Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Oh What a Jolly Xmas!

Yep I'm still here! Much has changed in my personal life and I either hadn't had the time to post or either it's not been the right time to post any updates. Suffice to stay I'm still trading and hopefully I'll be back in the New Year to put some much needed fun back into both my life and this blog ...


  1. Welcome back Dave! Have as good an xmas and New Year as possible mate (going through same thing as you at the mo after 10 years married) Hope 2017 is better mate

  2. Dave, this is one of the best betting/trading blogs on the web — at it's best, it's among the very best.

    My in-running methods aren't the same as your own — I only wish I could expand my skill set to include your race-reading ability.

    It's been difficult to read about the massive challenges in your personal life, you really do have my sympathy.

    I finally gave up women as a lost cause a few years ago. I now live on my own and I do what the fuck I want. That used to include drinking (almost) as much as you used to, but thankfully that's now (more or less) under control.

    One suggestion that I could make is to really minimalise your life when you do move into your new property. Get rid of just about everything that you genuinely don't need, they'll only retain bad memories.

    Of course, keep your bike — if you do make it down to the south coast, and I hope you do, then what better way to spend some spring and summer mornings before racing starts. The endorphins will help no end.

    Downsize your life as much as possible, and keep your spending similarly low. Of course you'll have rent to pay, but hopefully you can invest your share of the proceeds from the sale of your London property, and the income from that investment can make a contribution towards your rent.

    As I'm sure you'll know from trading days when you weren't doing so well, if you trade under financial pressure then you're trading with scared money and it'll show in your results.

    Your results in the first part of 2016, before your personal problems came to a head, are quite simply superb. You're a master of your profession.

    Even when PC2 kicks in (hopefully at 'only' 40%), if you're not spending money like an idiot then you should be able to live quite comfortably.

    We're all different, but personally I found that the worst time I had when my life turned upside-down was in the immediate aftermath. Once I accepted that it was so, things really did improve. Now, at any given time I can choose to be social, I can choose solitude or I can mix and match. I think you'll enjoy that.

    Please keep up this blog Dave. You might not fully realise it, but you've actually got a lot of friends out there who have been dropping in to see how you're getting on, whether they're occasional or regular visitors.

    Best wishes for 2017, both in your personal life and in your trading.

  3. Great to see you're around and still trading Dave.
    Look forward to reading your blogging again - it keeps out spirits up to see a fellow trader slogging through this game. Hope things are as good as possible otherwise too, though I know you've been through some difficult things on the personal life front. Must be difficult to keep focused, but I'm sure you will let us know how things might have changed when you get the time/inclination again. Funny thing is I think in this game we're often a set of people who have slightly odd personal lives or backgrounds, and we end up with trading because of that. I know I am not a traditional lifestyle type of person (though I do have a woman and kids).

    Anyway, chin up and keep us up to date with goings on when you can.

    All the best christmas/new year cheers,