Monday, 25 July 2016

Phew What a Scorcher!

Well where the fuck did that come from eh? One minute we're sitting here in our thermals and a few days later we're roasting our bollox off!

I hit the coast on 15/07 and ran into a few days of scorchio weather! On Friday I cycled from Whitstable to Ramsgate.

It was both very enjoyable and also relatively easy, probably due to my new slimmer physique. In truth I probably drunk less alcohol on the way but nonetheless it was a cracking ride along the coast and the weather was spot-on!

On Saturday I re-fuelled and it was generally a bit cloudier, but that didn't stop me from guzzling a few pints in the morning/afternoon session. In fact I probably over indulged as I didn't make it out in the evening ... what a lightweight!

The weather on Sunday was cracking so after the normal routine of an early start (around about 08:30) and mid afternoon siesta I was back on my bike in the evening and flew down to The Zetland Arms @ Kingsdown which is just past Deal.

After three pints of Whitstable Bay Blonde I made my way back along dark and deserted country paths and arrived back in Ramsgate at around midnight for a sneaky Hoegaarden.

The weather stayed well fine on Monday so I repeated Sunday's exercise and got another 30+ cycling miles under my belt by doing another late night ride to Kingsdown and back again!

I would have loved to have stayed for a few more days but there's only so much abuse that my body can take! I decided that four days was enough and hopefully I can get a few more sessions down there once I have recovered!


+£23.40. I managed to back the fucker in Ireland whose saddle had slipped forward and had to bail for a £120+ loss. Unbelievably the horse then went on to win!


+£139.03. I only traded 32 races today but only had one small loss so I suppose it's a few beer tokens in the bank ...


+£201.26. It's always good to get a winning day under my belt after a few days away in the currant bun.


+£94.30. I traded plenty of races today but just couldn't get going and it was a case of picking up pennies here and there with the occasional win £50 and then lose £50 scenario.


+£150.96. I only traded 32 races today and it was mostly nicking a few quid here and there when I could ...


+£142.17. Another day much like yesterday ...


+£151.84. Another day of nicking a few quid here and there with no particularly spectacular results.


The sun shone today so it was up at the crack of dawn and down to the naturist beach! I had a day of just lying about in the sun and drinking 0% wit beer. A cracking day doing fuck all and even though I slapped on the factor 50 I did get a bit burnt on my stomach and legs. All I'm doing now is looking out for the next sunny period and off I go again!


+£25.30. Plenty of racing for a Monday but I was down early and really struggled throughout the day, only just making it back into profit.


+£310.31. Once again I had a poor start to the day but then had some nice trades in the evening and ended up well ahead at the close of play.


+£151.49. A steady but unspectacular day ...


+£73.13. A real struggle today ...


+£283.58. Only 38 races traded today but I only had 3 small losses and the few £20+ wins soon mounted up.


+£104.51. Although it was a Saturday today I only traded 11 races! All wins and no losses and then an early evening snooze and out with friends for a few 0% beers!


+£132.46. Dumped almost £40 in the first race and then had 20 winning trades ...


  1. Hi Dave,

    I just found your blog via google and was interested by it's title. I wondered if you could offer any advice please? I have been trading for micro stakes for a while but I lose just about as much as I win, no matter how many videos or posts I read to try and improve my knowledge I cant seem to make a consistant profit like your blog posts are showing. Can you offer any advice on your strategy please? as I'm just about to throw the towel in on the whole bet trading subject.



  2. Hi Aaron

    First of all ... are you trading pre-race or in-running?

    Cheers - Dave.

  3. same here , I've been at this for about 2 years now and cant make a consistent profit from in running trading.

  4. How long did it take you to start seeing profits and did you get any help off anyone ?? courses etc

  5. Hi Graeme

    I started when things were maybe a bit easier and maybe there was more liquidity, especially in the place market. I was pretty much just a backer or layer in the place market and did very little 'trading' as such. My strategy in the place market hasn't really changed. Most of my backs or lays are at around the 2.0 mark which makes it easy to decide when to press ... something is either going to place or it isn't. If I get matched at 2.0 and don't make a profit after let's say a month of backing/laying then my judgement is crap!

    As for the win market. Well I go into most races expecting something to happen. If this happens then I look to take a favourable position without chasing the price, i.e. if something leads or is slow away at the start. If I do get matched then I expect the market to move in my favour. If it doesn't then I exit ASAP. If the market does react as I expect then I will phase out a portion of my entry stake and then juggle with my green as the race unfolds.

    The key points are: making a selection before each race (I will watch 4 horses max at the start of each race). Monitor any support or resistance in the market in the last 30 seconds before the off. Decide when you are going to enter, for how much and at what odds. Have a plan of what you are expecting to happen if you are matched and how you are going to maximize any potential profit and/or minimize any loss.

    Hope this helps.

    PS I might do a daily help/advice section on my blog if enough people want it?

    Cheers _ Dave.

  6. PS I was profitable from Day 1 and I've never had any tuition or courses :)

  7. Thanks that's a great help or at least I think it is more will put it to the test

  8. dave what sort of stakes are you trading with i.e betting one for a hundred early and trading out or to a much less stake.

  9. Dave, you said above most of your trades are in the place market. Will you only look at 7 runner fields or less where only 1st and 2nd are placed or is it better for place market liquidity to go with 8+ runner fields where the first 3 home are placed?


  10. Dave, you said above most of your trades are in the place market. Will you only look at 7 runner fields or less where only 1st and 2nd are placed or is it better for place market liquidity to go with 8+ runner fields where the first 3 home are placed?


    1. Hi Sam

      I only trade as such in the win market. When I move into the place market I am either looking to purely back or lay at the end of each race depending on whetehr I think that the horse will place or not. To be honest I don't think that it would be easy to trade in the place market because the liquidity is crap.

      Hope this helps - Dave

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