Monday, 5 May 2014

It REALLY is Time to Win Some Cash!

The next four months are usually the most lucrative of the year as the volume of racing is at it's peak. It does take some perseverance and patience to be able to sit at the screen all day, especially when we get those hot long summer days where the ice cold beer is calling, but now is the time to make the most of the situation and win some decent money.

I am gradually increasing my stakes, but I'm STILL way short of what I really should be staking. I'm really going to be working on the pyschological side of this over the next few days to see if I can get myself playing with bigger stakes and with the same amount of confidence. It will probably be a situation where all of a sudden my profit levels really take off and I can get back to a stage where I can win £200+ per day. This should be readily achievable and a couple of months of that sort of profit would be very nice. That would then set me up for a stonking July-August. I might even be able to afford a few days down on the coast, although I'll be avoiding too much Stella (see below).


May Total = +£86.90

+£86.90. Today was my first day back after a couple of days down on the coast and a day of recovery yesterday after my late night binge on 02/04. My drinking effort was fine for my first three sessions and I purposely avoided drinking Stella which seemed to work fine. However, on Friday evening I over-indulged, drunk the wife's Stella when she bailed out early and then stayed out until 03:45 and ended-up praying to the porcelain God.

I felt like a bag of shite the following day and in hindsight I shouldn't really have driven home until the afternoon. We stopped halfway and I took a snooze which seemed to make me feel a bit better and as we passed the 13 mile to Blackwall Tunnel sign I realised that I was only 20 minutes from home and my bed. I was using all of my powers of concentration to avoid throwing my ring up but unfortunately when we went under the 2 mile to Blackwall Tunnel sign we hit a traffic jam from hell and I realised that the previous night's endeavours were about to come back and haunt me with a vengeance. My wife wasn't too pleased when I said 'pass that MacDonalds bag as I'm about to be sick!'. My stomach turned like the engine of a rusty old Ford Cortina but nothing surfaced, but boy did it hurt.

We finally made it through the tunnel and I managed to get 200 yards from my front door when I called out for the trusty MacDonalds bag again. This time there was no holding back and the remains of my stomach were gracefully expelled into the bag, obviously along with a load of snot and tears. Now my wife, who has a dodgy stomach at the best of times, demanded that I stop the car and let her out literally 50 yards from our house. I finished my journey with puke all down the front of my shirt and trousers, and then to top it all the Macdonald paper bag split and I got covered in the remainder of my sick and a half eaten sausage and egg mcmuffin. Suffice to say that I went straight to bed and when I awoke many hours later I didn't smell too good!


May Total = +£172.19

+£85.29. Bank Holiday Monday and another full day of racing. It would have been nice to have cracked the three figure barrier but it was pretty close. So a relatively good start to the month and I'd like to build upon this during the week and get some £100+ profit days on the board.

I think that the way to progress is to remind myself before I start tomorrow that I can play freely with the £170+ that I have won over the last 2 days and it doesn't really matter if I lose that, but in fact by playing with higher stakes that should enable me to make this profit £300+ ... and that will get the ball rolling for the next day, and so on.

01/04 09:30 Hoegaarden (1) in The Belgian Cafe @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£283.74

State of mind: very confident and ready to start giving myself the chance of winning some decent money.

Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a fucking good trader and it's about time I grew some bollox and started to give myself the chance to win some proper cash.

It's so fucking annoying when you see the market suspend and then re-open at the off and then the stalls open one second later. It just means that you're so fucking far behind live that it becomes an almost hopeless cause to try and play in-running. It's only 14:26 and this has already happened at Brighton AND Kempton, so even the RUK pictures are fucking useless!

01/04 11:15 Fosters (3) in The Royal @ Ramsgate

+£111.55. So in-running trading in the win market seemed impossible today and my profit came mostly from 2 wagers in the place market. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to counter the fact that the pictures at some tracks are delayed seemingly more than others. The best policy is not to get frustrated, not to chase prices, and play stronger when the opportunity arises. 


May Total = +£402.00

Following our Fosters in The Royal (see above) we ventured up to 'The Falstaff'. However I would have been waiting a fucking long time for it to open as it had closed down many months ago .... another boozer bites the dust!

+£118.26. I tried to press on today and increase my stakes. Now in a few races I did play slightly bigger but in truth I probably need to change my Geeks Toy settings and get rid of the smaller stake buttons.

Some of the todays racing was pants and the feed from Brighton was still way behind so the result wasn't too bad, but I'd like to kick-on tomorrow and gradually increase the profits to somewhere near £200 per day.


