Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nearly There!

Yep only a few days to go until the shortest day of the year and then we head towards Summer! With all this global warming there's no doubt that we'll all be basking in 90+ degree temperatures from May onwards!


-£15.71.  As mentioned previously it can be hard to keep motivated during the winter months. The weather is grey, cold and shite, and the racing is threadbare and also crap. IR liquidity also seems to take a nosedive which means that trying to make a few quid becomes harder and harder. Bah humbug!


+£52.85. I had a poorish start and then nicked a few quid back here and there ...


+£45.11. Another day where it was a struggle to get any decent numbers on the board ...


+£12.80.  Oh dear!


+£68.28. Making it past the £50 barrier seems to be a big achievement these days!


+£39.57.  See above, doh!


+£56.50.  A run of days like this really starts to get on your tits!


+£43.33. I seem to be stuck in and endles run of wanky results ...


+£261.92. Felt as though I'd won the fucking lottery today!


+£69.56. Back to the drawing board!


-£1.91. I made a schoolboy error in the 17:45 and set fire to £80. The favourite was withdrawn at the start so I had a crafty few quid on the second fav as the stalls opened. Unfortunately this was the one time when the suspend monkey at Wolves was a bit slow and I managed to back the fucker before the market went in-running and therefore my back bet was subject to a 30% reduction factor. I put my lay bet in way too early and got nobbled when the fucker hosed up ... oh happy days! Thank fuck I won £1.37 on the boxing!


I've only myself to blame really for my recent poor run of results ...

I haven't watched any replays or made any notes for some months now and to be honest that usually gives me a much bigger 'edge' when deciding how to approach any race. Must do better!




  1. Hi, what stakes do you use when you are trading in play?

  2. Hi Michal.

    Anywhere between £100-£200.

    Cheers - Dave.

  3. Thanks, It is really helpfull for me.
    Good luck :)!

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