Sunday, 29 June 2014

The steaks were too high!


June Total = +£1539.04

-£94.58. Whenever I run into a losing day or 2 then I tend not to update my blog until I'm back in front. Well on Wednesday I had SUCH a frustrating day. I ran into 2 races where the market went straight against me in a BIG way and I struggled to salvage anything. The first one just didn't make sense and it highlighted a fact that I have known for ages, that some people are privy to information that certain horses are fucked or that the cheating bent cunt of a jockey is going to ride a complete wank of a race.

Some of my early trades are back-to-lays on obvious front runners. Now every now and then you see a selection that is a clear leader in a field of midfield or hold-up horses. Usually you'll notice a flurry of back money 60-90 seconds before the off, but occasionally you will see the opposite and the horse drifts.

Now fast forward to a race in Ireland, possibly on Friday, where this happened. However as the stalls opened this beast strode into an uncontested lead. Now 9 times out of 10 the price would shorten, but in this case every fucker in the world wanted to lay it and the price literally doubled in the first couple of furlongs despite the horse having an easy time on the front. They didn't go a frantic pace but as they turned into the straight this horse literally fell out the back of the TV and trailed in stone bonking last about a furlong behind. Luckily I bailed out early when I spotted what was about to happen, but it really fucks me off when this sort of thing happens.

So Thursday was a struggle in so much that as well as the 2 wanky trades I also missed 1 or 2 fantastic opportunities that would have seen me end up with a healthy profit. Basically the harder I tried the harder it became and at various points in the day I looked like this ...

My swearing, screaming and shouting was XXX rated and I was NOT a happy man


June Total = +£1570.71

+£31.67. So now it's Thursday and once again I struggle. I get one average trade late on that puts me into profit but now my confidence is starting to ebb and my blood pressure is sky fucking high.


June Total = +£1484.57
-£86.14. So onto Friday. I'm not feeling too confident and I take a couple of early hits and before I know it I'm £50 odd quid down and already feeling depressed. It's early evening and I'm still down and fucking fuming over my lack of progress when BOOM I run into another trade where I manage to salvage pretty much fuck all!

Now all that I can think of is a) I'm spunking the £400+ that I won the other day and b) I'm fucking shot at this game and c) give me a fucking gun.


June Total = +£1687.45

+£202.88. The only good thing that has come from my recent struggles is that I beat the holy crap out of the heavy bag this morning, imagining myself carving a path of destruction through cheating midget jockeys and the fuckers who stole my money! I think that some of the other gym users thought that I'd gone fucking mental! Snot and saliva was flying everywhere ... it was a jolly good workout though!

Well if you've followed my ramblings you'll know that I never expect much on a Saturday. The markets seem much stronger and I still haven't been able to adjust my style of trading to get some decent profits. So what do I do? A grown six foot ugly fucker of a man with a shaved head who beats the fuck out of the heavy bag (no not my wife) every day of the week. Yep you've guessed it ... I decide to wimp out and drop my stakes just in case I have another losing day. What a fucking PUSSY! You couldn't make it up! I've never been so pissed off with winning £200+ on the day as it really should have been a monkey at least!



 June Total = +£1724.35

+£36.90. A typical Sunday fare where I was glad to take any sort of profit ...

Well I can laugh at it all now! The most bizarre thing about it all was the fact that on my coastal binge last week I was reading Mindstore. Now this is a superb read that basically gives you a template of how to change negativety into positivity, set goals, charge your body with vitality, be more motivated and deal with stress. Now I have used this previously in conjunction with Hemi Sync with is another fucking amazing product which focusses on binaural beats. What I failed to do though, after reading part of the book again last week, was to put it into practice, probably due to lake of orgainisation on my part!

So as from tonight I'll be going into DEEP meditation and as from tomorrow I'm going to use my new found powers of positivity and vitality to smash the absolute fuck out of the markets. If you're playing in-running then watch out as I'm after your cash! 


 June Total = +£1844.78

+£55.33. Todays fayre included Ffos Las, Windsor and Southwell, so say no more .....

So I ended the month on +£1844.78 which to be honest was a bit disappointing. I'll have to try harder in July!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fucking about with fucking stupid things!


I seem to have spent far too much time recently fucking about with things that are just NOT important. Some examples are:

  • fucking about with old kitchen cabinets and doors (don't ask)
  • fucking about on eBay
  • fucking about with methi and curries
  • fucking about washing stuff, tidying-up, pairing up socks, etc
  • generally fucking about


The result has been that I've gone behind on my notes and video watching and this in turn has had a negative effect on my mindest, time management and ultimately my results. It's a really fucking stupid state of affairs and I need to kick myself in the bollox and get back on track. In fact anytime that I find myself doing something that is a complete waste of time I'm going to note it on here so that everyone can see why I'm not making any progress! ...

.. like it's 40 minutes from the start of the first race and I'm watching a video of a bear attack a woman in a zoo after watching the 'gateaux from the chateaux' allo allo clip on youtube after hearing of the death of actor Sam Kelly after popping onto the BBC website to have a quick look at the fucking news!!

It's time to man-up and concentrate one one thing ... making serious amounts of cash.


June Total = +£903.07

+£9.27. Well I almost made a tenner!


June Total = +£946.29

+£43.22. Well at least it was a small improvement over yesterday!


June Total = +£1368.74

+£422.45. About fucking time eh?


June Total = +£1444.89

+£76.15. Was a tad unlucky early doors but still managed to end up in front.


June Total = +£1456.84

+£11.95. Just never got going today ...


