Friday, 18 December 2015

New Year on the Coast

We've booked a few days down on the coast over the New Year period and to be honest I can't wait. The thought of dossing about in various boozers seems like a good idea right now!


+£92.25. If I could replicate today's results, every day, and win 3 times as much then I'd be happy!


+£40.10. The racing was SO dire today that I only managed to trade 11 races!

However, there was some fun to be had watching Caan in meltdown mode (see above). He definitely shot from the hip and didn't hold back!


-£66.87. I was sitting on a cracking trade early doors until the poor fucker pulled up after jumping the second hurdle doh!

'Led until went wrong landing over 2nd and quickly pulled up, fatally injured (op 6/1)'

Luckily Caan was at hand with a follow-up video and this time he wasn't taking any prisoners! Geoff Banks got both barrels from the 'Berry Bazooka' and it certainly gave me a chuckle! 


+£200.97. One good early trade and then settled down to nick a few quid here and there to get me just past the £200 barrier!


+£76.05. A few beer tokens ...

Is it possible to move to Betdaq ...


+£265.15. I had 15 trades today and only 1 loss, and one nice win, so happy days!


+£18.00. Ho hum Sunday pants ...


+£44.91. Slim pickings ...


Once again I got nobbled at the start when my selection decided to turn sharp left as the tape went up! All of the others made their merry way off into the fucking distance! That's about the fourth time now that my horse has decided to take another route at the start, taking my £100 with it! Happy fucking Xmas!


  1. Guessing you've blown the bank again Dave? Good luck with rebuilding.

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