Friday, 18 December 2015

New Year on the Coast

We've booked a few days down on the coast over the New Year period and to be honest I can't wait. The thought of dossing about in various boozers seems like a good idea right now!


+£92.25. If I could replicate today's results, every day, and win 3 times as much then I'd be happy!


+£40.10. The racing was SO dire today that I only managed to trade 11 races!

However, there was some fun to be had watching Caan in meltdown mode (see above). He definitely shot from the hip and didn't hold back!


-£66.87. I was sitting on a cracking trade early doors until the poor fucker pulled up after jumping the second hurdle doh!

'Led until went wrong landing over 2nd and quickly pulled up, fatally injured (op 6/1)'

Luckily Caan was at hand with a follow-up video and this time he wasn't taking any prisoners! Geoff Banks got both barrels from the 'Berry Bazooka' and it certainly gave me a chuckle! 


+£200.97. One good early trade and then settled down to nick a few quid here and there to get me just past the £200 barrier!


+£76.05. A few beer tokens ...

Is it possible to move to Betdaq ...


+£265.15. I had 15 trades today and only 1 loss, and one nice win, so happy days!


+£18.00. Ho hum Sunday pants ...


+£44.91. Slim pickings ...


Once again I got nobbled at the start when my selection decided to turn sharp left as the tape went up! All of the others made their merry way off into the fucking distance! That's about the fourth time now that my horse has decided to take another route at the start, taking my £100 with it! Happy fucking Xmas!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nearly There!

Yep only a few days to go until the shortest day of the year and then we head towards Summer! With all this global warming there's no doubt that we'll all be basking in 90+ degree temperatures from May onwards!


-£15.71.  As mentioned previously it can be hard to keep motivated during the winter months. The weather is grey, cold and shite, and the racing is threadbare and also crap. IR liquidity also seems to take a nosedive which means that trying to make a few quid becomes harder and harder. Bah humbug!


+£52.85. I had a poorish start and then nicked a few quid back here and there ...


+£45.11. Another day where it was a struggle to get any decent numbers on the board ...


+£12.80.  Oh dear!


+£68.28. Making it past the £50 barrier seems to be a big achievement these days!


+£39.57.  See above, doh!


+£56.50.  A run of days like this really starts to get on your tits!


+£43.33. I seem to be stuck in and endles run of wanky results ...


+£261.92. Felt as though I'd won the fucking lottery today!


+£69.56. Back to the drawing board!


-£1.91. I made a schoolboy error in the 17:45 and set fire to £80. The favourite was withdrawn at the start so I had a crafty few quid on the second fav as the stalls opened. Unfortunately this was the one time when the suspend monkey at Wolves was a bit slow and I managed to back the fucker before the market went in-running and therefore my back bet was subject to a 30% reduction factor. I put my lay bet in way too early and got nobbled when the fucker hosed up ... oh happy days! Thank fuck I won £1.37 on the boxing!


I've only myself to blame really for my recent poor run of results ...

I haven't watched any replays or made any notes for some months now and to be honest that usually gives me a much bigger 'edge' when deciding how to approach any race. Must do better!



Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Zzzzzzzzzz ........

Well I haven't updated my blog for a few days and that's becuase fuck all has happened!

The amount of races per day takes a real nosedive around this time of year and sometimes it feels as though the day is over before it's even started.  However, in less than 3 weeks time we start heading into the Summer and more of this ...

I had a lazy week and didn't do any training, yoga or pilates and then I picked up a cold which has scuppered my fitness regime.


+£170.47. Not that many trades today but managed 3 nice wins alongside one qually sized loss.


+£0.00. Today was one of the weirdest days that I have experienced recently as I tried but couldn't get a fucking single IR bet matched!


+£10.35. Not one of my better efforts!


-£60.22. A bag of shite day with one big loss knocking out my small profit!


+£125.66. A mixed bag of results today, but I seemed to improve as the day progressed.


+£241.54. A much better day today and for once I actually won a few quid at Wolverhampton wow!!!


-£5.00. Wished I'd stayed in bed!


+£48.77. Not great, but better than yesterday!


+£86.88. Not a lot of trades today but no losses, which helps a lot ...


