Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Zzzzzzzzzz ........

Well I haven't updated my blog for a few days and that's becuase fuck all has happened!

The amount of races per day takes a real nosedive around this time of year and sometimes it feels as though the day is over before it's even started.  However, in less than 3 weeks time we start heading into the Summer and more of this ...

I had a lazy week and didn't do any training, yoga or pilates and then I picked up a cold which has scuppered my fitness regime.


+£170.47. Not that many trades today but managed 3 nice wins alongside one qually sized loss.


+£0.00. Today was one of the weirdest days that I have experienced recently as I tried but couldn't get a fucking single IR bet matched!


+£10.35. Not one of my better efforts!


-£60.22. A bag of shite day with one big loss knocking out my small profit!


+£125.66. A mixed bag of results today, but I seemed to improve as the day progressed.


+£241.54. A much better day today and for once I actually won a few quid at Wolverhampton wow!!!


-£5.00. Wished I'd stayed in bed!


+£48.77. Not great, but better than yesterday!


+£86.88. Not a lot of trades today but no losses, which helps a lot ...


-£10.37. A bleak Monday in early December and although I tried i just couldn't get matched!






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  2. How do you deal with mondays, which have races, with 15 and more minutes interval? I;m thinking that I don't have enough patience to stay concentrated till next race...

  3. Hi GH.

    Yep you just have to be patient! I should be concentrating on pre-race trading in-between races but I often find myself doing the housework or making cups of tea etc.


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