Friday, 28 February 2014

Up With the Birds

I'm spending too much time lazing about in bed most mornings. I've decided that as from 1st March I'm going to get up 10 minutes before sunrise each day!

Yep, I must be fucking mad, but in the Summer months the mornings are fantastic. This will give me more time to prepare for the day's racing and I'll probably record the ATR and RUK replay shows and take my notes from them instead of trawling through the Racing Post notes, which are probably shit anyway. It will also give me some time to get some exercise in and I'm looking to get down to 90kg by the end of March so I need to get my ass in gear.


04:23 Fuck me it's early! I just woke up and though I'd beat the alarm clock as it seemed to be about 06:30. However, when I switched the TV on I wa a bit shocked to see that it was actually 04:23. Well I'm up now so fuck it. Let's get cracking on those horse notes ......

State of mind: strangely I feel a bit nervous today.

Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a fucking good trader and it's about time I grew some bollox and started to give myself the chance to win some proper cash.

+£47.79. Was cruising along nicely and then dumped £50+ in one race and had to pretty much start all over again.


06:28 and up and out of bed! Finished up yesterday knackered and couldn't even make MOTD. Just recorded yesterday's racing highlights, updated my notes and knocked out 30 minutes on the bike.

State of mind: bullish and ready to give myself the chance of winning some decent cash.

-£6.74. I can't quite put my finger on why I've struggled so much in the last couple of weeks? I seemed to have run into several really frustrating days where I feel like screaming and punching the fuck out of somebody/something. Hey ho I'll try again tomorrow ....


06:40 and struggled to get myself out of bed!

State of mind: even more bullish than yesterday and ready to give myself the chance of winning some decent cash.

-£66.69. Managed to make a balls-up halfway through the day by laying one for too much after I had backed it (it won) and that completed a miserable day.


06:30 and dragged myself out of bed again to be presented with another shite day of racing. For fuck sake roll on the fucking Summer and some decent racing.

+£34.54. Another really frustrating day, but at least I showed some kind of profit ...

I need to go and get some longer scaffold tubes tomorrow as my current ones are a tad too short and my bag hangs a bit too low (oooo err missus!). So hopefully I can get those setup well before midday and then give the heavy bag a damn good thrashing!


06:20 another early morning.

+£51.57. Wasn't really making any progress, but then got some 'free money' late on at Kempton which made the day slightly more bearable.

I did manage to get my scaffold erected and then bashed the bag for 30 minutes and later in the evening jumped on the bike for another 30 minutes. The diet is also going well and the weight is coming off!


06:20 the alarm in now set for 06:20 as the mornings become earlier. It was a real struggle to get out of bed, but once out I felt fine.

+£131.06. Finally managed to put a half-decent day together.

All that I need to do now is kep doing the same every day!


06:00 oh I felt SO tired last night and just about managed to keep my eyes open for the 20:55 at Kempton. I did spend quite a bit of time in the garden moving loads of blocks (again) and generally tidying and also did another 30 minutes on the bike so no wonder I was fucked.

+£57.10. Not much to say about today really, apart from the fact that the weather was nice.


07:08 ah I missed the alarm clock this morning! I did however manage to go shopping and get some protein .... and then came back and did 35 minutes on the bag.

+£35.84. I just don't know what is is about Saturdays ...


05:45 jumped out of bed at 05:45 this morning. I then did 30 minutes on the bike followed by some manual work in the garden and I'm now cream crackered and it's only 13:39. I was thinking about how nice it would be just to take the afternoon off, despite having almost completed my notes, and then noticed a runner in the 17:00 @ Naas which needed some notes. The name of the horse ...... Snooze.

-£23.44. Started the day poorly, shouted 'CUNT!' at the top of my voice (I don't think that the neighbours were impressed) when my horse went via the car park on the second circuit.

Spent the rest of the day nipping out to the garden in-between races to catch some of the lovely sun.


06:20 and a lovely morning. I'm glad that I've persevered with the 'getting up early regime' as it's lovely out there at the moment, if somewhat on the nippy side. It should be really nice in the Summer.

