Friday, 4 April 2014

Get Rich, Ripped, Pissed or All 3??

Yep, it's that time of year when I start thinking about the Summer and the associated hot sunny days, the plentiful amount of racing throughout the day and evening, women in short skirts and ice cold beer.

So what's the plan for April? Well my fitness regime  has really eaten into a lot of my spare time recently but I'm really enjoying it. Getting up at 06:00 is working out well as it makes me less lazy and gives me more time to enjoy the day. I'm not so in love with my current crazy low carb diet but it's a means to an end and I'm hoping to be ripped by the end of April and shredded by the end of May.

The trading follows the same pattern. I'm still enjoying it but at times it can be so frustrating and time consuming. I've recently been running into the same problem over and over again which has been costing me good money and I only found a resolution literally in the last couple of days (02/04 to be precise).

Strangely enough I just haven't misssed drinking alcohol. I suppose that it is easier to refrain during the colder months, but it's just something that you don't really want to miss out on during the Summer. I've even had a few bottles of Hoegaarden in the fridge now for quite a few weeks and I haven't really be tempted to indulge. The upside is that when I do resume I'll probably be pissed after one botttle! That's a great money saving result of losing weight and not drinking, especially as a pint of Hoegaarden was £5.10 the last time we visited The Belgian cafe in Ramsgate. 

So in a nutshell by the end of April it'll be good to be in shape (somewhere around the 86.0kg mark would be nice), somewhat tanned and with a bit more money in my bank account.


+£59.81. I missed more opportunities today, not through any fault of my own, and decided that I needed to find a way of circumventing the problem that I kept experiencing over and over again.

I'm just getting pissed-off that I keep missing opportunities by a gnats cock (mostly due to the track players I believe) but I'm hopeful of a resolution which will go some way to help alleviate their advantage. 


+£38.05. Well hopefully I found the answer to my problems today so let's see how I go from here ...


+£39.91. Well a small increase on yesterday's profits ...


+£140.45. Ahhh finally back into 3 figure territory and it feels good. It's definitely not a co-incidence that this came shortly after my small change and I'm really hoping that I can crack on and get some nice regular profits. It also gives me a bit more motivation to keep on top of my horse notes and watch all of the replays that I record as these are definitely one of the keys to being succesful.


12:56 and I'm way behind with the updating of my horse notes (I took the opportunity of having a cuppa in the garden instead of sitting in front of the screen and staring at the Racing Post). I'll be trying to play consistently today after my relatively good day yesterday and probably erring on the side of cation in those races where my notes are not complete.

-£39.53. Well I made a balls-up early in the day by mistaking the colours and backing the wrong horse so I was immediately on the back foot. I soldiered on and only really made 2 further small mistakes which cost me about £50. I didn't experience any of the problems mentioned above so at the end of the day I was relatively happy despite the loss.

I'm very optimistic as I can see potential in the way that I am trading. Ideally I just need to slightly increase my stakes, string a few good winnning days together and get the ball rolling.


State of mind: very confident and ready to start giving myself the chance of winning some decent money.

Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a fucking good trader and it's about time I grew some bollox and started to give myself the chance to win some proper cash.

-£3.25. Sunday and my internet was degraded in the morning, so much so that I couldn't even get Gruss to connect to Betfair so I couldn't update my horse notes. I was pretty resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be able to trade and then about 15 minutes before the first race it sprang back into action. I was kind of dissapointed as I fancied an enforced day of rest but decided to crack-on. Well I shouldn't have bothered as I just couldn't get going. I had other things on my mind and I felt bored and pissed-off and it ended-up being a complete waste of an afternoon.



12:59 A pretty uninspiring feast of racing today and I wouldn't be surprised if it goes the same way as yesterday.

+£57.18. I wasn't going anywhere fast (as expected) but then managed to nick £40 towards the end of the day.


+£54.86. I had much more of a steady, if somewhat unspectcular, day today.


+£76.08. The day started well and then kind of fizzled out and I didn't make that much later on in the afternoon and in the evening.


+£45.43. Another uneventful day ...


+£65.58. More of a steady day today. I've said it before but I REALLY need to start pulling in more £100+ days, especially in the Summer months.


  1. Hi Dave hope you are well can I ask what problem you overcame please



    1. Hiya Stevo.

      It was just a software option that caused an error box to pop-up if I tried to enter a bet when the market was suspended. I then had to manually close the pop-up before I could enter any bets and this often caused me problems. So probably not a big issue for most traders but it would happen quite a few times a day for me and I'd be sitting there trying to enter bets without noticing that the error box was preventing me until I had closed it.

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. I found a bit of an edge recently when trading in running .. No pics just commentary and watching betfair odds only as they tumble I back with tick offset .. It seems as you know the odds changes are the fastest pictures so I have 2 computers running one with BF odds the other geeks toy .. The odds lead the way and it seems to be a good strategy .. I just wondered what you thought

    1. Hiya Stevo.

      I have often thought that you could possible trade without pictures or commentary, and just by entering well placed trades according the movement on the ladder. Sometimes you can be so focussed on the race that you don't notice all of the moves that are going on in the market. I think that it's kinda like pre-race trading on steroids, in that you only have to focus on the price movements and gaps in the market.

      I'd be interested to know how it goes.

      Cheers - Dave.

    2. Thanks Dave I will keep you posted but so far it's working well using tick offset and backing 2 or 3 horses in running and hedgeing with the geeks toy .. I hope it continues :)

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