Monday, 1 December 2014

Alright viewers, I'm ready for my close-up ...

Yep it's time for a few more videos! I got myself a new webcam and I've had some emails recently asking me to be a bit more specific about how I trade so I thought that I'd do my daily vid again.

I've mentioned previously that I've become a lazy bum over the last few weeks, so something has to change! I've been missing gym sessions, eating all the wrong stuff and haven't even been bothered to keep my horse notes up to date, which is a very poor effort.

So once again I need to get my ass into gear and sort my life out! Right, where do I start:

horse notes: now this study proved invaluable during the summer as I had one or two nice wins which came as a direct result of my notes. So each morning I'll be spending some time watching the replays and getting my notes back up-to-date.

gym & diet: it's back to a regular gym routine and decent diet. I want to be in half decent shape before we get to the start of 2015 so that I have a decent chance of being super ripped for next summer. 

increased stakes & aggression: I've pretty much fallen back to lower stakes instead of kicking-on. Now that's just fucking stupid and I need to grow some balls and start winning some decent cash (fuck I remember posting the exact same goal fucking ages ago).

So happy Xmas and all that bollox and lets's go .....


+£82.43. Would have been a better day if I hadn't lost the £60+ in the 3 runner race at Kempton, but in hindsight there wasn't much that I could do about it ...

It's 10:39 so I should just have about enough time to watch the replays of yesterday's racing and update my notes. Oh deep joy!


+£66.23. I pretty much had only one trade of note today, but with only three really poor meetings on ATR any kind of profit was a bonus ...


+£269.74. A good result today and probably no co-incidence that it was three meetings on RUK today! If the wankers at ATR could improve the picture speed then we might all have a chance but they obviously have some hidden agenda as to why they want to keep the ludicrous delay?


+£107.44. A pretty steady day today and scraped into three figures. More RUK goodness and generally I can stomach the ATR/BF Live pics from any of the Irish courses as the markets are slightly different ... it's just that it's practically impossible to get anything from the GB based tracks that are on ATR.


+£88.23. I did kind of OK during the day but managed fuck-all, unsurprisingly, trying to play Wolverhampton and Dundalk in the evening.


+£45.70. A day of ups and downs but just managed to scrape into a profit through some late wins at Wolverhampton of all places!!


-£146.04. One bad bet and one bad trade destroyed the day, which was otherwise very un-inspiring!


-£87.69 Oh fucking deep joy! Couldn't do a thing right today and following yesterday's poor effort that kinda made me FUCKING MAD!!


+£41.83. Today's mission was to get any sort of winning score on the board. The racing was a fucking useless bag of shite and all on ATR so that was easier said than done. To be quite honest I felt quite happy with the result as another losing day would have seeen me jumping off a very high bridge!


-£71.95. Oh dear! These losing days are becoming a habit! It's funny how a few losing trades/bets can affect your confidence. It seemed that everything that I touched turned to shite. Now in hindsight the fact is that yes I did have a bit of bad luck once or twice but all of the other losing trades were probably a result of bad decisions.

The racing has been poor this week and most of the coverage has been on ATR and this has meant that I've maybe tried to force opportunities in order to try and win some cash. It's obvious that this type of trading erodes any edge that you may normally have and therefore puts you in much riskier positions.


So the simple answer is to re-group and look to trade effectively as opposed to trying to force the issue. When you have bad days then it's really important to identify where you went wrong as this helps you to become a much better trader and therefore helps turn that negative feeling into a positive one.   


+£52.58. A nice steady day where I played cautiously and importantly only experienced 2 minor losses so I'll settle for that after my poor results this week ...


+£152.77. The ironic thing about today's win was that I was playing off much smaller stakes than normal following my poor efforts earlier in the week. However, it's still satisying to get back into 3 figure territory, especially when it's a win as opposed to a loss!


+£87.43. I kept my stakes low again today and avoided any big losses. So although it wasn't a brilliant total for a Saturday once again it was OK as I was just looking to get another green day under my belt ...


+£13.35. Gloomy Sunday indeed!

Felt like slitting my wrists while listening to a bit of Sinead O Connor ....


+£59.97. There's no better way than to follow a boring Sunday with an exciting Monday with racing from Ffos, Plumpton and Wolves! I almost cum im my pants!! Thank fuck for the £70 win halfway through the day!

... and some more Sinead O'Connor with a classic Pink Floyd track ..... enjoy ...


+£33.92. Just never got going today ...


+£142.40. Getting back into 3 figure profit territory is always nice even though most of it came from an early race at Newbury.


