Monday, 7 November 2016

The Wheels Have Come Off Again! .... and Personal Training

What people don't realise is that when you have untold shit going on in your life then your work will suffer, If you do this for a living then it's so fucking easy for the wheels to fly off completely,

I've had so much fucking grief over the last few weeks that it's no surprise that I'm winning fuck all.

It's now 06/11 as I type this post and I haven't updated this blog for nearly 3 weeks. My P&L has gone totally tits up ...

I feel like crying ...

Personal Training

I am getting more and more requests for personal 1 to 1 training. I have thought about this in the past but I haven't exactly had the ideal environment in which to provide the kind of service that people require. However, when my move to the coast actually takes place I will possibly be in a position to provide this kind of service to those that may be interested.

My initial thoughts are to provide a 1 to 1 trading day that takes place in my apartment down on the south-east coast. It would ideally be a full day and it would give people the chance to see how I trade. This would include my preparation, hardware and software setup, my actual strategies along with how I analyze each race and the markets. I can also cover any questions that you may have and hopefully help iron out and problems that you may currently be experiencing. It could also include a beer or 2 in the evening, although I an now a tea drinker!

So if you are interested just drop me some feedback on here and if there is enough demand I might well consider providing some sort of personal training.


Didn't trade today ...


Didn't trade today ...


+£34.99. Traded 3 races and realised that I've turned into a right miserable bastard. OK I have a few life/personal issues going on but nothing to get stressed about! I need to lighten up and stop moaning all the fucking time ...




Didn't trade today ...


+£23.74. Time to have a pic from the Summer to cheer me up ...


+£141.43. Some brief respite from the previous days of untold shit in my life ...




Didn't trade today ...


+£3.88. Traded one race ...


Didn't trade today. I think that lazy bastard'itus is starting to kick in!


Didn't trade today ...






Didn't trade today ...


+£169.19. A fucking miracle!


-£148.79. Whoops!

I'm now into my third week of not drinking alcohol and to be honest I don't miss it one bit!

OK so it's probably easier giving up Hoegaarden when it's bloody freezing outside and it may be harder when the sun comes out again next Summer but I'm doing mighty fine at this point in time and cups of tea seem to be the order of the day!


. Almost recovered yesterdays losses!


. It's time to string a few winning days together ...


+£272.39. That's a bit better ...


+£33.60. It was always going to be tough today with the return of flat racing at Southwell which I just can't get my head around. Therefore the mission was to post any sort of green and although £33 don't go very far it was mission accomplished. In fact it was so boring that I had a mid afternoon 90 minute snooze and I was so tired that when I woke up I thought that it was the morning!


I actually went out socially today and even though I fancied a beer I took the choice not have one and I had several cups of tea and lemonade instead!


+£202.32. A relatively busy Saturday (for November) and I managed to trade 45 races. I was off to a good start and chugged along nicely throughout the day. There weren't many overlaps of races and that makes the day much easier to manage rather than rushing about which tends to happen if you get too many races during the day.


+£200.30. A typical Sunday where I only traded 17 races but the result was a good one for this time of the year and it continued the winning run.





Sunday, 16 October 2016

Time to Move On

It's quite apparent that if I stay where I am I will slowly and painfully end up doing my cash, so it's time to move on, Unfortunately my wife hates me and wants to make my life a fucking misery so any plans that I had of buying a place on the coast are totally fucked.

Instead I am going to have to rent a place and hope that I don't have to spend too much in the process on furniture, appliances and general moving costs, fees, etc.

Somewhere along the line no doubt a solicitor, estate agent and property developer will make a shit load of money from us but some women just can't see sense and if it goes down that road so be it.

Hopefully I can get myself set up pretty quickly with Virgin super fast broadband and Racing UK and then I can crack on. It won't be the same renting and it seems fucking stupid that I could buy a place and have very little overheads but as mentioned above I've been forced down the rent route so will have to earn a bit more than usual to cover the expenses.


+£92.56. Fuck me I actually won today!


+£210.08. It's time to look forward and grasp the endless opportunities instead of staying still and slowly sinking in a pool of shit infested mud!


