Monday, 26 October 2015

I Didn't Go to the Coast and Drink for England!!

That's right!! My missus is on half-term this week and fancied getting away for a couple of days. She asked if I wanted to go down to the coast and strangely I said 'No, it's too cold' .... WTF! It's just dawned on me that in the last few weeks I've taken up Yoga and Pilates, started drinking 0% wit beer, hankered after cardigans and now I'm turning down 2 days on the piss! I'm turning into my Dad!!!

This is all compounded by the fact that racing finishes at 17:00 and I'm sitting here with fuck all to do apart from watch my missus, daughter and daughter-in-law update their Facebooks with pictures of them getting hammered down in Ramsgate! We're currently playing a game where they post a pic and I have to identify the pub! To be honest I feel as though I might venture down there at the end of the week as I'm feeeling kinda homesick!

The trading has been real hit-and-miss over the last few days with a few lapses of concentration and not much drive. In fact on Saturday when BF was down I was kind of relieved and did some household chores instead! I need to be a bit more focussed and additionally I need to increase my stakes by about 30% in order to get ready for the looming super premium charge. I don't particularly keep an eye on my daily P&L but it seemed that I got stuck on the same amount in my UK wallet for a few days which can be frustrating but you just have to get your head down and crack on and not worry how much you win or lose on a daily basis.


+£105.39. A day of small wins and losses saw me just tip over the £100 mark ...


+£132.12. Another mixed bag of results today ...


+£49.94. BF was down until around 16:00 and although I still managed to trade 42 races it was like I was stuck in quicksand and could never get any momentum.


+£22.21. No excuses today, just a bloody poor effort!


+£1.56. Blimey! An even wankier effort than yesterday!


+£625.32. I was having a mediocre day when I ran into a big one in Ireland which made all the difference!

Apparently on Saturday it's going to be 18 degrees in London which must be some kind of record for the end of October?


+£267.37. Loads of nice steady trading makes Dave a happy boy.

Time for a Bavaria 0% and a bit of Morcheeba to chill away the evening ...


+£10.20. I had a right mixed bag of results today and I traded the evening card at Kempton like a right plonker! Kempton was in fact was of my favourite tracks back in the day but it's quickly turning into a track that I fucking hate!


+£445.24. I had a great start to the day and then proceeded to chip away here and there to gradually addd to the total.


+£46.31. A somewhat frustrating result today, especially after yesterday's good effort.


+£23.84. One of those Saturday's where I just couldn't get going and ended up with fuck all! However I did go out on the piss Saturday night and had a good time ...

Friday, 16 October 2015

Nothing to See Here ... Move Along Please ...

I've realised that my life is pretty boring when I'm sitting here trading all day long instead of sitting in a pub or bar (preferably down the coast in the Summer). In the last few weeks I haven't been naked in public, haven't seen any fights or tranvestites, haven't chatted to any strange pissed people at 02:30 in the morning and haven't indulged in several pints of Hoegaarden starting at 09:00 and ending at 03:00. Now I'm not complaining, but it's the first time that I have realised that there's a stark contrast between the Summer and Winter months, in terms of social interaction and enjoyment.

Anyway, it's only 9 weeks to the shortest day and then it's head down, Summer here we come ...

Most of my leisure time has been spent down the gym doing Pilates, Yoga or in the weight room. I've also been jumping on the spinning bike in the evenings in-between the racing. I'm pretty much focussed on getting into real good shape for next year's assault on the coast.

It's a sad life when the best laugh you've had is in a Yoga class. Last week I turned up as usual, rolled out my mat, lay down on my back, closed my eyes and relaxed as deeply as possible, as you do before the class starts. The instructor put on the soothing music and then said 'now slowly raise your arms above your head and stretch', which I did. Then I kind of sensed that something wasn't quite right. I opened my eyes to discover that I was the only fucker lying down, right in the middle of the studio, and everyone else in the class was standing with their arms stretched out above their heads and gazing at me in the mirrors wondering what the fuck I was doing stll lying on the floor.

At the moment it feels as though my trading is on a gradual improve. The super PC is about to hit so I'm trying to gradually increase my stakes to counter the fact that BF are going to rape more money from my account every Wednesday. The positive thing is that I feel that there is plenty more potential still in the markets and that all I need to do is to continue on the upward trend in order to make more each month!

So keep it simple: find a strategy, enter when the signals are right, don't chase, bail out ASAP if what you're expecting to happen doesn't happen, and if you go green then phase out your position in order to maximise your profit! There's no point in getting yourself into a good position and then giving away cash just to secure a green!


+£471.76. Pretty much all of my profits today came from one race, but this often happens the way that I trade. I even nicked a fiver on the rugby!


+£134.38. A stonking result for a Monday in mid-October!


+£243.72. I traded 43 races today which is probably more than I have traded on even the busiest days of the year!


+£19.57. It's a funny old game! I started off OK today but then gradually gave most of it back doh!


+£482.23. I had a cracking day today with plenty of good wins and only a handful of small losses .... so all good!



