Friday, 17 February 2012

44 Day Journal

Finally the frost and snow have fucked off ... hurrah!!

The first few weeks of 2012 have been a bit of a struggle, mostly due to the lack of racing. Now if I didn't have a target for 2012 then this wouldn't really bother me as I'd just plod along and make a living, but it's a pain in the arse when you're trying to win £200K. I have, however, used these few weeks to gradually increase my stakes and feel comfortable enough to click away without worrying about possible losses. Additionally my new focus has meant that I've learnt (or am still learning) new ways of improving my existing in-running skills. So although the cash hasn't been rolling in by the bucket load I now feel ready to start smashing in and upping the profits.

For the next 44 days (that takes us to the end of March) I'm going to compile a list of my main bets, along with missed opportunities and lucky scrapes in this post. As long as we don't get any more ice or snow then I should be looking to make £12K+ between now and March 31st.

For reference my current staking is lay bets of £235 per click and back bets of £135 per click.

So let's have it!!


  • Zarkander - layed this when it looked beat (despite the Timeform 'r') but fortunately only got matched for small money as it took a while for RUK to switch from the side-on angle, where I couldn't see it clearly, to the head-on where it looked stone cold beat and was dropping away (looking at the video a few days later it did look to be struggling when the pace lifted around the home turn). So a small loss, but in my opinion a good bet at the time. If I had been matched for bigger then no doubt I could have easily greened-up.
  • Brilliant - looked to be in trouble very early but had the Timeform squiggle so I avoided laying it, which proved to be a good choice as it run on late from nowhere to grab 3rd. The Timeform subscription saved me a few quid there!
  • Daymar Bay - tried to lay this when it looked one paced approaching 2 out (once again on looking at the video it didn't find much from 2 out but one of the horses in front of it fell in a hole), but once again fortunately didn't get matched as it plugged on for 3rd.
  • All The Aces - layed this 3 out but once again only got matched for small money. Was beat in 4th until he leader fell at the last.
  • Gullinbursti - another layed horse, once again only partly matched, that looked beat turning for home (watched the video and it looked as though his mistake down the back straight was taking it's toll coming around the home bend) only to rally for 2nd.
  • San Telm - looks like a day of partly matched bets! Layed this pretty early after a couple of sketchy jumps, but once again only got matched for small money, finished a distant 5th.
  • Shutthefrontdoor - well it's obvious that I'm in real shite form today. Had the opportunity to lay this a few furlongs out but hesitated as AP McCoy was the pilot. Got off well lucky as McCoy rode one of his typical finishes and actually won the race! My judgement today has been poor ...
  • Cristaliyev - finished 3rd (watched the vido again a few times and for a split second it looked held in 4th about half a furlong out, but not a bet I would have again in a hurry!) and not even the track players wanted to take my lay of £705 at 2.1!! ... are they blind? In hindsight I think I was a bit hasty with this bet and it was probably because I was thinking that I needed to react super fast to any opportunities having just come from watching much slower races over the sticks to a sprint finish at Lingfield.
  • Tiablo - eventually a winner! Didn't get fully matched but managed to lay this at 1.29 and it finished 6th!!
  • Dundalk & Wolverhampton - the racing this evening has been dire ....

           Or as the hardest man in Canning Town might say 'right proper nawty racing geezer!'.

  • Opportunities have been thin on the ground. However, there's some nice racing tomorrow, and plenty of it, so maybe I can nick a few quid, even though Saturday's tend to promise a lot and actually deliver little in terms of profit (for myself anyway).

  • Win = +£211.56


As a reminder ....

    • Lexis Boy - layed this at under 2.0 when it made a sketchy jump 2 out but then managed to plug on for 3rd ... DOH!.
    • zzzzzzzz .. a typical Saturday so far ...
    • The Minack - layed this early when it made a mistake. Sat with it for a few more fences then decided to take a small red as it started jumping OK. Took the small red and then it fell! DOH again!!
    • Painter Man - it's always encouraging when you lay one for a place and it wins ... NOT! Oh dear ...
    • Featherbed Lane - didn't let my previous loses affect me and layed this one early when it didn't look too comfortable. Looked ominous turning for home but his early jumping mistakes and lack of stamina saw him finish out of the places in 3rd.
    • Fuck this ... I'm going for a beer!
    • Loss = -£24.69


