Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Posture & Talking to Yourself During Trading

Maybe a strange question, but I think there's a lot to be learnt from how individuals sit at their desk. My own preferred style is to sit hunched forward with my nose literally pressed against the screen, ready to pounce like a finely tuned greyhound (strangely the cartoon below does bear a striking resemblance to myself ... handsome lad eh?).

However, when I watch literally hundreds and hundreds of re-runs via the Racing Post website I find that I have to sit back somewhat to get a better idea of the pace of the race and how horses are travelling. This type of hunched over hyped-up body language probably doesn't lend itself to a calm, relaxed and yet decisive mode of trading. I have tried the laid back approach but it feels quite strange and I always revert to the 'on top of the screen' approach. Now, in sports such as golf, in order to improve your swing you often have to start from scratch and adopt a new improved swing that at first may feel really weird. However, if you persevere with the new swing then your game should gradually improve. So, along these lines I am going to try a laid back approach from tomorrow and see how things go. And if my trading improves I might even move on to the even more relaxed approach ...

That'll make a five runner 2 mile amatuer riders handicap on the AW at Southwell seem a lot more interesting!

One other thing that I have recently found useful is actually talking to myself during the race! This may seem a bit strange but I think that it helps me analyze the race more effectively. It also helps me to stay relaxed and focused if I give myself my own commentary of the race, but in a somehat unusual style. I try and tell myself the facts of the race as it unfolds but also throw in a few bizarre comments along the way to keep things light hearted, and therefore less stressful.

Here's a few quotes from today's commentaries:

   'Nothing's happened yet'

                                          'The favourites are jumping OK'

               'Could have done my bollox on that one!'

                                                                                     'How about showing us who's in third??'

'Thank's again SIS wankers for showing us the 13:58 from Sheffield when the 14:00 at Thurles has just started'

And from across the room 'it's already doing my head in today' and 'oh dear o Lord what a fucking day!' and something to do with 'paint drying'.

                'Whoahhh ....what the fuck happened there??'

                             'Do I actually know what I'm doing here?'

It looks as though it's going to be one of those days! One of the guys in the office just took a picture of me shortly after the 16:05 at Wolverhampton (yes you guessed it  .... the tank top was a Xmas present from my Mum).

Friday already! ... and still doing my conkers! I'm trying real hard to make this work but I'm swimming against the current at the moment and every now and then a big fuck-off wave comes and smashes me into the rocks.

Cheers - Dave.


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