Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Week 3 - The Usual Rain & Frost

This time of year is always fucking useless for trading as a lot of meetings fall victim of the weather, leaving the mongrels to feast upon the scraps. The days where we just have two ATR meetings are a waste of time, so roll on the Summer.

15/01 - 20/01

In fact it's been SO exciting that I completely forgot to update my blog! I think that I did OK on Saturday but then lost on both Sunday and Monday, so this week's total is going to be tiny.

Made a small profit today and could have greened for £100+ in one race but let it ride as I thought that I was set to get much more .... and ended-up with much less! 


Week 3 = +£279.15. Had a strange and ultimately frustrating day today. I had a string of trades (+£57, -£67, +£82, -£44) that took me one step forward only to be followed almost immediately by one step backwards. I was like 'I've fucking done it again doh!' as I waved my arms frantically in the air even though it was just me in the house.

So that was a shite week, even counting for the fact that it's the middle of Winter.

Bollox ....

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