May Total = +£411.35

+£9.35. I felt as though I had a pretty poor day today but still managed to scrape a profit. Now that's much better than having a poor day and losing £100+, so I wasn't too dissapointed.

01/04 12:50 Guinness (4) in The Artillery Arms @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£666.62

+£255.27. I knew that I was close to this sort of daily profit and it all fell into place today. I actually started pretty poorly and lost £30+ in the first race of the day. This was caused by external influences which pissed me off and put me in quite an aggressive mood, especially in terms of winning some cash.

I actually felt slightly cheated at the end of the day as I had one race where I could have taken a £200 green and a few other opportunities that could have taken me over the £500 mark. In fact I'm now starting to feel slightly greedy .... whcih is exactly how I need to feel each time that I sit down to trade.

01/04 14:00 Fosters (5) in The Royal @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£843.27

+£176.65. Another good day on the back of my nice result yesterday. I'm starting to feel quite greedy in terms of how much that I think that I can realistically win during these busy Summer months. The way that I'm trading at the moment could easily see me increase my stakes, and subsequent profits, by four or five times, especially in the busy markets, which would see me in 'Caan' territory and looking to win more like £400-£500 per day on busy days.

It's time to be a greedy fucker!

01/04 20:02 Guinness (6) outside The Horse & Groom @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£847.58

+£4.31. I found today's racing to be as boring as fuck, a typical Sunday really. The pictures from Killarney were fucked as well, which led to it being a pretty miserable day as I really wanted to build upon my last few days.

There are 6 meetings tomorrow, albeit five on ATR, but hopefully I can get back on track, trade with some greed and venom, and make a better effort than today!

01/04 23:40 Hoegaarden (9) outside The Belgian Cafe @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£965.36

+£117.78. I wasn't going anywhere fast today and made pretty much fuck all during the daytime racing. However, it all seemed to change when the evening cards started and I started to chip away and didn't do too bad in the end ...

02/04 00:52 Hoegaarden (10) in The Belgian Cafe @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£1028.38

+£63.02. I had another day where my concentration levels were quite low and  once again I missed one or 2 good opportunities as I was either cooking, making a cuppa or chatting. I didn't get to the gym until after 08:00 this morning, which is on the late side for me, and then I had to do some shopping, so by the time I got home I was in a rush to update my notes and never really got them all completed before the first race.

Much like yesterday I didn't make much progress during the day. It's 18:40 as I type this and the evening cards from Ffos, Southwell and Killarney are all a bag of shite. I think that my hopes of getting anything tonight might lay with Killarney as the low grade/low liqidity Irish markets usually suit my style of trading.

I've been recording most of the racing but to be quite honest I'm struggling to find time to watch it and update my notes. I need to make an effort to get in the routine of completing my horse notes a day in advance, i.e in the evening when the cards come up on BF, and then watch the recordings the following morning.

02/04 08:45 Hoegaarden (11) outside The Belgian Cafe @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£1078.37

+£40.99. Midweek mediocre effort ....

02/04 10:35 Hoegaarden (12) in The Belgian Cafe @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£1183.20

+£104.83. Another £100+ day, so I'm heading in the right direction!

02/04 11:35 Fosters (13) in The Royal @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£1403.36

+£220.16. It all seems to be coming together. Obviously the increased amount of racing helps, so I really need to fill my boots over the next few months. It's time to get EVEN GREEDIER!!

PS My maths have gone wrong somewhere as my monthly total so far is only £1394.36 so I'll work out where I went wrong later ...

02/04 13:35 Hoegaarden (14) in The Belgian Cafe @ Ramsgate


May Total = +£1424.04

I need to keep telling myself to get stuck-in. If I do a carpet today then I've still won over £1k in half a month, which is not too bad, but I should now be winning £5k+ per month. Let's go ....

+£20.68. Saturday today and I tried hard but it was just one of those days where I couldn't really get going, so quite disappointing.

Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a fucking good trader and it's about time I grew some bollox and started to give myself the chance to win some proper cash.

02/04 20:55 Carling (15) in The Port & Anchor


May Total = +£1409.04

-£15.00. I spent the whole of the morning fucking about buying stuff off eBay and loading stuff into and then out of my car. So by the time racing started I was already fucked, and it turned into the most boring day ever.

03/04 03:45 Ramsgate Harbour 

So once again I was the last man standing in Ramsgate! Fuck knows how much I drank between that pint of Carling at 20:55 in the Port & Anchor (see above) and being kicked-out of the Belgian Cafe at around 03:15. One thing that I do know is that a few hours later I felt as sick as a pig and spent the remainder of the night chucking my ring up!. It then took me another 2 days to recover. Never again!! .... well until the next time!


