Saturday, 1 December 2012


Well last month was an assault on my nervous system and my wallet. I've managed to do this, but in reverse!

I've never known the IR game to be in such a wanky state of affairs (well at least in the place market). November was a real struggle both in-running and trying to learn the pre-race game, all of it played havoc with my stress levels and I felt like going out and getting well and truly wankered last night.

I did go out for a few beers but ended up even more depressed when my local boozer was more like a morgue as opposed to how a boozer is supposed to be, especially on a Friday night.

If I was single I'd move tomorrow to the coast, but unfortunately I have my missus in tow and she has the ambition and drive of a sloth ... there, just had to get that off my chest.

I'm trying hard to master this pre-race game and I had a textbook day today, albeit for small stakes and small winnings. I played nicely all afternoon and then went and gave 50% of it back in the last race. That's how it goes I suppose.

As for this month, well I'm going to up my stakes back to their normal level and just try and plod on. As mentioned previously I do need to get into the win market but that's quite hard to do when I'm spending most of my time trying to learn the pre-race game.

And Wolves just been frozen off for tonight ... so it's off to channel 212 for a bit of dogging!


  1. Hi Dave,

    I've been reading through your blog, you've got a good sense of humour for a Cockney :). Any tips for a newbie trader who's trying to crack the pre-race markets?



    1. Hi Jay

      At the moment if I didn't try and see the funny side of things I'd probably end up under a skip lorry on the fast lane of the A13!

      I'm in the same boat myself with regards to trading the pre-race markets. I've signed-up to the TFF website There's 2 guys there who make good money in the pre-race markets and they provide training, which I'm using at the moment. I guess it's a case of trading as many races as possible until you start to see the opportunities and suss out how the markets move. It is fucking hard when you start, but hey, if it was easy then everyone would be doing it!

      As a general rule of thumb the smaller meetings, such as midweek all weather racing, have less liquidity and can be much more volatile, with crazy price swings. The bigger meetings on the weekend tend to have a lot more liquidity and therefore the markets are a bit more stable. I also trade on the dogs and here you usually see a more frantic market with bigger spikes.

      Hope this helps and make sure that you keep me updated on how you progress.

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I've signed up to the site you recommended, anything that speeds up the learning process must be worth a go! Thanks for taking the time out to reply and I wish you the very best of luck in your venture.

    All the best.


  3. Dave

    Great blog- like the honesty involved.

    Good luck in your mission to make this work!

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