Friday, 6 March 2015

I Don't Give a Toss About Cheltenham!

Yep call me idiot or whatever but the upcoming Cheltenham meeting just doesn't get my juices flowing. I don't follow the form as such and I don't even have a clue who is running. To be honest I'm not really a fan of horse racing itself but I am a fan of trading horse races. So for me the only thing that Cheltenham means is that the flat season is coming!


+£273.18. I wasn't going anywhere today .... until the last race! The ironic thing is that I should have taken a £500+ green but I was a bit dis-organised in entering my exit trades. So although I won a nice amount I was a bit pissed-off that didn't fully exploit the opportunity.


-£41.33. This loss got on my tits! It put a tiny dent in yesterday's profit but if I had cashed-in on the £500+ yesterday then it would have been a miniscule dent ...


+£49.45. A pants day but at least it covered yesterday's losses ...


+£160.45. It wasn't a bad result today, especially as I was £130+ down after a few races ... so a nice recovery indeed ...

It's no surprise that my results on Sun - Tue are usually pretty crap because the racing is limited and usually pants. Additionally my results on the ATR tracks can also be shite because of the fucking delay in pic speed and the thieving track and fast pic boys.  


The racing took a back seat today as I ventured down to Leigh-on-Sea for a day out with my lovely wife. We had a few beers and a bite to eat and then shuffled along the promenade towards Southend. It was quite a tranquil evening and we had a really good day, which was about to get better, as I had 2 tickets for 'The Australian Pink Floyd' hidden in my pocket (unknown to the missus). They're a superb tribute band and it was a fucking brilliant night!

Spot the looney (that's me in the New Zealand shirt) in the front row ...



+£284.51. Today was one of those days where my general trading was pretty pants. However, I managed to get a couple of decent wins which pretty much made the day ...


-£63.13. I backed a horse that then fell in one of the early races and lost £90 and then didn't really get going for the rest of the day so the end result was a bit of a disapointment ...


+£59.44. I was a bit more involved today but as you can see the results just didn't come along so it was a case of getting back what I lost yesterday ...






  1. Hi again Dave - good to see you're doing well.

    I was interested in your comment that you don't really follow racing/form much, but obviously still do well trading.

    I wondered, as you're obviously not a 'fundamentals' trader (using information about the races) would you call yourself purely a 'technical' trader in that case - i.e. trading partially blind in some cases, but using just the numbers?

    Personally I find it very hard to judge trades without knowing a lot about form - but I guess your focus on inplay (I'm much more pre-trade) makes a difference to this.

    I guess, as I think you said before, there's many different styles of trading out there that are potentially successful (or not!).


    1. Actually - if I could add to that. I realise of course that you do study racing styles of horses, as you mentioned before. So I guess this is your equivalent of studying more global 'form' of horses that someone like a punter would study. Hope that makes sense.

    2. Hi Stu.

      The only 'form' that I really study is the usual running style of each horse in the race. I don't follow anything else, such as handicap marks, jockeys (to a certain extent), trainers, the going or distance, type of track, etc.

      I like to keep things a simple as possible :)

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. Hi Dave,
    I also don’t trade at Cheltenham because the markets don’t move.
    The Group/Grade/Listed races are the worst for trading in because the markets don’t move.
    The best races to trade in are the NHF and Maiden races.
    I have always found the AW evening meetings the best for trading because of the market movement.
    Can I ask if you are in the upper Premium Charge brackets (40%, 50% & 60%)?

    1. Hi John.

      Cheltenham is great for pre-race trading as you can pump increased stakes through the system (although the queues are much longer). However for in-running I've never really fared that well in previous years (the same for Aintree).

      I'm on the verge of the 50% charge :(

      Cheers - Dave.

    2. Thanks Dave,
      I'm on the verge of 60%.
      I've been generating commission using football matches (Over/under 1.5 goals and then the reverse on "Correct scores 0-0, 1-0 & 0-1").
      This gives a +£2,000 and a -£2,000 on the same match. Not 100% great because sometimes you can lose.
      Do you know of any other commission generators?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi John.

      Afraid I don't have any great ideas about getting around the commission problem :( Back in the day we could arb on the dogs and that would help us keep our comm low and also lose more on BF as quite a few of the arbs would win!

      Our only hope is that the DAQ picks up a bit. The have updated their API and both Gruss and Geeks Toy are going to release updated versions so that should make trading a bit easier as hopefully we'll have exactly the same interface as what we currently have for BF?

      Cheers _ Dave.

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