+£163.25. I only traded 24 races today but went along steadily after a good start. I took a backwards step to the tune of £60 in the 16:40 but immediately bounced back with a win of £80 in the next so I'll take that, especially after my recent trials, tribulations and associated poor run of form.


+£9.98. I was cruising along and nicking a few quid here and there and then dumped £120 in one race and ended up back at square one doh!


+£239.23. I concentrated hard today as I didn't want to make a midday balls-up like yesterday. I took advantage of someone else's mistake in one race and that helped boost the profits so it ended up as a fair effort.


+£73.67. I had an OK start today but then it was tough going. I made the choice to play cautiously so as to get another green session under my belt as it's important to keep that positive feeling. Sometimes you have to disregard how much you have won on the day and just concentrate on doing the right things and eventually the nice wins will come along.





Friday, 7 October 2016

The Struggle Continues

The trading has taken somewhat of a back seat recently as I try and sort my shit out! I've reached that point in life where there are things that I want, such as solitude and freedom and unfortunately these are not typically things that come with marriage. Therefore I'm probably heading off in my own direction and that means doing something that I have wanted to do for quite a while now, well since the inception of this blog, and that is to move to the coast.

Luckily the properties in Ramsgate are relatively cheap but I'm still not too sure whether or not they are cheap enough for what I want! Ideally I'd like a 3 bedroom house close to the seafront but as per normal it's always the case that you see something that fits the bill and it's just out of your price range!

It's strange that because I have other things on my mind I don't have a clue whether I am doing well so far this month or not. I feel like I'm plodding along OK but as I type this it's 06/09 and I can't honestly say how I've done over the last 6 days!


+£188.08. I only traded 18 races today but had no losing trades so I'm happy with that kind of result and would be more than happy if I could nick that sort of amount on a daily basis over the next couple of months or so.

02/10 - 03/10

I spent a couple of days down at my Dad's house and came home feeling even more shattered than when I left!


+£120.29. I set fire to £70+ in one of the early races but then just chipped away so £120 wasn't a bad result I suppose.


Didn't trade today.


+£150.64. I had a good solid hour in the middle of the day but the remainder of the evening was pants!


-£32.38 ... the next few days losses are a stark reminder of what happens when your mind is totally fucked up ...


-£7.04 ...


-£44.37 ...

10/10 - 12/10

It's fucking hard to trade when your wife has just thrown all of your screens out of the front door and smashed them all on the pavement. It's also not too easy to keep a level head when the same woman destroys a grands worth of audio equipment and then in the melee you get headbutted by an irate Lithuanian cunt.


-£45.55. I don't think that I have EVER had 4 losing days on the spin but when you have a woman intent on destroying you then trust me it's fucking hard to concentrate on horses running around a field! It's also hard to start the day when you have just spunked hundreds on new monitors!


For some strange reason I didn't quite fancy trading today.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Gone AWOL!

I must admit that although it happens very seldom I do sometimes have periods where I fail to update this blog on a regular basis.

I'm at that age where I've hit a mid-life crisis and trying to sort out personal issues has meant that the blog has taken a back seat for a while. I've also had quite a few days off, mostly to take advantage of the fine late summer weather that we have been experiencing.

The trading has been a bit hit and miss due to new fluctuations in the markets but the key here is to recognise when these happen, what is happening and how to take advantage of the way in which the markets have altered.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to resume the light-hearted theme of this blog which may take some effort initially as I've been really fucked off, depressed and at sometimes quite fucking sad over the last few weeks (sure signs of manic depression).

Hopefully I can get back to 'normal' and start posting more pictures of me on the piss and recounting the weird and wonderful things that usually happen when I'm out there in the twilight zone ... better known as Ramsgate after midnight!


-£5.11 ... fuck know's what happened but looking at my results I was up and down, much like my current mood swings, like a whores drawers!


+£86.97. For some reason I only managed to trade 20 races ...


+£263.02. It's always good to look back after a few weeks thinking that you had a bad month and then see that on at least one day you had a good result! However, if truth be told I nicked £200 in the first race of the day in the place market!