-£10.37. A bleak Monday in early December and although I tried i just couldn't get matched!





Sunday, 22 November 2015

You Fat Bastard!

Yep things have slipped somewhat over the last couple of weeks with regards to the diet. The munchfest culminated in the consumption of literally dozens of leftover wedding sandwiches this weekend after my eldest son was married. We all had a cracking time and for once I didn't get wrecked as I stayed on the Bavara Wit 0.0% lager all day and to be honest it was a great decision. I didn't particularly miss getting pissed and I definitely didn't miss the hangover!

On the wedding day there were one or two moments of shouting and swearing. The first was when we were halfway to the registry office and I realised that I'd forgotten my false zoobies! I was like 'all that fucking rushing about has made me forget to put my teeth in' much to the amusement of the passengers in my car! We then arrived only to find that you can't fucking park anywhere in Waltham Forest/Walthamstow without a permit! I dropped off the family, after screaming at some prick coming towards me on the wrong side of the road, and then drove around that shitehole shouting and swearing something along the lines of 'what a bunch of cunts, where the fuck are you supposed to fucking park in this shitehole!'

Now I know that I'm still a bit of a fanny magnet, but blimey, once I put that cardigan on the young girls were all over me like a rash ...

The evening entertainment was going well and as a group of us stood outside the club, which was in a secluded woodland spot, I noticed a couple of cars parked up near in the dark near some bushes, one of which had it's lights on. I mentioned that it must be the local doggers, at which point the bride and groom (my son) said 'we'll go and have a word'. Well my son only got halfway as he was so pissed that he walked into the end of an open gate, but the bride walked right up to the car and started talking to the passenger. Before we knew it three cars all turned there lights on, quickly reversed out and all fucked off!

So now it's back to a few good weeeks of training and diet in order to hit the ground running in 2016. I had started to combine some 30-40 minutes of cardio training on the cross trainer just before each of my yoga/pilates sessions so I'll be looking to do this again ... starts tomorrow!

The trading has been pretty mediocre and my attention span frequently dips to a level of non-existant. I have managed to up my stakes slightly so hopefully this will cover the sooper PC when it hits!


+£58.82. It looks as though the winter months could be pretty bleak  in terms of P&L!


 +£161.72. I was going great guns until I dropped £105 backing a 1.01 loser in the 15:30 doh!


+£148.27. I started the day by backing a 1.05 loser for £105! If I ever see that cunt Noel Fehily in real life I'm going to give him the biggest kick in the bollox he has ever had ....

... and then ask him for my fucking £105 back!


+£33.35. Pants ...


£124.46.  I had another poor start to the day but then traded steadily and at least made it into 3 figure territory.


+£43.25. I did a shite load of trading today, 56 races to be precise, and never got any momentum going ...


£127.08. It would have been a much better day today if the jockey hadn't fallen off of Drumlee Sunset at the start of the 13:00! It was still in the lead coming over the last ..

...but unfortunately he had chucked his jockey off about four minutes previously!


+£44.32. I won fuck all today but did get to go out on the piss in the evening and had a great time. The company that I worked for back in the 70's, yep I am an old fucker, holds a Xmas get-together every year and it's always good to meet up with ex-colleagues and chat about all the old times. Over the years we had a great time and I've lost count of the number of times that we went out on the piss, got totally wrecked and had great laughs. Some of the shit that we got up to was unbelievable!


+£140.74. One good trade early doors and then fuck all!


+£117.56. I wasn't going anywhere fast today until I managed to lay a 1.01 loser in the 15:30, which feeels much better than backing a 1.01 loser!


-£74.01. Dropped a few quid today doh!


Today I got to wear a cardigan for the first time in many years (see above) ...


+£34.00. 43 races traded and fuck all won doh!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Cursed and Living With Bellends!

My trading luck seems to have been cursed recently! A few weeks ago I backed one that unseated the rider at the start and also the one where the weight cloth had fallen off! Then last week I backed the fucker that weighed-in light! I also had a crafty B2L on Drumlee Sunset at the start as he lined up in front and took an early lead only for the fucker to unseat the jockey going around the first bend!