PS I reached 20.5 degress in Gravesend yesterday and it's only early March! Global warming or what eh?

-£4.63. I just made a couple of silly mistakes today, but luckily didn't do too much damage.



06:21 I'll need to reset my alarm clock as sunrise is creeping towards 06:00 and will actually be 05:43 on 29/03.

+£84.60. The first day of Cheltenham today and I trundled along and had an OK sort of result. Nothing brilliant ... but nothing too bad either ...














-£125.82. What a fucking useless day of trading. everything that I touched turned to shit. These days tend to happen every now and then but it still REALLY FUCKS ME OFF!!!

I've been so busy doing my horse notes (which sometimes don't seem to be worth the time and effort) and I've also upped my training and really become serious about my diet so I'm fucking knackered. So when it gets to the end of the day the last thing that I want to do is fuck about with racing bollox, hence the reason why my blog fell slightly behind.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and I'll try and get back into the swing of things with regards to keeping my blogs up to date and winning some cash.

PS I've missed about 3 sunrises so far this month so I haven't done too bad. I just need to reset my alarm and adjust my sleeping pattern to cope with the fact that I'm training twice per day and feeling slaughtered.




+£27.95. Out on the piss tonight so only played a few races.


+£16.91. A lot of effort for fuck all in return!


+£73.97. A typical Saturday. I was going nowhere fast and a combination of fucking cheating useless fucking brain dead hopeless jockeys and strange markets had me swearing, screaming and shouting every couple of minutes. There was a fair amount of racing today but the overlaps drove me fucking crazy and it was only in the last few races that I managed to make any cash.


05:00 It's strange. I've been getting out of bed well early most days but I seem to have even less time on my hands, hence my failure to keep my blog up-to-date on a regular basis. I have been spending quite a bit of time in the gym and on my bike which eats into my time and also leaves me tired in the evening and less inlined to update this blog. So I need to get sorted ....

+£44.21. I missed 1 or 2 opportunities today when I was in the kitchen making a cuppa or preparing my tuna fish (yummy). Apart from that it was quite uneventful, although The Curragh was fucking impossible so I don't think I'll be winning much there in the near future!

PS Start of the flat season today, well in Ireland at least.






+£16.29. Couldn't trade the early races today ... not that it makes much difference these days!






+£77.19. The start of the flat season today and the weather wasn't too bad either.



  1. Hi Dave,

    Hope you're going well - felt like updating you on myself, as you might remember we chatted a little on here before. Just to say keep the chin up, as seen you've had a few bad days. I lost it all around that time I last posted here. Blew an entire bank, after the bank I'd already blown. It's taken me 2 months to get back on my feet financially - I thought long and hard whether to even bother ever trading again. But now I am - the reason being that I've decided trading full-time is never going to work for me, as I can't work with the stress of that. But, I'm doing quite a lot better trading recently, after coming back with a different income adding to it. Finding some paid freelance work, that I can mix with the trading has been my godsend. I'm so relaxed trading now, and avoiding the silly things I used to do. How are you finding the stress of the 'income' issue these days? Still ok with just horses?
    Anyway, long story over, for now - hope you do well from here on in. :)

  2. Hiya Stu.

    Yep this game can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

    I agree that the big draw is being able to work for yourself and it's good to hear that you are making progress.

    I'm still OK with the horses and managing to pay the bills with a little tucked away for a few beers in the Summer.

    Make sure to keep me up-to-date with your progress.

    Cheers - Dave.

  3. You're not wrong about working for yourself - that was why I tried to go full time with the trading (hated my previous job). Going to be a learning curve this year, as always, mixing my new business with the trading. Glad to hear your doing well, keep it going! Will pop in to see how you're doing over the year. GL.

    1. Hiya Stu.

      Yep a mix of your own business and trading seems like a good idea. It can be hard to juggle both but it can be done. I managed it for a few years when I was landscape gardening but in the end the tiredness caused by the manual labour of the landscaping started to inetrfere with my trading, so I chose the trading route.

      Please keep me up-to-date with how you are progressing.

      Cheers - Dave.

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