    • enjoyed a pint of Guinness last night. Now that we're out of the cold snap I must start drinking heavily again in preparation of a Summer of alcoholic abuse
    • a mixed bag of racing today. I might try and be a backer at Ffos Las as it seems impossible to lay anything there and I'll be a layer at Market Rasen and Navan. Well see how it goes.
    • One More Cookie - made a complete balls-up of the first race. One More Cookie was going back into 5th on the run-in and for some reason I backed it ... DOH!! What a twat!
    • Milarrow - layed this when it came under pressure some way from home. Only got a partial match but clawed back some cash from my earlier loss. It actually plugged on late to finish a distant 4th. Why can't these horses that look beaten just drop out the back of the telly?
    • Concentration and focus today has already been poor. Got caught watching the Chisora v Haye brawl and missed the start of a race at Market Rasen. That's poor ... these are the sort of amateur things that I'm looking to eradicate.
    • Think I'm going to tie a heavy weight around my neck and jump into the dock. What a lousy, miserable, tosspot of a day. Some days you just wonder how anyone can possibly make a living at this game.
    • Loss = -£95.88

    • Monday already ... so started with a late lay of Crowning Jewel who looked held in 4th in the straight only to plug on for 3rd. Haven't I done this before at some point?
    • Just Timmy Marcus - backed this thing approaching the straight when it was right on the snaff. Layed it back at 1.1 when it looked guaranteed for a place, only for it legs to fall off and finish 5th. So got it right yet still managed to lose £7.02.
    • Vamizi - looked legless after jumping the last in 4th ... though not as legless as the 2 snails it passed on the run-in. I'm having a nightmare!
    • Loss = -£37.75

    • it would be nice to win a few quid today (update: it's 16:11 and I'm doing my bollox!).
    • Grand Article - yet another schoolboy mistake. Layed this for a place thinking it was first 3 when it fact it was first 4! I really have lost the plot and it's starting to become really anoying. I'm really fucked off.
    • Dare Me - I must be fucking cursed. Beaten a way out but snatched 3rd on the line.
    • Destroyer Deployed - I am fucking cursed! Nearly fell early and jumped really poorly thereafter and looked bang in trouble 4 out. The usual story ... plugged on to be 3rd..
    • We're all doomed!
    • Moscow Presents - just when I thought things couldn't get worse ...they did!! Yet another lapse of concentration as I mistook this horse for one that was dropping out of the telly coming into the home straight. However, all was not lost. Moscow came under pressure and dropped back to 4th and looked beat. Could have greened at this point for £270+, but chose to be greedy and take the lot. The rest is history, guess what?, yep Moscow rallies on the long run-in and snatches 3rd. You couldn't make it up!!!
    • The Italian Yob - well I thought I'd try my hand at backing and duly backed this yak which finished 8th. Just watched the video and I must be fucking blind!
    • Loss = -£1035.08 (at least I won't be paying any Premium Charge next week!)


    • going to try and lose as much money as possible today (reverse psychology)
    • I've done about £700 in mistakes over the last few days. Now in the cold light of day I think that I can put this down to at least 2 reasons. The first is probably the added pressure of trying to win £200K, and the second is a combination of tiredness/boredom and fatigue. The early starts and endless hours of watching the video re-runs has made me both tired and bored. So when the real racing actually starts I'm already knackered and losing concentration. I should have spotted the signs yesterday when I actually switched channels to watch Hollyoaks. I don't even like Hollyoaks! (although yesterday's one wasn't too bad). So, I've decided to cut out the early mornings in the office and come in maybe 1 hour before the racing starts. This will also give me time to practice my guitar and maybe get my garden sorted out for the Summer. I'm also going to give the form study a wide berth for the time being as it doesn't seem to have helped me this year. I know that I can get caught by laying things that normally get a second wind, but in the long run I think that this evens itself out. I've found that I've been watching races expecting something to happen that doesn't (and missing chances elsewhere). Traditionally I would just use my eyes and judgement, so from today I'm going back to this way of playing.

      I still think that I have had some cracking bets over the last few days that have just gone against me (these things happen).

