Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Back on the Notes, Gym & Diet

Yep I'm having another attempt at getting my fat, lazy ass in gear. Getting to the gym is no problem as I like to train but I really need to knuckle down and stay on a strict diet at least until the end of February.

I've started updating my notes for all of the runners each day and I've also started watching the replays that I record. These replays hold the key as it's easy to spot any particular selections that you want to make a relevant note for so that you can act accordingly the next time that it runs.


-£106.91. A great start to my daily updates! An early loss of £110+ followed by an £80+ loss later on pretty much put a damper on the day and I was flirting with a £200+ loss until I nicked back a few pennies late on.


+£165.49. The totally opposite from yesterday and I looked like going past the £200 mark but a couple of small losses late on halted my progress.


+£164.56. The good thing about updating my blog a few days after the event is that usually you forget winning days like today. When I did my P&L I thought that I'd typed yesterdays date again as the totals were similar, so a nice surprise.



+£172.80. And to be honest I didn't realise that I'd won this much today .... and the power of the horse notes seems to have kicked-in quite nicely!


+£97.62. Only the two meetings today due to the frost and wet weather so was happy with just under £100 ...


-£2.94. Once again we only had the two AW meetings today and I struggled to get going ...


+£20.37. Another lean day where we only had the two meetings. My initial thoughts on Chelmsford is that a) the BF live pics are a fucking mile behind live and b) it's fucking impossible to win anything there! To my eyes it plays a lot like the evening meetings at Wolverhampton where pretty much fuck-all happens until the last 2 furlongs and then the fast pic merchants jump in and rape the market.


+£123.50. One of those strange days where a handful of £20 wins soon put me past the +£100 mark. I even managed to take some cash from the thieving fast pic merchants at Chelmsford in the evening so that put a smile on my face!


+£137.80. I had a muddling start today but then picked-up a bit later in the afternoon so it was an OK'ish sort of day. However, my stakes are still relatively low and there is still SO much potential to be had!


+£472.64. An almost perfect Saturday where nearly everything fell nicely into place and I felt invincible. This was achieved on small'ish stakes so the possibility of +£1K days, especially during the summer months, still exists.


+£29.56. Another mediocre Sunday in early February...


+£54.05. I literally spent the day winning a couple of quid here and there ... so not quite as good as Saturday's result!


+£304.95. 23 trades and no losers makes Dave a happy man! Another excellent day where everything just seeemed to fall nicely into place. Once again my stakes were fairly minimal which gives me big hopes of plenty of £1k+ days in the future?

On the back of the above result I took the opportunity to book a day out for me and the missus in March (at a swanky restaurant) and I'm really loking forward to it!


-£172.55. Kaboom! It seemed that everything that I touched today turned to a right proper bag of shite! My biggest win was £11.02!! It was the complete opposite of yesterday, even though I felt that I had traded in exactly the same manner. Weird eh?

Think that I might have to cancel the swanky restaurant (see above) and book a table for two at my local McDonalds! 


+£50.87. Today's racing started at 14:00 and by 15:00 I was around £140 DOWN! The main bulk of ths was done in a long distance slog in the heavy at Thurles. With about one mile to go I spotted this thing plodding along in about fifth place, being flogged to death by the jockey and jumping like a hairy goat. At this point some raving maniac placed a big BACK bet at around 2.0 in the place market. Now in this sort of scenario you have two options:

1) trust your eyes and judgement (it's plodding along, making no progress, has jumped poorly and is being flogged to death with absolutely no response) .... or ...

2) realise that some crafty fucker knows that this horse usually stays about 10 miles and knows that it will easily catch the ones in front as they reach the final two furlongs

Well I chose option one ..... WRONG! As predicted by the wiley backers this thing plugged on and I think that it actually finished a close second

At this point I realised that I had practically done my nice profit from 10/02 and was about to start eroding my nice winnings from  07/02. Now although I get pissed off (I suppose we all do when we have a run of losers) I never really go on tilt, so I just carried on, had a few small wins and then had a £50+ later at Thurles and then finished the day with a nice win at Chelmsford (which I'm finding quite hard atm).

