Sunday, 19 April 2015

Let The Madness Begin!

Well the winter has fucked off and now the madness finally begins! So let's HAVE IT LARGE!!

From Monday 20th April we have six meeetings per day and five this coming Friday. With this volume of racing now is the the ideal time to make some cash that can be exchanged for beer tokens when the Summer finally arrives! In fact my main drive over the next few weeks is to win as much as possible so that once again I can fuck off to the coast, cycle, play guitar, sit in the sun with a good book and drink Hoegaarden!

It's funny that I typed in 'Hoegaarden Ramsgate' on Google picture search and here is what was returned ...

I'm pretty much up-to-date with my horse notes and they definitely give an added advantage and last year I had some very nice trades based solely on the info contained in my notes. I noticed that someone over on Caans blog wanted to know how to spot potential back-to-lay bets .... well you can either pay to see the info supplied by Timeform etc or you can compile your own!

Now there's a plus and minus to compiling your own notes:

  • on the minus side it takes fucking ages to get a good and reliable database of notes and the process of compiling the notes is fucking boring as you HAVE to watch all of the replays every day and spot horses of interest.
  • on the plus side once you have these notes in place they are a potent weapon in helping you identify potential trades

Here's an example of my notes for a race at Pontefract:


+£161.91. I decided that today was the day to up the stakes slightly and the medium sized wins soon took me up into three figure territory. I'll be aiming to increase the stakes even further now that we are into the busy flat season period.



+£274.71. I had a really good start to the day and then unsurpisingly I was shite @ Wolverhampton. I really must find a way of playing Wolves as at the moment I find it super tough and I'm just wasting my evenings every fucking time that I try to trade at that track. Any ideas on a postcard please?


+£56.71. Gloomy Sunday! As you can see I traded fuck all races and didn't have a great result. I suppose that it goes some way to paying the PC that Betfair kindly rape out of my account each week!


+£29.32. A poor effort today and I just managed to get my head in front at the close of play ...


+£192.04. I had a nice steady day today with minimal losses. I'm going to increase my stakes and maybe try and take more greens when they become available as I'm still hanging on for a bit too long in quite a few of my trades and not really making the most of good positions.


+£12.26. There was plenty of racing today but I could never really get going.


+£222.94. I traded pretty steadily throughout the day today and the last win @ Tipperary pushed me nicely through the £200+ barrier.


+£206.23. Another steady day helped along by the nice early evening win @ Kilbeggan.


+£294.22. My profits are gradually creeping in the right direction and today I only just fell short of winning a carpet. I'd imagine that with a bit more efffort, preparation and concentration that I'll soon be hitting a monkey on most days of the week.

Today was a good example of how your profit can gradually build during the day if there are a shit load of races and you have consistent small wins and minimal losses.


+£103.38. I normally find that you just have to take what you can on a Sunday due to the fact that there's usually not much racing and it's normally crap!


+£92.71. Once again there was plenty of racing today but I found myself in that win/lose cycle where I kept losing what I had just won! Despite this I somehow managed to creep up to just shy of £100 which is not brilliant for this amount of racing, but it helps pay the bills!


  1. Hello Dave. Very nice results. Are you trading inplay ?

    1. Yep most of my trading is in-running.

      Ta - Dave.

  2. Hi Dave, do you have an email or twitter account. I can contact you on, please


    1. Hi James.

      You can contact me on

      Cheers - Dave.

  3. Cheers pal will email now, James

  4. Carpets and monkeys Dave???! Lucky some of us know what you mean !!!!!!! Hope all is well. This evening racing doesn't half eat into one's leisure time doesn't it? Cheers, Steve

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