I've also backed one or 2 late in the place market and they've just been pipped for 3rd when the lazy, thick as shite, cheating cunt of a jockey has decided to stop riding the fucker 50 yards from the winning line! How the fuck do they get away with it? I swear if I ever went to the track I'd probably be nicked for GBH!

Now, as if this wasn't enough I also seem to be living with a bunch of cretins! After returning from one of my coastal trips in the Summer I noticed that my new freezer had gone apeshit and the inside resembled the fucking Arctic circle with ice everywhere. Apparently the electric had 'gone off' and now all of the food was covered in thick ice where it had obviously defrosted and had then been frosted again ..... so that all went into the bin!

Fast forward to Saturday and guess what? .... yep someone had left the door of the freezer open and all of the food contained within had defrosted! So another £100 worth of frozen grub hits the bin, but not before I had hurled it all over the kitchen accompanied by torrents of abuse. There were partly defrosted fish fingers, pizzas, frozen veg and sausages everwhere!


+£18.99. A poor day with losing trades all over the place!


-£12.44. Pants ...


+£70.33. Yep, I'm still fucking useless at Wolverhampton!


+£192.62.  A much needed nice steady day of trading ...

+£106.00.  Another steady and yet unremarkable day ...


-£179.55.  I started the day with a mixed bag of results and them chased a price and overstaked in the 15:30 and paid the price! The remainder of the day was pretty dismal but at least I kept the loss to under £200!


+£160.64. I had 43 trades today and only 3 small losses, which is always good, especially following a wank day like yesterday!


 +£121.78. A bit up and down today ... but luckily mostly up!




Monday, 26 October 2015

I Didn't Go to the Coast and Drink for England!!

That's right!! My missus is on half-term this week and fancied getting away for a couple of days. She asked if I wanted to go down to the coast and strangely I said 'No, it's too cold' .... WTF! It's just dawned on me that in the last few weeks I've taken up Yoga and Pilates, started drinking 0% wit beer, hankered after cardigans and now I'm turning down 2 days on the piss! I'm turning into my Dad!!!

This is all compounded by the fact that racing finishes at 17:00 and I'm sitting here with fuck all to do apart from watch my missus, daughter and daughter-in-law update their Facebooks with pictures of them getting hammered down in Ramsgate! We're currently playing a game where they post a pic and I have to identify the pub! To be honest I feel as though I might venture down there at the end of the week as I'm feeeling kinda homesick!

The trading has been real hit-and-miss over the last few days with a few lapses of concentration and not much drive. In fact on Saturday when BF was down I was kind of relieved and did some household chores instead! I need to be a bit more focussed and additionally I need to increase my stakes by about 30% in order to get ready for the looming super premium charge. I don't particularly keep an eye on my daily P&L but it seemed that I got stuck on the same amount in my UK wallet for a few days which can be frustrating but you just have to get your head down and crack on and not worry how much you win or lose on a daily basis.


+£105.39. A day of small wins and losses saw me just tip over the £100 mark ...


+£132.12. Another mixed bag of results today ...


+£49.94. BF was down until around 16:00 and although I still managed to trade 42 races it was like I was stuck in quicksand and could never get any momentum.


+£22.21. No excuses today, just a bloody poor effort!


+£1.56. Blimey! An even wankier effort than yesterday!


+£625.32. I was having a mediocre day when I ran into a big one in Ireland which made all the difference!

Apparently on Saturday it's going to be 18 degrees in London which must be some kind of record for the end of October?


+£267.37. Loads of nice steady trading makes Dave a happy boy.

Time for a Bavaria 0% and a bit of Morcheeba to chill away the evening ...


+£10.20. I had a right mixed bag of results today and I traded the evening card at Kempton like a right plonker! Kempton was in fact was of my favourite tracks back in the day but it's quickly turning into a track that I fucking hate!


+£445.24. I had a great start to the day and then proceeded to chip away here and there to gradually addd to the total.


+£46.31. A somewhat frustrating result today, especially after yesterday's good effort.


+£23.84. One of those Saturday's where I just couldn't get going and ended up with fuck all! However I did go out on the piss Saturday night and had a good time ...