      Patience, concentration and aggressiveness .... charge!!!!
    • Mottley Crewe - I beginning to think that my missus is slipping something in my tea each morning. Only 5 runners in the first at Lingfield so you'd think that it would be pretty easy to tell who is who. Not where I'm concerned though! Layed what I thought was Mottley Crewe turning into the straight as he swung wide and got matched but didn't notice as I thought I'd missed the opportunity. Imagine my surprise at the end of the race when I look across and see that I had been matched. Yep I was looking at the wrong horse again. Mottley finished 3rd so for once I got lucky a won a few quid.
    • Ardlui - played a bit more patiently on this one. Layed him when he looked to be struggling 3 out but decided to green-up. Good choice as once again another one of my lays plugs on to be 3rd.
    • Palmyra - layed this and got a bit matched. Finished 3rd of 5
    • Rio Royale - layed this when it was going nowhere in the home straight. Only partly matched. Finished last of 7.
    • Profit = +£362.72


    • going to try and do my bollox today (trying that reverse psychology thing again!)
    • errrmmmm ... it's 18:24 and nothing's happened. Just a few Kempton races left and the evening dogs.
    • Majestic Zafeen - finally got a bet matched. Had a few quid on Majestic late on to nick a few quid. Finished 2nd.
    • Profit = +£151.03

    • well the way things are going at the moment I'm not too sure about a house in Ramsgate. I might have to downsize my expectations to something more befitting of my current financial status.

      With a lick of paint and a bit of decking it'll look a million dollars! Then all I'd need is an 8M motorized satellite dish and a decoder and I'd be printing cash!

      • Lanarkshire - layed this as he went back into 3rd around the home bend. Finished 4th of five runners.
      • 17:10 already. Just been picking up a few quid here and there. Dundalk and Wolverhampton this evening along with the dogs.
      • 20:49 and it's been a long, slow and tedious evening with very little in the way of profit.
      • Profit = +£752.88


      • not expecting much today. As mentioned before, Saturday's promise so much but usually deliver relatively little in terms of profit. We're also up against the track mongrels at Lingfield, Chepstow and Newcastle, so if there are going to be any winnings then I can only see them coming from Kempton or maybe Fairyhouse. I'll be playing very cautiously today.
      • I'd rather be sitting in a nice boozer overlooking the sea (maybe 'The Bohemian' in Deal) and get slowly pissed instead of sitting here trying to scrape a few quid together playing four SIS tracks on a Saturday.
      • Loss = -£15.21



        • another selection of shite racing all on SIS today. Roll on the Summer where we have a race every 5 minutes. At least when we lose we can go across the road, sit in the sun, get sunburn and drown our sorrows in numerous pints of Amstel.
        • had a few nibbles, but nothing major. The only consolation is that the Arse v Spurs game is quite entertaining and I can see it cracking off soon with maybe a few red cards about to be brandished?
        •  Profit = +£102.30


          • so here we are on a gloomy Monday in February trying to make money at Plumpton and Wolverhampton. We must be fucking mad, we've got no chance!
          • Mon Ami Jolie - layed this first time out horse when it missed the break over 6F. Got hampered in the straight and still won cosily!
          • Songsmith - couldn't jump and layed it for small. Finished 7th of 9.
          • Vanilla Rum - layed this as he took the wide route through the car park. Only partly matched, but it all counts. Finished 7th of 9 runners.
          • 3 meetings tomorrow and 4 on Wednesday. I need to start making a big push over the next few days so I might see some interesting P&L (ideally a lot more P than L) come the end of the week!
          • Profit = +£64.72


            • Chankillo - layed this when it looked beat in 4th ... finished 3rd!
            • .. and then didn't do fuck all for the rest of the day! So not much of a push going on at the moment.
            • Bhakti - looked beat in the bumper coming into the straight. Rallied, galloped and actually won the race!
            • Loss = -£132.59


              • Regal Park - had this down as a possible dodgy jumper. Layed it early then layed it again 3 out. Finished 6th of 13.
              • I'm trying real hard here and I keep finding myself with my nose pressed up against the screen trying to spot things going backwards at short odds. However, I think I've got a touch of the old 'horse blindness'. This is the inability to spot either a back or a lay despite there being a race every 10 minutes.
              • There have been a few races today where even Mystic Meg couldn't have called the winner and/or placed horses. Sometimes this game is completely impossible to analyze and you know that you're going to do your bollox no matter what happens.
              • Profit = +£231.20


