Friday, 28 December 2012

Norovirus eh?

That motherfucker hurts!

There I was yesterday morning shopping for a £5.99 kettle in Argos and 3 hours later I'm shitting my pants, chucking up yellow shit with an acidity level of Sulphuric acid and trying to stem the stream of snot and blood from my nose while trying not to cry and scream too loudly!

So that about summed-up my effort in December. Things got really hard (hence the £5.99 kettle) and I'm not too sure were we go from here. The summer months yielded an OK result (although not exactly what I wanted at the start of the year) and looking back on my P&L for previous years December has never yielded above average profits.

So I need a few days to contemplate how I approach 2013, therefore I might fuck-off to Ramsgate to see in the New Year outside the Belgian Cafe while watching the fireworks once this Norovirus fucks off.

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