+£184.59. I only traded 25 races today and had to wait until the very last race before I had a good result and managed to nick over £100, once again in the place market! Kind of like Man Utd when they always managed to score a winner in extra time ... bastards!


-£5.93. I only traded 15 races today so it must have been a Sunday?


+£26.13. I only traded 9 races today .... fuck knows why, I cant remember!


-£0.73. When your mind is elsewhere then your results will always suffer unfortunately ...


+£3.94. I think that I went to the beach, came home and traded 1 race at Kempton!


Fuck knows what I did today but I didn't trade ....


+£83.51. I only traded 17 races and was probably glad to get some sort of profit after a lean few days.


+£134.99. The number of races that I have traded recently on a daily basis has dropped, only 22 today, but I suppose that we are now approaching that time of year where the number of races per day drops to a much lower figure than in the peak of the summer.

11/09 - 14/09

It was time for a much needed break down on the coast. I had 2 days by myself in the sun and then the missus joined me, the sun got even hotter and I drank even more and got smashed on the Tuesday (the hottest day of the year?) had an argument with the missus and then decided to go swimming in the sea after consuming at least 8 pints at lunchtime! It wasn't the best breast stroke or front crawl ever witnessed!

I was so pissed that it took me a few attempts to actually get from being in 2 ft of water back onto dry land and I stacked it a few times in the sea. When I finally made it back onto the beach I fell over again trying to put my shorts on, rolled about like a pissed fool and managed to get a huge bruise on my ass and back! Not funny and definitely not clever!


+£187.87. Recouped a small percentage of what I spunked over the last few days down on the coast!


+£159.45. 18 races traded with only one small loss so the binge drinking session must have done me some good?


+£167.00. Another OK day to keep the ball rolling ...


+£16.36. Fuck knows what happened today as I only traded 9 races?


+£120.24. Today could have been so much better as I managed to lose the best part of £100 in the last 4 races of the evening doh!


+£85.67. One decent win saved the day today ...


More nice weather today so another day down on the beach.


+£332.12. Normal service has been resumed ...

I quite fancied a drink after the racing in the evening and smashed into 3 bottles of Franziskaner that I had chilling in the fridge. These put me in the zone but when I went back to the fridge at around midnight there wasn't a beer to be seen! The only solution was to cycle to the local 24 hour shop. Now obviously their range of wheat beer was non-existent so I decided to cycle the 3 miles to Tesco to source some Hoegaarden. Flying along on your bike at 00:30 in the morning with no lights isn't a particularly good idea but fuck I felt faster than Chris Froome. It's only when I got off the fucker at Tesco that I realised how pissed I already was! I stumbled about the deserted isles and came away with 2 bottles of Hoegaarden and a packet of scones. I literally flew back home, only drank half a bottle but managed to eat most of the scones and finally hit the sack at about 02:30.


+£11.94. I traded 25 races today and never really got going. As some of you may have noticed the markets have been changing on a daily basis and that means that what works one day does not work the next. The key here is to identify when this happens and alter your style to suit. On days like this I am usually in more of a 'damage limitation' mode as you can often find yourself sticking to the same old strategy hoping that things will change during the day. It's only at the end of the day that you realise that maybe you should have quickly switched to plan B when you first noticed that things weren't 'normal'.


+£150.84. I was off to a flyer but then trundled through the remainder of the day without really making much progress.


+£68.71. Wank Sunday.

It's 03:30 on a Sunday morning so I have a bit of time on my hands! Here's how I generally approach a days' racing:

