Friday, 20 March 2015

Bring On The Flat!

Well now that Cheltenham is done and dusted we can all look forward to the upcoming flat season and the dream of untold riches! I had a few cracking days last year and I'm sure that if the conditions are similar (re: Betfair liquidity and action) then this year should be even better!

Accordingly I searched for a picture of 'flat jockeys' which resulted in this ...

Hey ho such is life (and fuck me surely he could have 'warmed-up a bit, if you catch my drift). Must have been fucking freezing when he had this pic taken ...


+£86.19. I negelected to update my blog for a few days so can't remember any specifics ...


+£79.19. Won @ Cheltenham and lost @ Wolves ... no fucking surprise there then ....


+£181.08. Back in the days of the exchange we used to call this an 'Eric' ...

... (as in Eric Bristow one huuundered and eeeeightyyy!!!) ...


+£102.50. I think that I can honestly say that I'm struggling at Chelmsford ...


-£13.38. It's particularly annoying when you fail to make the most of a Friday as this is usually one of the better days of the week in which to make some cash ...


-£17.15. So there I was chugging along on an unremarkable Saturday and edging slowly towards 3 figures and then I knocked-out £100+ in the penultimate race .... what a nob! ...


Mothers Day today so I popped over to see my Dad!


-£7.64. Taunton, Southwell and Chelmsford today .....enough said ...

The highlight of the day was buying a leg of lamb from Asda @ £3.97 per kilo ...



+£67.07. It took me until about 16:00 to realise why there was so much Irish racing on today
and why Wexford was packed to the rafters ...


+£79.95. Only two losses today but not in the much of winnings either ...


+£72.84. Another day of mediocreness (is that a word?)...


+£108.31. One of those days where a few small wins managed to get me into 3 figure territory ...


+£19.38. Pants Sunday ...


+£113.30. Thank fuck for the last race @ Downpatrick ...


+£31.84. Towcester, Taunton & Wolves = my worst nightmare!


+£13.87. And I thought that yesterday was bad ...


+£62.92. No losses today but once again my winnings were minimal ...


+£80.80. I must admit that I've had a couple of days recently where I've been bored shiteless ...


+£119.66. A good horse note got me a nice win for a relatively small stake in one of the early races @ Dundalk and that kind of made the day ...


+£61.76. The flat season started today and it was a bit of a poor effort for a Saturday, However, I didn't give a toss as I was out in the evening on the piss and watching my eldest son's gorgeous and talented girlfriend sing in a local boozer accompanied by her old man on the guitar. Plenty of alcohol was consumed and it was a great night!


+£87.53. Pants for most of the day and then nicked £50 in the last @ good old Limerick!


+£20.43. I was trundling towards three figure territory and then knocked-out £60 on that ponce of a horse that turned sharp left at the start ...


+£70.84. My first day of trading with my new teeth! I thought that they might give me extra powers but unfortunately not ...


  1. Hi Dave, can you tell how much on average per race you open and close a position. Thank you, and good luck in April.

    1. Hi Igor

      It varies. In the Summer months when the racing is stronger my entry stake will be anywhere between approximately £100 - £500. However, quite a few of my good wins have come as a result of only being partially matched for anywhere between £10-£50.

      Hope this helps - Dave

    2. I asked in wrong way) I want to say how many times per race your bets matched,how many times you open a position?

    3. Hi Igor.

      I normally only open a position early in each race. The problem with opening a position later in a race is that you are then competing against the on-course players and those with the faster pics, therefore you are at a distinct disadvantage.

      Hope this helps - Dave.

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  3. Hi Dave,
    been reading your blog for a while now and in the early part of the blog you mention the pre race markets a lot and also that you participate in them to a certain extent although this year you do not mention them much. Do you just solely concentrate on in running this year?
    Also you mention that you bail out straight away if a position goes against you, my question is how soon into the race do you do this, seconds (breaking from the starting stalls) or after say 2fs in a 1 mile race?

    1. Hi Steve.

      Yep I'm pretty much 100% in-running as it's almost impossible to combine both due to the amount of races in a day, especially in the summer months.

      As for bailing out, well when I enter my initial trade I have a rough idea of where I want/expect the market to move and how quickly. If this doesn't happen then I usually exit ASAP. There are numerous reasons why the market will move against you and these are that a) you got it wrong or b) the 'crowd' is taking an opposing view or c) there are other people in a similar situation and they have decided to bail and are panicking to get an exit or d) there are those 'in the know' who are not trading but are specifically backing or laying your selection.

      As an example you expect a horse to get a relatively easy lead in a 5F sprint and you back it pre-race. Now obviously if it misses the break then you get out ASAP, however, there are some occasions where the horse pings out and has a 1 length lead but the price remains the same for the first furlong. In this case I would also bail as I would have expected the price to shorten even though I may think that my selection now has a great chance of staying in the lead and even winning. Unless I have a VERY strong opinion then I exit ASAP.

      Hope this helps - Dave.

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