June Total = +£1633.62

+£176.78. Well the weather looked nice for the weeekend so I fucked back off down to the coast again. I cycled along the coast from Whitstable to Ramsgate on Friday and indulged in a few beers along the way. On Saturday and Sunday I left the bike in the back of the car and hit The Belgian Cafe early on both days and sat in the sun and drunk copious amounts of Hoegaarden @ £5.20 per pint!!

 Outside The Jolly Farmer @ Manston

Had quite a good day today. Things seemed to grind to a halt at the start of the evening racing but then I managed to pick up a few quid in some of the later races and it covered some of my expenses incurred over the last few days of debauchery.


A view from Minnis Bay after I had just cycled from Reculver (you can just about see Reculver Towers in the background).


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Push a bit harder?

Now the title of this post could relate to either my trading or my sex life (according to my wife!).

May was one of my best months since I started trading from home and moving into the win market. It's taken me some time to get back up to a decent kind of level, but obviously I'd like to get back to winning £5k+ a month on a regular basis. Therefore I need to push on again and keep upping my stakes for my win market trading and also get a bit more involved in the pre-race markets when time permits.


June Total = +£56.83

+£56.83. I tried hard today to get involved and push on but in truth I didn't really spot that many opportunities. It felt like a typical Sunday ... quite slow and boring.

I'm going to make sure that I keep up to date with watching the recordings of the days racing as this has previously highlighted a few good subsequent trades. Obviously it is time consuming but hopefully will pay its way in the long term.


June Total = +£131.70

+£73.87. I was going nowhere during the day and felt really fucked-off as it was impossible to trade at Leicester and the other bag of shite ATR tracks as the pictures are still so fucking far behind. Strangely enough though things started to pick-up slightly in the evening at Windsor and Carlisle, or so it felt, so I managed to scrape a few quid.

I'm back into my training and diet regime after taking a week off to drink loads of beer last weekend, followed by a week of eating anything and everything. So I put on about 4kg, but this is how I was looking this morning. If I can really knuckle down over the next few weeks then I should be looking a lot better by the end of June.


June Total = +£200.95

+£69.25. A steady if somewhat unspectaculer day ...


June Total = +£381.37

+£180.42. I found it quite tough going today and then had a good raceate on at Ripon which made it all worthwhile.


June Total = +£521.82

+£140.45. My concentration levels have been quite poor over the last few days and I really need to get myself sorted. I haven't been very organised and I'm left feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day. I really need to kick myself up the arse and move up a gear as I'm still trundling along at 20MPH when I should be speeding along at 200MPH.


June Total = +£584.97

+£63.15. I had another day of farting about like a pratt. I actually spent over an hour of my time this morning in a local laundromat watching a couple of quilts go around and around as I don't have one of those fuck-off big washing machines. What a waste of fucking time eh?

Then I was fucking about with methi ... yep methi ... what the fuck? Well I'm really into making curries and at the start of the year I stumbled across a few videos explaining how to make curries very similar to what you get in a British Indian restaurant. Now methi, or fenugreek, is a key ingredient and I have been using methi seeds. It turns out that I should get better results using kasoori methi (dried methi leaves). Well believe it or not instead of doing my notes and preparing for the days racing I've been fucking about with fresh methi and methi leaves. I actually spent so much time posting on a curry forum that one of the members has offered to post me some pukka kasoori methi ... what a result eh?

Anyway, I think I'll have a final day of fucking about with curries tomorrow, I'll even go to the market again to try and get some pungent methi, and then from Sunday it's head down and smash back into the trading, diet and training.


June Total = +£685.41

+£100.44. Derby day today and I started with a long streak of losing trades ... nothing seemed to go right. It was only just past 15:00 and I was already over £100 down and I wasn't too pleased. My fucking useless trades might have had something to do with the fact that I was STILL fucking about with methi in-between races and my kitchen looked like a Columbian ganga den, the only difference being that instead of the finest weed I had mountains of duff kasoori methi in various states all over my kitchen.

I had fresh methi, dried packet methi, dried packet methi in water, roast fresh methi and dried fresh methi in water ... and none of the fuckers smelt anything like curry!

Anyway I kept plugging away, clawed back the early losses and then ended the day just over £100 in profit.

I'll probably up my stakes slightly from tomorrow and see how things go as there is still plenty of potential for increased profits.


I started to update my notes for today's racing and then noticed that a fox had ripped open a bag of rubbish that I had left outside. So in between updating my notes I kept popping out for a quick sweep-up and stopped for a chat with the guy who does the karaoke down my local. Obviously he mentioned that he'd be going for a beer later. I then had a chat with a couple of neighbours who also mentioned that on such a fine day that they to would be having a beer or 2 after some work down on their allotment. So the seed was planted and I fucked-off the notes and the horse racing and went down the pub at lunchtime and stayed all afternoon and early evening and got pissed!


June Total = +£662.98

-£22.43. Struggled today ...

State of mind: very confident and ready to start giving myself the chance of winning some decent money.

Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a fucking good trader and it's about time I grew some bollox and started to give myself the chance to win some proper cash.


June Total = +£582.46

-£80.52. A first fence faller put me over £100 down early doors and the rest of the day was a bag of shite!


June Total = +£672.43

+£89.93. Had a hospital appointment today so didn't start trading until mid afternoon and managed to claw back some of my recent losses.


June Total = +£703.00

+£30.57. For some reason I only traded a handful of races today. Maybe I was fucking about with trivial shit not even related to what I was supposed to be fucking doing!


June Total = +£771.94

+£68.94. Another mediocre day ...


June Total = +£894.84

+£122.90. Another Saturday where I failed to alter my trading style and went behing early with a string of losing trades. I was feeling fucked-off but then things picked-up in the second half of the day and it was good to get a three figure profit as it seemed that I was heading for a shite day.

My maths got fucked-up again and I'm actually on +£893.80 for the month ...