                • Ottoman Empire - a rare visit to Meydan. Nicked a few quid laying this when it started going backwards in the straight.
                • it seems as though the Turf TV pictures have been slowed down and are now on par with RUK. If indeed this is the case then we're all well and truly shafted. Liquidity at Kempton this evening is the worst it's ever been. Trying to play when you're behind the track mongrels and the liquidity is super low is like 'hanging your cock out in the wind' ... apparently.
                • Profit = +£59.55


                  • there's no doubt it's getting a lot harder to win cash on here. I'm sure that the liquidity in some races must be at an all-time low and the percentages that you're betting into are also severe. I must admit that these are worrying times (especially with the apparent slow down of the Turf TV pics). I have a feeling that March is going to be shit or bust.
                  • looks like the only way out of this bollox is to go all-in and purchase a raft of lottery tickets this weekend.
                  • if my local boozer served Hoegaarden then I'd be out tonight getting absolutely wankered. However, I have heard from a reliable source (the missus) that Amstel will soon be making an appearance in my  preferred drinking establishment, so all is not lost!
                  • well that was a day where nothing much happened.
                  • Profit = +£28.42



                  • Saturday again eh? Dare I try that reverse psychology again today? He who dares Rodney, he who dares!

                  • I've shifted all of my buttons down to £105 a click with the intention of clicking like a mad man. Look out, as I might be leaving my goolies and todger out in the wind? Let's go for it ...
                  • Absinthe - layed this on the long run-in at Kelso when it looked like getting caught for a place. Just nailed close home so a winning start.
                  • Gruss is playing-up (there's always something standing in the way of making a profit!). One day it's all going to work properly and I'm gonna win a cotchel.
                  • Shootin The Breeze - backed this as it jumped the last in 4th place. It stayed in 4th and that was good enough for a nice win.
                  • Profit = +£461.39


                  • just had my weekly guitar lesson and my fingers are shredded. I'm going to pump the mouse so hard today that my fingers will by bleeding by the last race.
                  •  ...or maybe not.

                  • Profit = +£43.69



                  • Waterloo Dock - a rare pre-race back in a 4 runner field at Lingfield. Led as expected but the price didn't come down low enough for a decent trade and I did my money.
                  • Presented - backed it 3 out and greened-up. Finished 2nd.
                  • It's hard enough without 'The Lizard' snaffling all the prices at Lingfield ... because if he doesn't get them then I still have to contend with 'The Praying Mantis' aka 'The Printer'.

                  The Mantis (aka 'The Printer') camouflages himself and sits perfectly still. He then waits for his prey (usually the unsuspecting place market layers) to enter some nice juicy prices. When a price looks ripe for the taking  the mantis lashes out at remarkable speed, in fractions of the time it takes people to blink. Before you know it he's got a monkey in his pocket and a bottle of shampoo on ice.

                  • My Name is Sam - layed this as it was getting caught for 2nd. Finished 3rd. Nicked a few quid, but not a lot.
                  • Triptico - about time I layed another winner in the place market!

                  • Profit = +£19.65


                  • OK. The fucking about stops today! A shit day of racing but I'm going to start pressing a lot more whenever the opportunity arises. I expect to see plenty more back bets as from today.
                  • Well, the shite day of racing produced little or no real opportunities, and when one did pop-up I only got matched for small money. I did try real hard, but you do get these days where you're going to struggle to get matched when you do see something
                  • Profit = +£38.75


                  • Marlos Moment - someone got the wrong colours (not me for a change) and I nicked a few quid.
                  • another afternoon of bets on partly matched. Very frustrating when I'm looking to back or lay for 3 figures and only getting matched for pennies. Let's see what Kempton brings this evening.
                  • ... fuck all!
                  • Profit = +£649.07


                  • I think that I'm only going to stick up my bets where I win or lose more than £100. If I highlight my partial bets it gets pretty pointless and is boring.
                  • Looks like another day of partials. The Turf TV pics are still well behind live (similar to SIS) which definitely doesn't help matters.
                  • Profit = +£138.14