It's strange as I actually thought that I was about £50 down on the day, so it was nice to do my P&L this morning and find that I'd actually won £50, which was a good result after being over £100+ down early doors.


+£170.23. It was an up and down kind of day today but it was made a lot better by the nice result in the 16:25 @ Lingfield.


+£74.30. A quite un-inspiring Saturday where I didn't make any progress until nicking a few quid here and there on the last few races.

Ventured down to the local boozer in the evening to have a few pints with the missus and watch a band and had a good time!


+£42.82. Another day where nothing really happened and I had to settle for a mediocre profit for the day ...


+£142.66. A good steady day of 23 trades and no losses!


+£176.99. I wasn't going anywhere fast today and looked as though I was going to post a loss, but then had a nice result in the 16:25 which turned the tables quite nicely!

The way that I normally trade always throws-up the possibility of a nice sized win every now and then and it's nice when one pops up, especially when you are behind and seemingly struggling on the day.


-£43.19. It's always a bummer when you have a losing day, especially after a couple of nice days as you can often feel that you are on a roll and profits usually rise in-line with your confidence.

I did have the chance of taking an easy £150 green in one race but I held on as I thought that this could have easily moved into and beyond the £1K+ region, but alas it didn't happen, although it will one day soon!! So watch this space ...

At least it's only a small one phnurr phnurr ...


-£73.49. I probably could have scraped a tiny profit today but I made a balls-up in one of the later races. I was trading for £50 a click and had a book showing around £60+ green for all runners so all was good. However, I stuck a few lay bets in at around the 1.2 mark just to balance my green on one of the runners but forgot to put my stake down to £10 per click (which I usually do mid-race to filter out my positions) and managed to turn my £60+ green into a red .... doh what a wanker!!





  1. Dave
    how close have you come to 200k in one year?

  2. Dave
    how close have you come to 200k in one year?

  3. Hiya Dave. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blogs. I've followed Caan for a while, but your method of trading really intrigues me. You seem to do all the things that Caan and Jack Birkhead seem to shy away from, ie, in running markets and you make a bloody good go at it and you're pretty damn good at it. I've tried the pre race markets and also the in running and while I have had good days, the bad ones have made me think twice about trading. In short my discipline is shite!
    Laters mate and I will keep reading your great blogs.


  4. Hiya Steve.

    Thanks for the compliment :)

    I think that in-running is like pre-race trading on steroids! The moves are much more aggressive and it's therefore easier to both win and/or lose money very quickly!

    I think that you have to specialise in one, as trying to trade pre-race AND in-running is pretty hard and almost impossible during the flat season when there are so many races on top of each other.

    The in-running game is much more time-consuming as you do have to do some form study and this can sometimes amount to several hours per day. I honestly believe that the more that you know about each horses normal running style then the more chance you have of making successful trades. The problem is that the last thing that you want to do is study form after you have been sitting watching horse racing all day, especially in the summer when the ice cold beer is calling!

    You obviously know that discipline is the key factor to being a good trader. When I traded from the exchange back in the day you could almost guarantee that the most consistently profitable guys were those who had a sound methodology, a good understanding of the form and most importantly the discipline that allowed them to trade in the same fashion even after big wins or big losses.

    Trading is not easy, as we all know. Hopefully this blog can give you some inspiration (also Caan's old blog on the Geeks Toy forum is a great read as it plots his rise from winning a few pennies each day to where he is nowadays).

    So in a nutshell if you want to make a go of trading then you MUST get disciplined (plenty of good books out there) and then find a methodology that is profitable and suits your style of trading.

    Hope this helps - Dave.

  5. Thanks for the reply Dave. Lots to think about and whether I have another go at trading remains to be seen.

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