+£39.55. I was heading for another losing day today until I had a late win at Kempton which saved me from having to highlight another day's total in bold red!


+£78.81. A few small wins and no losses meant that I could take my £70+ and go out on the piss with my great mates who I have known since I was 8 or 9 years old.


+£43.68. Was feeling slightly jaded after last night's beerathon so I played quite cautiously and once again avoided any losses but still only made fuck all!


-£3.27. What a dozy cunt I am! I sat here all fucking afternoon nicking a few quid each race and then go and blow it all on the last fucking race of the day! I'm fucking useless!

I'm fucked-off with winning fuck all every fucking day. I've had enough and from now on I'm going to give it fucking large every fucking day. No more pussy footing about. This blog is about to go fucking mental with some fucking huge wins .... so bollox fuck wank tits wank bollox here I come!

I think that from now on before I sit down to trade every day I need to get myself into 'the zone' with a positive mental attitude with a hint of aggressiveness. I've just done a quick bit of research and having an attitude somewhat like this should do the trick I think ...





  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the tips. I will try to add watching replays to my trading routine.
    Looking forward to read this blog at 2015!
    GL and happy upcoming holidays mate.

    1. Hi Dei.

      No probs. Good luck with your trading!


  2. Hi Dave, great stuff reading and following your progress.
    Just one question - do you trade with a value punt in mind at all (ie have an opinion on the actual race outcome and leave it a one-sided book), or are you always looking for level green in your trading?


    1. Hi Stu.

      Yep there are some races where I fancy or don't fancy a particular horse. In this case I'm prepared to hold onto my position a bit longer in the anticipation that the green will move further in my direction. If my entry point is correct and the price moves in my favour then I normally phase out some of my position in order to extend my green zone and then maybe put in the remainder of my exit trades at either very low (if I have backed first) or very high (if I have layed first) prices. So in a nutshell I try NOT to use the green-up button but prefer to position my exit trades manually and yes this will sometimes give me a bit of a lopsided book (hopefully in my favour) but it's not always easy to pick the best exit points as at this point the race is normally reaching a climax and the market, as you know, can go bonkers all over the place! So you have to be fast, somewhat in control and a bit lucky as well!

      Hope this makes sense and helps - Dave.

  3. Thanks for that Dave, makes sense.
    Personally in my own trading I'm naturally a bit of a position taker too - find it hard not to try and predict the winner/loser in the race, so usually end up leaving it more of a 'free-bet' type of trade either before or during the race. I end up with a lot of 'profit: 0.0' records in my P/L figures though, which can be frustrating after getting a good trade. I'm trying to level off a little more at present just because of this! But having free bet type trades means the occasional very nice profit of course, which is great when it happens.

    Sometimes maybe tricky to know when you should be looking for more level greens and when to leave them, indeed. I'm also trying to avoid leaving trades go too long in races, as I've been trashed in the past that way, so I'm more trying to get out either pre or very early in every race these days.


    1. Hi Stu.

      Yep I can see what you mean by taking the bigger win or no loss position. It's a hard one to call as I've missed some potentially great wins by taking a green too early, but on the other side of the coin if you can take the profit each time then it soon adds up on a busy day. The skill is to be able to keep a clear head when you see a nice green and be able to judge whether or not you think that the green is going to get a LOT bigger or completely disappear and turn into a red .... easier said than done in the heat of battle.

      The only time that I let a trade run is when I have already taken most of my stake from the trade by phasing out. As you know the market can go crazy in the closing stages which can sometimes work in your favour if you hold on a bit longer but can also leave you no exit point if it goes wrong. I try and avoid playing towards the end of the race as the fast pic/track players just have way too much advantage.


  4. Hi Dave

    Good read this. Do you keep a certain balance as a float ? How often do you withdraw your winnings ? Do you wait till you hit a certain amount ?

  5. Hi Benny.

    Yep I have always tended to keep a portion of my bank in my BF account. The amount that I keep in my BF balance is normally the maximum amount that I'd be prepared to lose in a day. If I have a winning day then I tranfer that amount to the Oz wallet and then withdraw when I have maybe £1k or so.

    Hope this helps - Dave.

  6. Hi Dave - See your video latest was not happy. Any consolation been same for me recently - can't win a thing, win two lose two etc....previous month was pretty good profit wise, but I haven't won much at all in the whole of December. Wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong/different, but it's been difficult for sure. Days off the racing for chrimbo with family now though. Recharge batteries.


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