  • If you have the time then try and get a rough idea of the usual running styles of each horse in every race. Now this takes time I must admit, but if you do have this time then it's worth the effort as you can go into each race with a rough idea of how you think that the race will be played out. If you don't have the time for this then start by concentrating on maybe the first and second in the market and have an idea if you want you entry point to be a back or a lay.
  • I don't have any set targets in terms of profit. You have to take whatever you get without constantly checking your P&L
  • Concentrate on 3-4 horses each race. Find those with marked running styles such as leaders, hold up horses, strong travellers, good/bad jumpers, etc.
  • Have an idea in your mind what you expect to happen in the early stages of each race and how you expect the market to react.
  • Look at the market in the last few seconds before the off, concentrating on those horses that you have selected above, and note any strength or resistance. For example, if you are thinking of laying a hold-up horse because it will be slow away and at the back of the field yet there is strength for it in the market then that is probably not a good idea. This indicates that people know it's a hold-up horse and therefore even if it is slow away the price may not drift and that could leave you in a world of pain. The same applies for potential leaders, etc. If you think that one is going to spring out of the stalls and lead all of the way and yet there is opposition in the market seconds before the off then it's probably not a good idea to B2L even if it does lead early.
  • When do finally do take a position then you need to know how you expect the market to move and in what time frame. Let's say that you want to lay a potential slow starter at 5.0 if it misses the break. If you do indeed get matched early then you now need to have a plan of how you are going to exit your position with the maximum profit. If you have laid it for £50 at 5.0 then you may be thinking of backing it back in chunks of £5 a time at anywhere between 7.0 and 10.0. If the market moves in your favour (and obviously you are expecting this to happen pretty quickly) you can maybe fire in a few back bets at good positions in the market. You then expect these to be quickly taken and therefore your green zone is expanded. I tend to like to get to a position where I have phased out most of my initial stake, in this case £50, and then you can manage the remainder accordingly. In this case if your selection is falling out the back of the telly then there is no need to hit the green button as you want to take the maximum profit.
  • If the market doesn't move how you expected then get the fuck out of there ASAP without hesitation. If it means taking a red just take the fucker!

If anyone has any particular questions then please let me know.

I'll try and start recording some videos and stick them up here ....

Happy trading!

When you go to bed at 20:00 and wake up at 04:00 then you just have to pick up the guitar and twang ...


+£59.99. Wank Monday!


Ayr abandoned today so couldn't be bothered ...


+£70.47. I only traded a handful of races today ...

29/09 - 30/09

I went house hunting and drinking in Ramsgate. There's plenty of cheap property down there and I may be able to buy something dependant upon how much we can get for our gaff in London.  Fingers crossed ...

Thursday, 18 August 2016



+£217.60 ...


+£296.68 ...


-£10.37 ...


+£196.26 ...

05/08 - 08/08

Holiday ...


+£35.50 ...


-£9.84 ...


+£27.91 ...


+£143.23 ...


-£4.99 ...


+£62.38 ...


+£7.77. Halfway through the month and it all seems to have gone a bit tits-up. There's been plenty of racing but I keep running into races where I drop a bundle and then have to spend all fucking day trying to get back to dry land .... BOLLOX!!!


-£8.51. Lost a tenner so went our for a few beers ...


The weather was great today so I fucked off to the naturist beach stripped off and sat naked in the sun all day..


-£80.58 ...


+£66.43 ...


+£226.01 ...


+£301.29 ...


-£61.76 ...


+£107.17 ...

24/08 - 27/08

Holiday and beach ...


+£25.60 ...


-£66.40 ...


+£59.27 ...



Monday, 25 July 2016

Phew What a Scorcher!

Well where the fuck did that come from eh? One minute we're sitting here in our thermals and a few days later we're roasting our bollox off!

I hit the coast on 15/07 and ran into a few days of scorchio weather! On Friday I cycled from Whitstable to Ramsgate.

It was both very enjoyable and also relatively easy, probably due to my new slimmer physique. In truth I probably drunk less alcohol on the way but nonetheless it was a cracking ride along the coast and the weather was spot-on!

On Saturday I re-fuelled and it was generally a bit cloudier, but that didn't stop me from guzzling a few pints in the morning/afternoon session. In fact I probably over indulged as I didn't make it out in the evening ... what a lightweight!

The weather on Sunday was cracking so after the normal routine of an early start (around about 08:30) and mid afternoon siesta I was back on my bike in the evening and flew down to The Zetland Arms @ Kingsdown which is just past Deal.

After three pints of Whitstable Bay Blonde I made my way back along dark and deserted country paths and arrived back in Ramsgate at around midnight for a sneaky Hoegaarden.

