Sunday, 16 October 2016

Time to Move On

It's quite apparent that if I stay where I am I will slowly and painfully end up doing my cash, so it's time to move on, Unfortunately my wife hates me and wants to make my life a fucking misery so any plans that I had of buying a place on the coast are totally fucked.

Instead I am going to have to rent a place and hope that I don't have to spend too much in the process on furniture, appliances and general moving costs, fees, etc.

Somewhere along the line no doubt a solicitor, estate agent and property developer will make a shit load of money from us but some women just can't see sense and if it goes down that road so be it.

Hopefully I can get myself set up pretty quickly with Virgin super fast broadband and Racing UK and then I can crack on. It won't be the same renting and it seems fucking stupid that I could buy a place and have very little overheads but as mentioned above I've been forced down the rent route so will have to earn a bit more than usual to cover the expenses.


+£92.56. Fuck me I actually won today!


+£210.08. It's time to look forward and grasp the endless opportunities instead of staying still and slowly sinking in a pool of shit infested mud!


+£163.25. I only traded 24 races today but went along steadily after a good start. I took a backwards step to the tune of £60 in the 16:40 but immediately bounced back with a win of £80 in the next so I'll take that, especially after my recent trials, tribulations and associated poor run of form.


+£9.98. I was cruising along and nicking a few quid here and there and then dumped £120 in one race and ended up back at square one doh!


+£239.23. I concentrated hard today as I didn't want to make a midday balls-up like yesterday. I took advantage of someone else's mistake in one race and that helped boost the profits so it ended up as a fair effort.


+£73.67. I had an OK start today but then it was tough going. I made the choice to play cautiously so as to get another green session under my belt as it's important to keep that positive feeling. Sometimes you have to disregard how much you have won on the day and just concentrate on doing the right things and eventually the nice wins will come along.






  1. Dave. Sorry to hear about all the shit you have going on mate.
    Hope things get to a level of normality soon God knows how you had a couple of profitable days in amongst the chaos

    1. Cheers Andy

      I shows how much of this game comes down to mental preparation and keeping a level head, especially when things look and feel as if they are going tits up!


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  3. Hi mate. Suggestion: do some trading classes - you dont have to give away all your secrets but I for one would love to be able to trade out for 50 quid per day or anything close.
    I'd happily hand over a few quid to get a 1 on 1 from someone who clearly knows what theyre doing when they're watching a race.
    If you need to make a new start it might be worth considering. All the best, cheers!

  4. Hi Sam

    If I can get myself setup in a nice gaff in a decent location then I may well do that!

    Cheers - Dave

  5. Really sorry things have been tough Dave - I know we chatted before about being difficult to keep trading well in these cases. I'm hoping you get a better situation, whichever way that happens. You're still miles ahead of me (and most who read this blog I'd guess).
    I'm working (slowly) towards making trading my main income, but I'm still tied to the rat-race at least in part. Be thankful you're not getting up at 6.00 to get into a workplace at least.
    I'm drinking a beer in your honour mate - you can find the good place again.
    All the best mate, Stu.

    1. Hi Stu

      I think that I am heading in the right direction but I suppose that split-ups are rarely easy.

      Yep crack on with the trading. Persevere and never give up. It's a gradual process but once you gain some sort of consistency then that is the hard part done and from there it's just sharpening your skills and using your strengths to your advantage.

      Please keep me up-to-date with your progress as I love it when other traders crack it!

      Cheers - Dave

  6. Fucking Hell mate, hope things pick up for you. This blog has made me laugh and learn over the years. If your head's not right then lay off the Hoegaarden cos booze just makes things worse. Having said that, I hope to read more of your drunken adventures when the good times return. All the best mate.

  7. Hi PT

    Yep I'm sure that they will!

    I haven't had a decent beer for weeks and to be honest I think that my super human drinking days are behind me now .... well until next Summer at least!

    Cheers - Dave.

  8. Just stumbled across this blog and had a read through, impressive trading! I'm new to it myself and just doing football at the minute... not expecting miracles but if I could make a few hundred a month extra that would do me...

    Will bookmark this blog and check back every so often. Do you ever plan to do some sort of guides or teaching like another comment suggested?

    Sorry to hear about your problems by the way, hopefully with some time shit gets sorted!


    1. Hi Tom

      Apologies for the delay in the reply.

      I am considering doing some 1 on 1 training when I move to my new apartment so watch this space :)

      Thanks for the support :)

      Cheers - Dave.

  9. Hi Dave also sorry to here about your troubles but I'll be wishing you well on your new adventure, a change of scenery is muched needed, as one door closes another one opens and all that shit. What % premium charge are you paying at the moment if you dont mind me asking?

    1. Hiya OBT

      Yep it's time to stop floundering about and crack on!

      I did quite a bit of arbing in the early days so I'm still managing to hang on to the 20% rate.

      Cheers - Dave.

  10. Dave,

    I have read your blog on and off for 6 months and its always a pleasurable read ha! Sad to see your going through some harder times, but I am sure you'll come out stronger in the end!

    I am thinking of starting a blog, I am a relatively new trader and learning alot and I feel it could be a good way to keep a diary and running record of my progress. Did you feel the blog kept you motivated and driven?


    1. Hi Liam

      Apologies for the long delay and thanks for the support.

      Writing a blog is a great way to document your progress. Mine has kind of become my own personal diary and I really like doing it. It certainly does keep me motivated and helps you keep tabs on your progress, mistakes, triumphs, etc along with how much beer you have consumed!

      I'd say go for it and please let me have the link!

      Good luck - Dave

  11. Hi, can i learn from you how to trade? I am really interested in it

    1. Hi Christian

      Yes I am thinking about doing some 1 on 1 training sessions, posssibly when I move to my new apartment. I'll keep everyone updated on the blog.

      Thank you for the interest - Dave.

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