Thursday, 18 August 2016



+£217.60 ...


+£296.68 ...


-£10.37 ...


+£196.26 ...

05/08 - 08/08

Holiday ...


+£35.50 ...


-£9.84 ...


+£27.91 ...


+£143.23 ...


-£4.99 ...


+£62.38 ...


+£7.77. Halfway through the month and it all seems to have gone a bit tits-up. There's been plenty of racing but I keep running into races where I drop a bundle and then have to spend all fucking day trying to get back to dry land .... BOLLOX!!!


-£8.51. Lost a tenner so went our for a few beers ...


The weather was great today so I fucked off to the naturist beach stripped off and sat naked in the sun all day..


-£80.58 ...


+£66.43 ...


+£226.01 ...


+£301.29 ...


-£61.76 ...


+£107.17 ...

24/08 - 27/08

Holiday and beach ...


+£25.60 ...


-£66.40 ...


+£59.27 ...




  1. Hi Dave,
    August has been a Twat to me too. I was just finding my feet after starting IR trading back in May. I made steady profits for three months, i thought i had cracked this.Now i seemed to have lost my confidence.

    I have my own process for finding the selections, then tend to back pre race in the Win market with a view to trade out at a pre planned price. If the race does not go to plan i take a small loss. A few questions if you dont mind!

    Do you use Gruss for your IR?

    What makes you decide which market to play in i.e Win/Place is it price? or the type of race i.e Flat sprint/long distance or NH?

    I know you do horse notes, but do you tend to trade those at the front end of the market?

    Cheers Fella

    1. Hi Sid

      Yep things tend to change on a daily and weekly basis and you have to alter your game plan accordingly. Confidence is the biggest factor in this game and it's very easy sometimes to feel that the world and his dog are against you. If you find that you keep making the same mistakes then you just need to take a step back and try and analyze what has changed.

      On a few days recently I have noticed that a big layer comes into the market and therefore this can sometimes nullify the ability to back to lay prominant or strong travelling types as the price is held up by the big layer. You just have to be aware of these kind of things and alter your game plan accordingly.

      I use the Geeks Toy ladder for my win market trading and then Gruss for my place back/or lays in the closing stages.

      I try to trade in the win market at the start of each race and if I get a position I then tend to manage this for the remainder of the race. I don't have set exit points. If the market doesn't do what I expect, when I expect then I'm out ASAP. However, if the market moves in my favour then I gradually phase out my position and place the relevant exit stakes at good points in the market. If you have a green position then you need to ride it for as long as possible in order to get the maximum benefit.

      Sprint races are obviously very volatile. I will always try and get an early position but more often than not the prices have gone before you get matched and therefore the longer races are much more suitable for trading.

      I'll trade any horse largely depending on it's usual running style so I'm not adverse to backing one at 100+ at the start of the race if it gets an easy lead or is travelling strongly. However, I'll also try to lay short ones (sub 2.0) if I can spot anything that makes me think that the horse is not positioned or travelling as well as it should.

      Hope that helps - Dave

    2. Thanks Dave, your reply is of great encouragement as i am determined to make this work.
      I have dreamed of laying next to you on that Nudist beach, drinking bucket loads of Beer.

      Do you use a Stop Loss or rely on your visual expertise (and the live price) ?

      Thanks again

    3. Hi Sid

      I've never used a stop loss. If the market doesn't move in my favour when I expect it to then I exit asap.

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. What software you use in your videos? its a geeks toy?
    Example in this

    1. Yep Geeks Toy ladder for the win market and Gruss for the place market.

      Cheers - Dave

  3. have you stopped your blog mate

  4. Dave, missing from the action...?
    Hope you're ok mate.


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