Sunday, 15 November 2015

Cursed and Living With Bellends!

My trading luck seems to have been cursed recently! A few weeks ago I backed one that unseated the rider at the start and also the one where the weight cloth had fallen off! Then last week I backed the fucker that weighed-in light! I also had a crafty B2L on Drumlee Sunset at the start as he lined up in front and took an early lead only for the fucker to unseat the jockey going around the first bend!

I've also backed one or 2 late in the place market and they've just been pipped for 3rd when the lazy, thick as shite, cheating cunt of a jockey has decided to stop riding the fucker 50 yards from the winning line! How the fuck do they get away with it? I swear if I ever went to the track I'd probably be nicked for GBH!

Now, as if this wasn't enough I also seem to be living with a bunch of cretins! After returning from one of my coastal trips in the Summer I noticed that my new freezer had gone apeshit and the inside resembled the fucking Arctic circle with ice everywhere. Apparently the electric had 'gone off' and now all of the food was covered in thick ice where it had obviously defrosted and had then been frosted again ..... so that all went into the bin!

Fast forward to Saturday and guess what? .... yep someone had left the door of the freezer open and all of the food contained within had defrosted! So another £100 worth of frozen grub hits the bin, but not before I had hurled it all over the kitchen accompanied by torrents of abuse. There were partly defrosted fish fingers, pizzas, frozen veg and sausages everwhere!


+£18.99. A poor day with losing trades all over the place!


-£12.44. Pants ...


+£70.33. Yep, I'm still fucking useless at Wolverhampton!


+£192.62.  A much needed nice steady day of trading ...

+£106.00.  Another steady and yet unremarkable day ...


-£179.55.  I started the day with a mixed bag of results and them chased a price and overstaked in the 15:30 and paid the price! The remainder of the day was pretty dismal but at least I kept the loss to under £200!


+£160.64. I had 43 trades today and only 3 small losses, which is always good, especially following a wank day like yesterday!


 +£121.78. A bit up and down today ... but luckily mostly up!





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