Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Here Comes the Summer!

OK I may be a bit optimistic this early in the year but it's an ideal time to get prepared for those long hot Summer days.

I've been down in Ramsgate for 3 months now and for the most part I've been a right lazy bastard in terms of daily preparation for my trading and also in terms of my fitness routine. It's time to get back into the form study now that the flat season is almost upon us in order to get a bit more cash in the bank. I'm going to make a big effort to spend at least 1 hour every day before racing starts to compile my notes that outline a horses typical running style. Having this information to hand really paid dividends a couple of years back and I had some nice wins which made the effort worthwhile.

My physical training and diet has been very much hit and miss over the last few weeks. The main problem is that the the lure of live bands and alcohol in boozers that are VERY local is just too much to resist! This means that I can't be bothered trying to stick to a strict diet and I also feel too fucked to go to the gym most mornings as I feel mangled from the night before!

So for March I'm determined to stay out of the boozers as much as possible, stick to a strict diet, smash the gym and get back down to a decent weight.


+£339.15. A cracking start to the month! I had a nice gift of a win early doors and then chipped away here and there and ended up with a respectable total, especially as I only traded 19  races. Roll on the summer and 50+ races per day!


+£192.05. No big wins today but I traded 36 races with no major hiccups and things seemed to flow smoothly. It's always good to stay in 3 figure territory!

As promised I hit the gym this morning for a lovely quad workout. I took my Go Pro along to record the moment but unfortunately it ran out of juice as I started the hack squats. Hopefully I'll be back down there to have another workout tomorrow.


+£478.30. To be honest I had another lucky win today but it all counts I suppose!

Rocky Balboa eat your heart out! Obviously I was only doing light weights but the big dumbells will come out at some point in the future ...


+£9.29. I wasn't particularly going anywhere fast and then Betfair crashed so I decided to have an afternoon snooze which was much needed! I then ventured out for the second night in a row to see another live band in a local boozer and stumbled home at around 02:00 ...


+£67.42. I only managed to trade 16 races today so once again couldn't complain about the end total.

06/03 - 07/03

Had a couple of days off and chilled.
















+£57.34. I hate it when I forget to update the blog or when I'm too busy dealing with other shit. There's no point in just putting up my P&L as that gets well boring. It's now the 27/03 so I'll update the next few days and then make an effort to resume a lighthearted effort ...








No trading today ...


















Didn't trade today ...








  1. Dave look up Ketogenic diet which may suit you more as it allows cheat days and as for training have a look at density style training as you can get in the gym and be fucking done in 30 min

    1. here ya go something like this suggested by Bryce.

    2. Cheeers Graeme I'll give that a go much appreciated :)

  2. Hi Dave, Great start to March mate and really enjoy reading your blog. Is it possible to contact you privatly as i am currently going through similar problems to yourself and need a bit of guidance (not marriage) on trading. Cheers Sid

    1. Hi Sid yep catch me on Skype userid canarydwarf50

    2. Thanks Dave will catch up soon

  3. Hi Dave

    Good to follow your progress.

    As you may recall, I'm a pre-race trader (albeit a part time but slowly getting there) but I wanted to ask how you make your in-running pay with standard pics i.e. BF/RUK stream.

    Am I right in thinking when you started you used SIS etc at an exchange shop?

    Can you get SIS at home now?



    1. Hi Chris,

      Re your question to Dave, yes you can make in running pay without SIS pics and yes you can get SIS at home. I cannot remember the cost, but Dave will know. It is not that expensive in the grand scheme of things, I looked into it but to be honest I trade each day only from RUK / BF pics in running, mainly in the early stages of a race (front runners with soft leads etc). Of course the 1 second advantage that you will have with SIS is of advantage, however it is perfectly possible to make profits without it. Knowing the likely pace and running styles of particular horses is, to me, far more important than SIS. Mind you, I don't make as much as Dave !!!!!!!


  4. still following you dave , hope it still going well.christopher if you drop me an email at i might have some direction for you especially your pre race trading. am not selling anything by the way, just a full time trader myself willing to give a bit of help.hope you dont mind me putting email on here dave as i couldnt message christopher ,,

    1. That's fine Ron and very helpful of you . My Skype is canarydwarf50 if anyone needs to contact me directly

  5. Hi Steve, Ron and Dave

    THanks for these helpful replies.

    Ron - I did email you but incase it's got caught up in your spam folder, my email is:

    Dave - would you be open to forming or allowing others to form an informal Skype group?

    I know from my perspective, it would be useful to keep in touch with other traders - not necessarily for advice but just for the craic etc.

    Hope everyone has had a good Monday.

    1. Hi guys sorry for the huge delay :( Yep get me on canarydwarf50 on Skype :)

    2. Gents, good idea re a skype group, I would be happy to contribute as I am at my desk trading most days. That being said, when the Summer arrives, I am generally found in the garden tending to my carrots !!! Please let me know if a skype group eventuates and I will add my name. Cheers, Steve

  6. nice idea steve a skype group.christopher will check my emails later and get back to you ..

  7. heres one for you lads can anyone beat this..i turned a £22 red book into a £895 red book in running 2 weeks good to hear someone elses experience. i am full time and could take the hit but basically it was total lack of discipline.

    1. Ron, we have all been there and done that, so don't beat yourself up about it. Mate, I could have bought a nice flat with the money I have done when losing control. You need to address that to make trading pay long term. For me, this trading full time is 90% in the mind, 10% strategy. I came to trading as a large stakes gambler and it cost me many large banks before I finally controlled my natural all or nothing mentality. I have spoken to Dave (and other full timers) about this in the past and the most profitable traders I know are definitely the most risk adverse. My p and l was a huge roller coaster for years, huge wins and huge losses. It is a very stressful way to trade and when you couple that with the lack of discipline that you mention, it is really not sustainable. Like you I can take the hit of 4 figure losses, but it has only been 12 months that my p and l is much more boring but a lot more profitable over a year. The main thing for me is how calm I am now doing it, no chasing losses and no stress. My ladder has a max of £200 stake instead of that being the smallest ! I find it amazing how these small 10-20 quid wins add up over a month.

  8. have emailed you christopher

  9. just thought i would put one of my strategies up lads. am sure you know this but it can be a good trade.. check for front runners in races where there is only one front runner.if there is and the second or 3rd fav is a hold up horse.if the front runner is at the front at the start the price usually drops and the others have to drift. exceptions will be if the front runner is say 3rd fav and the fav is sat right behind it. the front runner doesnt usually drop in price .you could look to back at 7 and get out 6-5.5, you cant be to greedy with this but as your stakes grow you can get some good greens.obviously you can get out lower odds if it blasts away by ten length but the key with this is discipline..or alternatively you could lay the hold up horse and back back bigger a few points..not sure of peoples knowledge here but you can find a horses running style by the comments below the horse on the racing post website on the free version.just thought i would share .good luck today lads

  10. Hi Chaps,

    I've formed a group chat which I think will work - called it Daves Skype Trading Group - hope that's okay Dave?

    I'll approach Hoegaarden later and see if they are happy to sponsor the room for us.

    Look forward to seeing people in there.

  11. cheers dave will join that later.

  12. hi dave i typed daves skype trading groupand also that link into my skype and it came up with no results found. i am rubbish at technology so any help would be appreciated,thanks

  13. Hi Ron,

    I set up the link - so blame me!

    Suggestion - add me on skype: chriscroftctc

    And I might try another way.


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