Sunday, 28 February 2016

Thick Jockeys and Thick Trainers Get On My Tits

It's Sunday 28th February as I add this post and today, once again, I lost money because of some thick cunt putting the wrong weight on a horse!

How hard can it fucking be? The trainer in question claimed that he got distracted and was fined £500. Are you having a fucking laugh? I'd be puttting the wrong weight on a horses back every fucking time if I was only going to get fined a monkey!! Anyway rant over ....

I've been plodding away as normal and to be honest February hasn't been as bad as some previous Febs that I've experienced. There haven't been that many cancellations but this has been offset by the fucking wanky service that Betfair call Live Video. They easily have the worst customer service of any company that I have ever dealt with!

I'd prefer them to come clean and say 'to be honest we don't give a flying fuck about live video'. At least we will know where all we stand. Anyway rant over ...

I did manage to up my stakes on a few occasions and this worked well and hopefully I can continue into March and beyond. If I can also find the motivation to do my flat racing notes again then that'll give me that extra edge that helped me have a few nice wins back in 2014.

Aside from that my training and diet have been spot on and I've lost almost 10kg since the start of the year. The sun actually made an appearance in early Feb so I jumped into the thermal underwear and went for a good morning walk (the first of many hopefully) to burn some extra calories.

If I can kncok off another 5kg in March I should look quite lean and be ready for a Summer of sun, beach, sex and booze!

So let's catch up on my daily progress ...


+£166.24. 23 trades and only 2 small losses.


-£1.15. One of those up and down days with nothing to show at the end.



+£89.19. There were only 2 meetings today so any profit was more than welcome.


+£67.08. I had a hospital appointment during the day so only managed to play a handful of races in the evening so once again any profit was received with open arms.


+£91.71. Another day of win some, lose some.



+£83.84. Today's wins were minimalistic with my best trade being a win of just £20!

Once again I jumped into the thermal underwear and went for a long walk around the local attractions, one of them being a nearby park that I've probably only ever visited a couple of times in over 25 years of living here!


+£125.32. Finally back into 3 figure territory!


+£373.46. For me this kind of win makes the week worthwhile and certainly helps pay for the shopping and the gas and electricity bills!


+£25.10. And the above result helps on days where you only manage to win £25!!


+£126.46. Only 17 trades today but my 2 losses were tiny so all worked out well.


+£142.05. Steady trading today although Kempton's evening card was a waste of time. I think that I've mentioned previously that back in the day Kempton AW was one of my favourite cards but over the last couple of years it has become almost impossible to play IR there on RUK and win any decent cash.

I stumbled across this picture of the on-course in-running boys rushing to get to their corporate box seats before the start of the first race!


+£44.40. If you keep losing every time you've just had a win then you win fuck all at the end of the day!!

Today was the day to oil the cogs on the bike and venture a bit further afield and see what was happening down by the canal and burn some calories in the process.


+£131.94. I started well and finished well but had a poor middle, unlike my abs which are starting to bloom!

It was another fine morning so once again I jumped on my bike, put my head down and cycled. before I knew it I was out in the sticks and it was a very pleasant ride indeed.




Saturday, 6 February 2016

I'm Lee Marvin!

For all of those not familiar with cockney rhyming slang this means 'I'm bloody starving hungry!'.

My diet and training went REALLY well during January and I started February in great fashion, walking to and from the gym (clad in my new thermal long johns) instead of taking the car and cutting back to an almost zero carb diet. It definitely made me more irritable and tired but so far I have lost 15lbs since the start of the year! I'm hoping to shift another 5kg and the associated bodyfat during February.

As mentioned previously I have increased my trading stakes and have found it to be quite straightforward. The racing, as expected, has been quite sparse during the winter months but I've managed the odd good day here and there which is great to keep the motivation high.

The weather doesn't lend itself to going out on the piss so I'm hibernating and trying to build a stash of beer tokens for this year's assault on the nudist beach and south-east coast drinking establishments. I'd like to do a bit more cycling this year along the coast so that's another good reason to jump on the spinning bike for an hour each evening. 


-£104.76. Oh what a fine start to the month! The damage was done in 2 races where I had to exit both positions when the market moved suddenly against me doh!


+£58.92. It's important to try and get a winning day on the board after a losing day, even if it is small win as it helps you get back on the straight and narrow.


+£221.49. Steady trading boosted by one nice win in Ireland.


+£463.12. I started the day poorly but then traded well and had a cracking late afternoon. I traded 46 races so there was plenty of opportunity for a Thursday in February!


+£85.87. Another day of steadiness.


+£245.87. Today was a day of mixed emotions. One of my boys fancied Leicester to win 2-0 or 3-0 so I had a fiver on each and greened him up for £170+ so he was happy.

I also had a good trade in the Hunters Chase at Leopardstown where the brave You Must Know Me bravely led from start to finish only to collapse shortly after the winning line. That kinda threw me a bit and to be honest I felt quite sad.


+£173.38. Not a bad day at all for a Sunday.


-£168.17. So I managed to give back all of yesterdays profits! I went behind early with one of those trades where all of a sudden my exit point had disappeared followed by a similar, albeit smaller loss, after which I tried hard but just couldn't recoup any of my losses doh!


+£99.80. Once again I had a terrible start to the day! However, I sat tight and stuck to my normal strategies and managed to finish the day in front.


-£16.14. Yet another poor start to the day but at least I won £4 on the footy!


+£453.16. Thursday's are fast becoming my favourite day of the week!


-£3.71. Whereas Friday's are becoming somewhat frustrating! I had the grandkids in the house today and true to form they screamed, shouted and made noise all day long. They were especially noisy during the 19:30 @ Dundalk where I clicked twice instead of once, vastly overstaked and scrambled to get out with a loss of just over £100, whereupon I did my own screaming and shouting!!


+£85.95. Today was a struggle. I tend to find Saturdays quite tough, in fact if you read back over my last few posts it seems that I tend to find most days tough these days!