Saturday, 1 September 2018

Surprise Surprise!!



Surprise Surprise!! 😂😂

I'm Dave, a 56 year old wrinkly, fat and bald bloke who came to a major turning point in my life a few months ago. My marriage of 30+ years gradually evaporated and after taking my destiny back into my own hands I met a woman who turned my world upside down (in a good way). She is my friend, lover and soulmate.

However, true love comes with harsh consequences and she demanded that I move to Maidstone!

We both believe that fate brought us together (soppy maybe) but this woman has already changed the direction in which my life was possibly heading ... namely drinking, meaningless fucking and becoming a lazy fat bastard.

To be honest I knew very little of the area. I was born and raised in East London and following the breakup of my marriage I spent most of 2017 in a great apartment overlooking the marina in Ramsgate.

I had only ever been to Maidstone a handful of times but my initial thoughts were that it is green, pleasant, has a nice river but the traffic is fucking annoying! It also has a large shopping centre, loads of places to eat and plenty of pubs and bars ... which is all good 😁

So yep I'm still trading but this time it's from my conservatory. Life is good but profits have taken a big hit as it feels as though liquidity is at an all time low. Betfair have also kindly decided to rape 50% of my meagre weekly profits from my account each Wednesday so my bank account is looking decidedly frugal.

Anyway, I'll try and muster some enthusiasm in order to resume the blog and we'll see what the next few months bring 😜



An absolutely gorgeous day weatherwise for early September but only 2 meetings today 😢 When you get days like this then it's usually best to play carefully, plod along and realise that there may only be a few opportunities to make any wonga.



I managed to get my fat lazy ass back to the gym this morning which was a good thing as I haven't been for over 2 months (at least!). I've had a few days out this year at naturist venues and it would be nice to actually look and feel in good shape the next time that I get my kit off and wander about in front of dozens of other naked peeps 😜

The beauty of doing this for a living is that it gives me the time to do things such as gym, shop, housework and cook. I fancied doing a chicken, mushroom and bacon pie but I didn't quite realise how much time it would take and I missed a few races while swearing at my soggy pastry and burning myself about 5 times on the shit oven that we have in this gaff!



More gym this morning and my body is already feeling sore!

I didn't really spot many opportunities today so barely got into 3 figure territory but it beats working 9-5. I much prefer having the freedom to do stuff from home, even if it's tidying up or doing the washing. I also have the opportunity to grab a nap before the racing whenever I'm fucked from the morning gym session 😴



A lazy day today watching old episodes of Love Island (sad but true). I also had a snooze in the afternoon so missed quite a few races but to be honest I wasn't feeling it and once the racing finished it was time for Big Brother 😂😂😂

It's a strange old world. I spent a year in Ramsgate without a TV and didn't miss it one bit but now I'm hooked on all of this shit as well as Emmerdale! You couldn't make it up!



Oh the joys of chipping away all day only to blow £105 in the last race backing an unplaced horse at 1.01 ... doh!



Was literally scraping around for a few pennies each race. Definitely not one of my better Fridays!



We had friends over today so I only managed to trade a few of the early races. Not a lot of profit but I suppose that it paid for the quiches, pork pies and all of the other fattening stuff that we scoffed 😋



A 3 hour Sunday stint today and ended up losing 8p 😭



At least I won 13p on Celebrity Big Brother 😂



Another frustrating day but not going to complain. It's a nice evening so might even open a bottle of Hoegaarden (if I have any left ) and chill.



Doncaster is not one of my favourite tracks and an early loss put me on the back foot and I didn't fare any better at Kempton's evening meeting.



A rare winning day but to be honest it was another uninspiring day of trading.



Finally a half decent day! I much prefer trading on the Irish meetings and it will be interesting to see what happens when the coverage is moved to RUK in 2019. At least I'll be able to actually see the horses and the fucking colour as opposed to watching the BF live video with my nose pressed against the screen!


Didn't trade today as we popped up to London for one of my grandkids birthday. It was an great day and also made more enjoyable due to the fact that I now drive a very fast and shiny Golf R (pics to follow). However I'm still in '2003 Toyota Avensis Grandad' mode when it comes to putting my foot on the floor.

As we pulled away from a set of lights the Golf GTI in front of me rapidly and very loudly disappeared into a cloud of smoke before I even had the chance to react. Next time I'll be ready!



The recent change in going conditions to soft on many tracks has really buggered up my basic form notes so I'm having to tread carefully when getting in early positions. I'm really looking forward to the jumps and AW season as I'm struggling right now with the turf flat so here's hoping.



To be honest it was another struggle today but I managed a nice win @ Brighton and that made the day so I'm not complaining.



Another day of scraping around for a few pennies here and there 😒


Shot around the M25 in the yellow peril to spend the day with my dad and his partner so no horse shenanigans for me today.



Yet another day of going nowhere fast although to be honest I'm enjoying myself here in Maidstone so I'm not getting too stressed when I win fuck all ...









I only managed to trade a handful of races today and almost made £10!



A bit better than yesterday!











The results this month were pretty indicative of what's been happening since I was last posting on a regular basis. Liquidity in some markets is non-existent and getting matched at the right price is becoming more and more difficult.

To be honest I don't know how much longer I can carry on in this mode. I suppose that I need to knuckle down and do more prep ... maybe next month 😒