The weather stayed well fine on Monday so I repeated Sunday's exercise and got another 30+ cycling miles under my belt by doing another late night ride to Kingsdown and back again!

I would have loved to have stayed for a few more days but there's only so much abuse that my body can take! I decided that four days was enough and hopefully I can get a few more sessions down there once I have recovered!


+£23.40. I managed to back the fucker in Ireland whose saddle had slipped forward and had to bail for a £120+ loss. Unbelievably the horse then went on to win!


+£139.03. I only traded 32 races today but only had one small loss so I suppose it's a few beer tokens in the bank ...


+£201.26. It's always good to get a winning day under my belt after a few days away in the currant bun.


+£94.30. I traded plenty of races today but just couldn't get going and it was a case of picking up pennies here and there with the occasional win £50 and then lose £50 scenario.


+£150.96. I only traded 32 races today and it was mostly nicking a few quid here and there when I could ...


+£142.17. Another day much like yesterday ...


+£151.84. Another day of nicking a few quid here and there with no particularly spectacular results.


The sun shone today so it was up at the crack of dawn and down to the naturist beach! I had a day of just lying about in the sun and drinking 0% wit beer. A cracking day doing fuck all and even though I slapped on the factor 50 I did get a bit burnt on my stomach and legs. All I'm doing now is looking out for the next sunny period and off I go again!


+£25.30. Plenty of racing for a Monday but I was down early and really struggled throughout the day, only just making it back into profit.


+£310.31. Once again I had a poor start to the day but then had some nice trades in the evening and ended up well ahead at the close of play.


+£151.49. A steady but unspectacular day ...


+£73.13. A real struggle today ...


+£283.58. Only 38 races traded today but I only had 3 small losses and the few £20+ wins soon mounted up.


+£104.51. Although it was a Saturday today I only traded 11 races! All wins and no losses and then an early evening snooze and out with friends for a few 0% beers!


+£132.46. Dumped almost £40 in the first race and then had 20 winning trades ...

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bollox to this Wank Weather!!!

It's fucking pants! Fast approaching the middle of July and we're struggling to get two consecutive days of sunshine anywhere on the south east coast! The factor 50 has only been out twice so far this year, once in Topsham and once last week on my Folkestone to Ramsgate ride.

'Once Daily' ... more like fucking 'Once Yearly' if this wank weather continues!

I was also hoping to have had a few days down at the naturist beach by now but the shite weather has well and truly scuppered that plan!

The only good thing is that this means more days of trading and hopefully more cash in the bank for when the summer does actually arrive!


+£235.85. Traded 57 races today and was over £100 down within an hour due to a wanky trade doh! So it was then a case of chip chip chip away and gradually turn the deficit into a profit.

Hoegaarden in The Belgian Cafe when we visited in June ...


+£266.10. A few good wins in the evening helped boost the profit for the day.

Carling in The Royal also in June ...


+£10.58. Two consecutive losses saw me lose over £100 in the last hour of Sunday trading so it was good to show some sort of profit instead of a loss.

Another Carling outside The Queens Head ...


+£150.86. I started the day fairly well but the evening shift was a bit hit and miss.

And yet another Carling in The Port & Anchor ...


+£89.03. Mediocre City!

Another one outside The Queens Head in the evening ...


+£233.39. A long overdue steady day of trading 32 races with only one small loss.

A Hoegaarden nicely polished off in The Belgian Cafe ...


+£115.86. I always struggle at Newmarket and Newbury and today was no exception. It was a case of chip away where I could and I gladly took whatever profit came my way.


+£432.56. A cracking day today with 48 races traded, one good win and a few small losses.


+£131.66. Dare I say that the coastal weather looks good for this coming weekend so it's time to get the drinking boots on again!


-£8.76. I was over £100 down after a few races so I suppose that losing less than a tenner on a Sunday wasn't too bad?


+£423.06. It would have been a pretty poor day today, especially as I dropped over £200 in the last race! However, I had a stonking result in one of the earlier Irish races and acquired some much needed beer tokens.


+£99.49. Would have been an OK sort of day if I hadn't lost £60+ in the last 2 races of the evening doh!