+£45.19. I was chugging along quite nicely and just getting ready for the evening racing when disaster struck! I traded in the win market and nicked £13 on a horse that traded very strangely. I then switched to the place market and had £210 on the winner to win just over a tenner .... so in total I nicked a pony from the race ... good stuff. As the horse passed the winning line the commentator mentioned that the saddle had slipped and when this happens I always think 'oh fuck I hope nothing fell off on the way around'. Well literally seconds later the studio nobbers said' oh someone has emailed in and said that something fell off the winner after 3 furlongs'. I had that sinking feeeling as I realised that my £210 had probably gone up in smoke. Queue the replay and off flies the weight cloth ... oh dear! Now I don't know if it's the effect of my Yoga sessions but to be honest I was like 'oh well, these things happen'. In my trading career I've now actually lost money on a) weight falling off, b) jockey weighing in light, c) jockey not weighing in at all and d) judge calling the wrong result!

I decided to have a break and shot off for a Yoga session and as perverse as it seems once we started I couldn't keep a silly grin off my face ... weird shit. I must have looked strange lying there with a huge smirk on my boat. I thought hard about the £210 that I had just spunked but I just kept grinning like a cheshire cat. Fuck knows what that was all about!

Anyway, I got back in time to trade a few late Wolves and Dundalk races and almost immediately recovered £80 so at least I was back in profit for the day. Shit happens!


+£164.09. A day of a few medium sized wins with a few small losses here and there ...



-£75.00. A Sunday where I really struggled and kept on running into losing trades. I was out at a small house party last night but can't blame a hangover as I was on the Bavarian 0% wit beer!


-£80.99. Oh dear! I had a great position in the 14:30 and then my horse decided that he didn't want to jump any more hurdles!

To be honest I don't blame him! I wouldn't fancy running 2 miles with a dwarf on my back beating the shit out of me with a whip and catching my bollox on twigs every time I jump a fucking hurdle ... no thanks mate. When that happens there's fuck all you can do about it as the track players have already seen it happen and have mopped up all of the prices ..... so you just have to take it on the chin and crack on!


+£43.56. I had a poor start today and then gradually nicked a few quid to end the day ever so slightly in front ...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Quads, In-Running Video and Skype Chat Room


+£43.12. I decided that I HAD to get some clobber so I shot down to Lakeside. Now it felt as though I went in EVERY fookin shop there! I finally ended up buying 2 pairs of jeans in M&S as they were practically the only store that did 'relaxed fit' jeans. There's no way that I'm going to get my gigantic quads and even bigger butt into slim, skinny or super skinny jeans!

Then I scoot into Primark and pick up some socks, a leather belt and a couple of jumpers and to be honest some of their gear is up there with similar stuff selling at 4 or 5 times the price! Then off to Debenhams and get myself some boots .... so after over 4 hours there I finally got my shit together, including another 12 bottles of Bavaria wit!

I didn't sit down to trade until after 16:00 so profits were minimal.


+£184.04. I've had quite a few requests for some more in-running videos so I'll try and get a few done this week and post them up on YouTube and put the link on here.

I also joined a Skype chat room 'Sports Trading Chat' where likeminded traders share tips and advice etc. Seems like a nice bunch of guys there and we're all helping each other and having general chats about trades and techniques etc.


+£25.06. I don't know why I even bother on Mondays.


+£227.60. I could have done without dropping £70 in the penultimate race but apart from that I had an OK day.

I quite fancied Funky Munky to be somewhere near the lead in the 16:00 @ Catterick so I fired-up the Camtasia and recorded my effort.


+£35.38. The fairly good weather is hanging on in there nicely for October. If we can have a few more mild weeks then it helps make the usual bleak winter months much more bearable.

Additionally my foray into the world of Yoga and Pilates is going very well at the moment and I'm currently doing at least 4 or 5 classes a week as well as a few gym sessions. If I can lose a few kilos then I should be in good shape by the end of the year and ready to get super lean for next Summer!

I found trading today quite tough, in fact almost as tough as this morning's Pilates class! The instructor had us all tied in knots with various stretches and feats of balance as well as untold ab excercises. It hurt ... but it was enjoyable!

Downward Facing Dog: try holding this for a while before it turns you into a quivering wreck!


-£182.99. I checked my lifetime P&L today and realised that I'm right on the verge of the mega premium charge. I thought to myself  'I'll ressurect my old greyhound system' which I was using a few years ago which made me some money, but more importantly helped me turn over a bit more cash during the week, therefore helping with the premium charge.

So I opened another Geeks Toy and threw a few quid at the dogs ... and ended up losing £130! Now my system would often go like this, and some days I would win hundreds. However, I realised that really I should just be throwing some more cash at the horses.

So not one of my better efforts ...


+£28.78. I always say that it's important to get a winning day under your belt after any losing effort (see yesterday!). So although it wasn't a great effort I wasn't too bothered, especially as I generally find Newmarket unplayable.


+£19.29. I wasn't able to trade many races today so won fuck all!