                  • I already have the feeling that today could be one of those days when I lay a selection who's legs have fallen off down the back straight only for it to suddenly and miraculously sprout a pair of Pegasus like wings and fly home from 100 lengths behind. Maybe I should be backing the things that look like they're one their knees with a mile to go. I bet there's going to be some big priced IR winners in the win market today.
                  • on a completely unrelated subject. 'The Singing Detective' .... what's that all about eh? I stumbled upon this last night and watched the last 50 minutes or so. I was convinced that my regular supplier had provided me with a super potent strain of ganga! Joanne Whalley though eh?
                  • well the Turf TV pics are still only a nanosecond in front of RUK. It seemed that whenever I saw a price and hit it today I was missing and not getting matched. Ever so slightly worrying ... this could mark the end of in-running as we know it?
                  • ... or the pics on both SIS and Turf TV will speed up and then we'll smash the track players to smithereens?
                  • Profit = +£86.33


                  • I really should spend every Saturday in the pub getting pissed rather than beating my head against a brick wall.
                  • 15 degrees today and quite nice out there. Roll on the Summer when we can all get sunburn and get smashed on the Stella. Oh happy days!
                  • Torn Asunder - after all of the lovely racing at Sandown and Ayr I finally managed to strike it lucky in the last race bumper at Gowran Park. Had a click to lay it and then it duly fell out the back of the telly. That felt like a long time coming.
                  • Profit = +£121.41


                  • I promised the missus that if I won a monkey today then I'd take her for a beer this evening. Generous eh? ... I'm that sort of guy ...
                  • this game is a fucking wind-up. Right now it's like trying to do a Rubiks Cube whilst blindfolded and having your hands tied behind your back. If Turf TV and/or SIS don't pull their fingers out and bring the pics up to speed then in-running will be fucked by the end of this year .... mark my words. You heard it here first.
                  • to sum up how I feel right now ... bollox fuck wank shit poxx fuck toss. There you go ... just had to get that off my chest. I'm going out to get well and truly bladdered tonight.
                  • Loss = -£68.81


                  • another complete waste of time today. It's like trying to tunnel your way out of jail using a tooth pick. Almost impossible to play effectively when you're so far behind the live action at gaffs like Plumpton, Stratford and Taunton.
                  • Islandmagee - another Mr Magoo moment. Wrong colours and did £104.62. Fucking fantastic! Now I've got the right fucking arsehole.

                  • Loss = -£60.76


                  • Cheltenham eh? Not that easy to play when you're suffering from the effects of Monday night binge washed down with a large Doner Kebab. Felt like shite and played like shite.
                  • Profit = +£24.32


                  • Right, feeling better today so going to smash it and get some Ramsgate money. If it goes well then I might even venture across the road with some of the boys tonight and get smashed again.
                  • Kings Bayonet - layed this when it came under pressure before 2 out. Same old story, just held on for third place.
                  • ItsThursdayAlready - wrong colours again! Got lucky this time as it got beat.
                  • Just had a nice pint of Amstel in preparation for the next 5 races at Kempton. Get ready to smash!!
                  • I think that I need to move over to the dark side and become more of a backer. It seems impossible to get a decent lay on most of the SIS tracks whereas I think that it is slightly easier to get a back bet (not too sure whether this is true, but I think it's something I'm going to have to try). I'll have a think about it and see what I decide.
                  • Loss = -£88.01


                  • this thought popped into my mind today ... 'bet with no fear'. I'm getting a bit fucked off being the 'sit on the fence' man. Having said that I'm sure that this is the hardest period of in-running I have ever known in the last 4 years and I'm not about to start gambling and smashing-in when the odds are not in my favour. I'm counting on the return of good old flat racing to liven-up the in-running markets.
                  • lovely day out there today so just had a quick pint of Amstel (again). That might just help to lubricate the clicking finger.
                  • Loss = -£31.44


                  • 13:23 and already gagging for a beer.
                  • where have all the horses gone? I've never known so many small fields over the recent few weeks. Are there less horses about or are they all stood standing in a field somewhere?
                  • 17:26 and still gagging for a beer. I can either stay here and do my bollox and sanity at Wolverhampton and Dundalk or I could go out and get smashed, grab a granny and finish the night off with a large doner.
                  • Daliyan - had to wait until the last race at Dundalk to get a bet of any significance. Layed this and it trundled in a well beaten 4th.
                  • Profit = +£289.61


