Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Early Plans for the Summer

The thought just crossed my mind 'what do I have planned for the Summer months?'. Well usually I'm off to the coast at the first sign of warm and sunny weather. I do love to get down there with either my family, just the wife for a few days of passion, or even better just myself and my bike!

However, since the halcyon days of 2010 where money was no object my financial status has been in steady decline. I'm really not too sure whether I can afford to pop down to the coast at every opportunity as this means spending loads of dosh and earning none. Additionally the Summer months are the best for making cash due to the sheer volume of racing. Another thing that constantly frustrates me is the fact that I have a video where I'm down the coast in the sun and drinking beer and I casually mention how much I have in the bank. Well I have a lot less now and that hurts. OK I've enjoyed spending it but when you've been accustomed to winning relatively big amounts each month (and more importantly not having Beftair taking a 20% cut) then it does hurt.

Anyway, less of this fucking moaning. So what I really need to do is to knuckle down during the Summer months in order to try and re-establish my previous financial status, and if this means a minimal amount of trips to the coast and living like a hermit then so be it.

... although if I don't go down to the coast it means that I can't cycle miles on the hottest day of the year, lose my way, get sunburn, sweat a million gallons of beer and walk into the Horse & Groom in Ramsgate with bloodshot eyes from the previous day's alcohol excess and order a pint of Oranjeboom wearing a hundred dead insects on my sweaty head!

Let's earn some cash .....


+£0.96. Bag of shite racing = wanky result!

Looks as though there are five meeting tomorrow so I'm going to make sure that all of my notes are up to date and then smash the fuck out of things .... including my heavy bag if the weather is OK.


+£1.39. I'm a bit late updating today's results. It must have been a fucking hopeless day as I can't even remember why is was so shite!

PS So I typed in 'bag of shite' on Google (as you do) and this came up (which I found quite amusing) ...


+£73.18. I actually fared a bit better today, which is a relief.


+£134.93. Well we finally had a full day of racing today. I pretty much played as normal and was happy to post a 3 figure sum as it's been a while. Saturday tomorrow so it would be nice to start a run of 3 figure profit days ...


State of mind: already confident (and it's only Friday night) and ready to start giving myself the chance of winning some decent money.

Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a fucking good trader and it's about time I grew some bollox and started to give myself the chance to win some proper cash.

+£2.55. Oh dear ...


-£3.34. I had one of those days today where I just felt like screaming. Everything seemed so fucking frustrating and nothing seemed to go quite right .... doh!


+£6.71. It's all a bit of s struggle right now ...


+£36.09. I got out on the heavy bag this morning and probably over did it a bit and felt like crap in the afternoon so gave up and had a kip!


13:22 and more fucking wanky bumpers for jumpers shite today and Kempton tonight which is fucking impossible .... BOLLOX!!

+£93.00. I only managed to play a handful of races today but nearly made the 3 figure mark.


+£9.62. I've really struggled during February and today was another fucking useless effort.


+£36.95. I fucking hate February ...

I'm feeling tired and miserable ....


  1. Morning Dave,

    Good read as usual, although you do have to decide how much money is enough money, compared to spending a day out cycling etc. We are not getting any younger Dave and you won't remember the days when you were stuck indoors trading the seller at an evening meeting at Ripon!!!!! Obviously if you aren't earning enough to live on, then we all have bills to pay, but if it is just money sat in the bank, surely in your heart of hearts you would much rather be out and about living a life...oh and accompanied by 6 pints of course?!

    I am guilty of it too Dave, not doing things because racing / trading is on and those are the days I end up making two fifths of naff all, or worse still, do a 4 figure sum!!

    If it makes you feel any better, my finances are MUCH worsened too than a few years back, but then I have more time on my hands to do other things...you pays your money and makes your choice!!

    Have a good day old chap.


  2. Hiya Steve.

    Yep once the Summer arrives I expect the urge to cycle and beer will take over. Oh for an evening seller at Ripon! And yes the 6 pints does have a certain attraction. That's also a bummer when you choose to stay home and trade and actually do your conkers .... a double whammy!!

    Anyway I fully understand what you are saying and that Brighton beer is getting closer!!!

    Cheers - Dave

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  4. Hello Dave

    How are you doing? I am from France and I trade mainly tennis and horses. Sometimes I go courtsiding. Would be nice to share ideas. You can contact me at jeremie.outmezguine84@gmail.com.


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