Monday, 26 October 2015

I Didn't Go to the Coast and Drink for England!!

That's right!! My missus is on half-term this week and fancied getting away for a couple of days. She asked if I wanted to go down to the coast and strangely I said 'No, it's too cold' .... WTF! It's just dawned on me that in the last few weeks I've taken up Yoga and Pilates, started drinking 0% wit beer, hankered after cardigans and now I'm turning down 2 days on the piss! I'm turning into my Dad!!!

This is all compounded by the fact that racing finishes at 17:00 and I'm sitting here with fuck all to do apart from watch my missus, daughter and daughter-in-law update their Facebooks with pictures of them getting hammered down in Ramsgate! We're currently playing a game where they post a pic and I have to identify the pub! To be honest I feel as though I might venture down there at the end of the week as I'm feeeling kinda homesick!

The trading has been real hit-and-miss over the last few days with a few lapses of concentration and not much drive. In fact on Saturday when BF was down I was kind of relieved and did some household chores instead! I need to be a bit more focussed and additionally I need to increase my stakes by about 30% in order to get ready for the looming super premium charge. I don't particularly keep an eye on my daily P&L but it seemed that I got stuck on the same amount in my UK wallet for a few days which can be frustrating but you just have to get your head down and crack on and not worry how much you win or lose on a daily basis.


+£105.39. A day of small wins and losses saw me just tip over the £100 mark ...


+£132.12. Another mixed bag of results today ...


+£49.94. BF was down until around 16:00 and although I still managed to trade 42 races it was like I was stuck in quicksand and could never get any momentum.


+£22.21. No excuses today, just a bloody poor effort!


+£1.56. Blimey! An even wankier effort than yesterday!


+£625.32. I was having a mediocre day when I ran into a big one in Ireland which made all the difference!

Apparently on Saturday it's going to be 18 degrees in London which must be some kind of record for the end of October?


+£267.37. Loads of nice steady trading makes Dave a happy boy.

Time for a Bavaria 0% and a bit of Morcheeba to chill away the evening ...


+£10.20. I had a right mixed bag of results today and I traded the evening card at Kempton like a right plonker! Kempton was in fact was of my favourite tracks back in the day but it's quickly turning into a track that I fucking hate!


+£445.24. I had a great start to the day and then proceeded to chip away here and there to gradually addd to the total.


+£46.31. A somewhat frustrating result today, especially after yesterday's good effort.


+£23.84. One of those Saturday's where I just couldn't get going and ended up with fuck all! However I did go out on the piss Saturday night and had a good time ...


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