Thursday, 23 July 2015

What the fuck is up with this shite weather?

You wait all year for the summer to arrive and then it's short lived and fucking shite!

I've been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, fuck knows why as every site gives a different forecast and they change it every 5 fucking minutes, but I spotted that today would be sunny and warm. So I thought 'bollox to the trading' and packed my gear and headed for the beach again!

I loaded up with zero cal drinks, a couple of bottles of Hoegaarden, a couple of books, crisps and muffins and before I knew it I was setup on the beach just before 09:00.

Well, I needn't have taken the books as all I did was strip off and veg out on the beach all day, occasionally nibbling at my crisps, munching my muffins or slurping Hoegaarden! It was just so good to lay there in the sun with the sound of the waves (when the tide was in) or the sound of the light breeze and birds chirping away.


Trading is fun but sometimes you don't realise just how taxing it can be on the old noggin! At various points I was lying flat on my stomach with my head on my pillow just staring blankly at shells and pebbles ... it was great!


+£130.76. A nice steady day with 27 trades and no losses.


+£123.54. Another steady day ...


-£38.76. A poor start to the day followed by a struggle to make any progress ...


+£162.99. I tried to make a bit more of an effort today and had 26 trades with no losses ...


+£31.86. Pants Sunday...


+£29.12. I fucking hate trying to play at Southwell and Windsor!!!


+£167.14. A steady day helped me nick few quid ...


+£155.59. Twenty two trades and no losses ...



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