Saturday, 26 September 2015

Time for Pilates and Yoga!

My gym is about to close for a refurb so I had to find a new place to go and pump iron.

As I've become a lazy bum I chose to join my closest council gym and the benefit is that it runs regular yoga and pilates classes. So I thought to myself 'why not' and this week I've attended 4 classes. They're hard work, especially the stretching and at a few points my arms and legs were shaking like leaves. One of the added benefits is that there is some lycra clad totty there which kinda forces me to hold my poses as long as possible instead of collapsing to the floor crying in pain.

I know that I've said it before but this is the ideal time of year to get fit and ripped. As usual you have the big guys strutting about the weights area scowling and looking mean. Now at my age I'll never be as strong as a lot of them, especially the juiced boys, but I can work with what I have and take it to a ripped stage, and that's what I intend to do!


+£197.12. A nice consistent day today.


+£117.84. A poor start followed by a steady effort ...


+£162.81. Would have been better if I had avoided the £70+ loss in the 14:45 doh!


+£90.46. A minimal amount of trades but all winners ...


+£228.63. Another pretty solid day ...


+£122.55. Not brilliant ... but fairly steady.


+£111.79. Another steady one ...


  1. Hey man, thx a lot for your blog! very inspirational!
    are you a full time betfair trader? seems like u have very constant results!

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