losses.

I've picked up this annoying cold so my training has taken a back seat and my diet has come completely off the rails! Fucking Penguins and Wagon Wheels Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!



+£125.48. Small losses and wins.


+£115.92. Only one small loss today but the wins were also small!



Thursday, 17 March 2016

Summer Here We Come!

Yep once again I've been lacklustre in updating my blog. My daily activity during the Winter months usually follows a set pattern which is currently: walk to the gym, train, walk home, have something to eat, tidy up, do some washing, put on the PC and trade. The evening is usually a mixture of trading, if there is evening racing, burning calories on the spinning bike or watching crap on the PC.

My diet and training have both been pretty much spot-on this year and I have gone from 95.3kg at the start of 2016 to 84.0kg.

I'm aiming to get down to at least 80kg although I'm trying to retain weight but gradually decrease my bodyfat percentage. I'd guess that once I am down to sub 80kg I'll be looking quite lean.

The trading seems to be going OK and so far we haven't had too many cancellations which always helps. My attitude has also been much more laid-back and I very rarely have a clue as to how much I have won or lost on any particular day. When I update the blog I do get quite a few nice surprises where I find that I had days much better than what I actually thought I'd had at the time!

Hopefully once I get out and about during the Summer months I'll have more interesting topics to chat about!


+£48.60. I got involved today but a few medium sized losses cancelled out my good trades.


-£162.36. Wrong weightcloth on my horse meant that I did my bollox (see previous blog entry!!!). Unfortunately this is part and parcel of the in-running game and sometimes things conspire against you that make you want to get a taxi to the track and kick someone in the bollox. However, you just have to take it on the chin and continue as normal and avoid chasing losses and possibly digging an even bigger hole!


+£240.51. A nice trade in the last race @ Wolves helped me retrieve yesterdays losses. Note that I wasn't trying to win my £160 back from yesterday I was just trading as normal, which is very important.


+£78.48. Not much happening today with mostly small wins. If you get a day like this where you feel that nothing has really happened remember that daily profits like this soon add up, especially if you can get one or 2 nice days where you can win an above average amount (whatever that may mean to you personally).

I decided to keep a real close eye on my calorific intake so spent some time compiling a table of the number of calories in each type of fruit/veg etc. I've also swapped my car for walking and now I walk to the supermarket 3 or 4 times a week.

I pick up bits and pieces and lug it all back in my backpack. My max weight carried home (approximately a mile) has been 30kg!

I chuck a load of it in a blender, add some protein powder, give it another blend with a hand mixer and hey presto goodness in a glass! Tastes bloody lovely as well!


+£162.84. Three medium sized losses cancelled out by a couple of nice wins.


-£24.44. An up and down kinda day. Having losing days is part of the game and the important thing is to try and remain calm and keep losses as small as possible. Avoid going on tilt at all times!


+£249.98. 43 races of nice steady trading. Steady, stress free trading always beats an edge of the seat style!


+£236.35. A poor start followed by some more nice steady trading. If you make a poor start to the day then don't be tempted to up stakes or chase early losses.


+£248.39. Only 21 races traded today but that included one nice win which made all of the difference.


+£145.26. Another day of unspectacular yet steady trading.


-£21.30. Up and down day of pants trading!


-£48.94. I had one of those trades today where the market flew against me in a 5F furlong sprint and I did my whole stake without being able to retrieve any of it in-running! I was probably too stubborn to take a £60+ loss and instead sat on my hands and knocked out the full £120 doh!


-£20.77. So my third losing day in a row!! Once again I had a market go violently against me in one race and I fought like a madman to keep the loss to just below £100. Now when you experience this kind of bad run it can seem as though the world and his dog are against you. Whatever you touch turns to shite and you can't buy a winning trade.

In this scenario you need to keep steady and possibly even err on the side of caution instead of going in guns blazing. At the end of the day these losses have only set me back 3 days so although it's frustrating it's not the end of the world!


+£317.00. 45 races traded today so the wins soon added up quite nicely and the angst of the last 3 days was soon forgotten.


+£177.77. Another steady day of trading.


+£128.49. I had a good start to the day and then nothing much happened!


+£131.41. A bit of an up and down day, but fortunately mostly up. These are probably the ideal kind of days for me as the higher percentage of losers to winners (and yet still achieving a profit) helps the burden of the weekly premium charge.

Now I have been growing my hair this year but it has reached that stage where it becomes a pain in the ass and I'm tempted to shave it all off! However, I decided to try something new, wild and wacky ......

Yep I dyed my barnet Punk Purple! Now the original idea was to try silver but that didn't take to my hair so I decided to go for something a bit bolder.


+£99.70. Steady but small wins equals nearly £100.

And this was me after paying a visit to my local barber and also having a shave!

I did notice 1 or 2 of the MILFs in the gym giving me a look (and obviously undressing me in their imagination). It's only when you get the odd person staring at your crust that you remember that your hair is bright purpley pinkey!


I've already chosen my next colour! Something like this ...


+£396.62. The sun came out with a vengeance today so I hopped on the bike and went for a jolly good cycle around my old haunts. It was even warm enough to stop for a cuppa in the park!

I traded 44 races today and finished the day with a good total ... well happy!