                  • quite a few meetings today (50 races) so I'll play the steady approach and just try to nick a few quid here and there. A carpet (£300) should be quite an achievable target.
                  • just small pickings throughout the day.
                  • Profit = +£173.73


                  • another day of shite racing on a shite channel (SIS) with shite liquidity and shite results. The SIS pics are being sent via Neptune and seem to get further and further behind live, making it impossible to play against the track mongrels. Add the fact that SIS are falling over themselves to show as much racing from France and all of the other fucking useless countries in the EU (where the fuck is Krefeld and who the fuck bets on that shite?). If you want to bet at Krefeld then fuck off to Germany and have a bet if that's where it is. We've got no fucking chance. And then just when you've used all of your willpower to avoid putting your fist thru the telly that twat comes on shouting about how there's only seconds to place your bet for the Teatime 49ers. Think I'm going to be needing and bandage and a new telly soon ...

                  • as you can probably tell I'm not having a particularly good day. However, I'm gonna go out and get smashed tonight, drink at least 10 pints of Carling, probably have a fight in my local and then get a large doner on the way from from the local nick.
                   Profit = +£24.17


                  • what a lovely day it is out there. Didn't have too many last night, didn't fight or get nicked but did have a large doner! Jumped on the bike and did a few miles this morning followed by a quick workout in the gym, so I'm feeling fresh and ready for the mediocre racing today. We only have  21 races to make some cash so it will be a cautious and steady approach in an attempt to get another winning day. And then maybe back in the boozer tonight?
                  • I've already decided not to play tomorrow as we only have 20 races, and if it's anything like today I'll definitely put my boot through the telly.
                  • Loss = -£38.41


                  • had a great day off yesterday. Dug up weeds in the garden, shifted a few hundred paving blocks and lifted my old paving. Then hit the boozer for numerous pints of Carling followed by the now customary kebab. Did manage to spend 30 or so minutes on the heavy bag this morning but despite that I'm really turning into a fat bastard and also my back is killing me!
                  • Profit = +£166.13


                  • not a lot happening today so far ... nothing of interest to report.
                  • Profit = +£83.19


                  • just felt compelled to go for an early pint of Amstel and found myself outside the pub at just after 12. Must admit it's bloody hard to just have 1 pint and then leave. Might have a few more later maybe.
                  • Northern Acres - finally got something matched. Layed this when someone wanted to back it early at 1.87. Didn't seem to be hurdling well and fell out of the telly turning for home.
                  • Profit = +£173.43


                  • I feel primed for action after another early pint of Amstel. CHARGE!!....
                  • I think that I need to drink more Amstel. Just hasn't happened today and I'm finding it super hard to even get involved. Luckily I'm out on the piss tonight.
                  • Loss = -£29.52


                  • it was my Dad's 70th birthday yesterday and his great long time partner arranged a surprise meal at 'The Pont De La Tour'. We all had a great night and if anything he's looking younger and fitter than ever. Happy Birthday Dad.
                  • only 14 races tomorrow. Bollox to that! Out on the piss tonight and crack on with the garden on Monday.
                  • Profit = +£86.65


                  • been cracking on with the garden and I'm knackered. I've also been hitting the Carling quite hard and any money that I am making is being quickly spunked in my local boozer! Let's hope I win a few quid today cos I'm going straight there after the 17:30 at Southwell!
                  • Profit = £0.00


                  • man flu eh? Felt fucked on Tuesday night, then felt like a bag of shite on Wednesday and spent all day in bed. Hopefully it's just a 24hr bug. I'd probably feel better if I could win a few quid today.
                  • well chipped away and had quite a comfortable day. Had 19 bets and only 2 small losses. An ideal day really.
                  • Profit = +£296.75


                  • still sitting here with half a gallon of snot up each nostril and the last thing on my mind at the moment is lager of any variety. A pity really as it's a beautiful day out there. As for today ... well it would be nice to string 3 winning days together.
                  • Had 14 bets today an only 1 small loss. That's the way it should be every day!
                  • Profit = +£231.97


                  • how about stringing 4 winning days together?
                  • well another poo Saturday. Tried hard but won little.
                  • Profit = +£35.75



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