May Total = +£1421.35

 +£12.31. Monday today and I really couldn't be bothered. I was tired and bored shitless by the wanky racing, so decided to give up early and go to the pub!


May Total = +£1498.37

+£77.02. I had one good result during the afternoon which helped soften the blow of an otherwise shite day of trading.


May Total = +£1589.88

+£91.51. I had a mixed bag of results today. I had a £50 green turn into a £10 red in an early race where I was being a bit greedy and hoping for a bit more, and then I bailed-out too early on a couple of races where I could have easily ended-up with a few hundred in each race. Such is life eh?

I've somewhat lost my focus over the last few days as I've been busy doing other things and there are only so many hours in the day. I'm off back down the coast this weekend so hopefully I can recharge the batteries and smash it upon my return. In the meantime it would be nice to have a good couple of days before I go and win some beer money.


May Total = +£1656.48

+£66.60. I didn't seem to trade in many races today ... not quite sure why?


May Total = +£1859.83

+£193.35. Everything seemed to go really well today. I had just fallen short of £200 so attempted to get the extra £2 on the dogs. I asked the missus whether I should back or lay the 6 dog and she stupidly said 'back it'. So I did and it got beat! I tried again in the next race but lost again so thought bollox to this gambling shite!!



May Total = +£1838.12

-£20.71. Just back from 2 days down on the coast and felt knackered. Had an afternoon kip and then the market moved against me in a Ballinrobe race so ended-up having a small losing day.


May Total = +£2117.57

+£279.45. Had a cracker today and in fact could have won a lot more if I had held on to my positions for a bit longer, but hey I'm happy with the result and I'll be looking to crack-on tomorrow.



May Total = +£2161.22

+£43.65. Not much to say about today's effort ...



  1. Hello Dave...
    I'm Baaaaack!
    You're showing some great profits now Dave...about bloody time! You've been threatening for months. Well done you :D :)))

    I've decided I cant do what you and Caan do every day. Trading isn't for everyone and I'm one of those. But I can lay the arse off horses!

    I'll be stalking your blog soon.



  2. Hiya Dean.

    Good to see you back mate!

    Yep hopefully I can finally build on what I've been achieving over the last few days.

    I see that your reults for May have been great .... so just keep doing what you're doing!

    I'll add your blog to my list and I'll also be doing my own bit of stalking!! Crack-on mate and keep those profits coming ....

    Cheers - Dave.

  3. Hi Dean, Dave,

    Funnily enough I said the same to Dave on email this week about the trading. I have finally decided that I am not cut out for it either and just doing some laying of horses myself. I have no idea how pre race traders cope with staring at those numbers all afternoon, it is a real struggle to stay awake and mind numbingly boring.

    Think my afternoons now involve laying horses on my laptop, watching Rachel Riley on Countdown (if she is still on it?!) and totally taking away the intensity of going in running. Then fall asleep in my armchair at 4 o'clock, dribbling into my cushion....!!

    Dave, your profits are looking good mate, must be your round when / if you make it to the South Coast this Summer...


  4. :D Steve..great post...of course, now the summer has arrived we can dribble in the garden catching some rays before sloping off to the beer garden for a couple of jars!

    Personally, I use a bot to place my lays. That takes the emotion out for me and also means I am not tied to the PC for the afternoon/evening. So I am really a bit of a lazy bugger!

    Three cheers for us...hip hip.....

    1. Hi Dean,

      Re the bot, well funnily enough I did think of that and asked a company about it. However, sometimes my stakes change depending on the odds of a horse and what has gone before and it was not really possible to write that into a bot apparently. It is really annoying as I have a 150ft + garden here and it is a full time job to keep on top of (especially now with all the veg starting off!!) so I would DEARLY love a bot to place my lays for me. I hate being tied to a laptop / phone each and every day, plus every night now. Drives me up the wall.

      What you say about emotion is so true Dean. I have done many thousands over the last year when the red mist descends after a last fence faller or getting unluckily beaten a short head. It is very frustrating, as my lays generally are profitable 9-10 months out of 12 a year and enough to just about live the wife's wages of course! To take the emotion out of it and not be tied to this PC, would just be manna from heaven for me.

      If you know something about bots that may be able to help Dean, then I would be most interested to hear thank you. Dave has my email address rather than post it on here.

      Dave, sorry to hijack your blog !!!!

      Cheers Gents

  5. Your £9 difference could be a transposition error. Perhaps on the 10th you won £167 instead of £176? Sorry...I was an accountant for 30 years! :D

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