Thursday, 24 October 2013


Yep Do It Yourself. Not in any way related to trading but I thought that I'd put up a new post that will cover my upcoming DIY project.

Once again I've become a lazy bum. Staying up late (albeit watching trading vids) and lying in bed in the morning (not watching trading vids) has meant that I'm doing little else than sit at my desk all day. Now my bedroom is literally falling down around our ears. It was previously our kids room when they were young and the floorboards are still red, yellow and green and the ceiling is painted yellow! The ceiling is falling down and the kids knocked holes in the stud wall (maybe the psychadelic colour scheme had some sort of weird effect on them) when they were teenagers (yep punched holes in the fucking wall ... what retards!).

So now it's time for a bit of DIY. As from Saturday 26/10 I will be:

  • taking down the remains of the old plasterboard/plaster/lathe ceiling (it's gonna be messy!)
  • removing the crumbling plaster from 2 walls
  • cutting out and replacing the 'punch holes' in the stud wall
  • re-boarding the ceiling
  • replacing the floorboards
  • hanging a door
  • ... or hanging myself if I lose my patience which is probably about 1.5 at the moment!

I'll give myself a week and if it all goes pear shaped then I'll call in the professionals!


+£70.08. Rachel Riley got a mention in one of the posts on here this week so that's a good enough excuse to stick up a pic of the little vixen!

Fucking gorgeous or what?

No doubt if I sent her a screenshot of today's P&L she'd be mine!


+£32.21. A pretty abysmal effort today. Lots of distractions and didn't really get involved in the racing. Dabbled on the dogs in the evening and tried a new approach which failed miserably so all in all a complete waste of a day.

I felt like kicking a hole in the wall ... but it seems as though one of my kids has already beaten to to that!


+£127.20. Had a few good chances today and managed to nick a few quid before things dried-up somewhat in the evening.

One of the 'punch holes' cut out and ready to be filled with new plasterboard (notice the smaller 'punch hole' a bit further along). Not too sure at this point whether to line over the existing chipboard paper or strip off, although as you can probably see the original boarding isn't exactly nice and straight. My plastering is not to brilliant so I doubt whether I'll give it a skim, so it looks like heavy lining paper over the top and a couple of coats of silk maybe? 


+£104.72. Started the day with a colossal argument with my missus with regards to commencing the DIY on our bedroom. She didn't want me to start ... but I did! So that gave me the raving asshole and as I sat down to trade all I was really looking for was £50 for the day. The racing came thick and fast and I didn't really enjoy it as my missus had REALLY pissed me off .... so much that I even started looking for accomodation just for myself down on the coast!

The floorboards in our current (formerly kids) room. Probably the reason why my kids have grown-up like they have ...


-£72.01. OK the DIY has been put on hold. My eldest girl, her partner and daughter are moving into there own place in a few days time which means I can move my stuff back into that spare bedroom, leaving me free to pull the ceiling down in the mulicoloured room! I did however manage to make  a start yesterday and started to pull off the old plaster at the end of the room. It was quite messy but I got a fair bit done in a short space of time The current plan is to clean and re-point the brickwork and seal with a PVA mix.

Somehow managed to throw away £70 today without really trying. Wasn't really concentrating fully to be honest and before I knew it I was down and out. A pretty dissapointing end to the week!


+£56.56. The weather killed the racing today so it was a case of trying to nibble a few quid at Naas and Galway, which is easier said than done! Topped-up the winnings with a good effort on the dogs and with a little more effort and patience I might be able to get the dogging profits up top a reasonable level.



-£32.67. Today I had an immediate return to trading like a wanker. Here are a few of the mistakes that I still keep making:

  • trying to trade too many selections in one race, i.e. I have positions on the top 3 and then when the market goes crazy it's just too complex to monitor all of these positions.
  • trading 4 horse races without realising that there's only 4 runners. Yep I keep doing this! I only have 4 ladders and it's crazy the amount of time I jump into a race totally oblivious to the fact that there are only 4 runners and therefore their prices ar all very closely linked.
  • getting a bit click happy and going in a bit too strong.
  • trying to add orders at the pointy end of the market when I already have orders in the queue that are effectively limiting me from entering these orders, i.e. my exposure limit has been exceeded.
  • not adopting a relevant strategy at tracks live Wolverhampton.
  • not being patient enough, especially with my initial position. 


So the Camtasia will definitely be primed tomorrow and if and when I make a balls-up I will make myself watch it over and over 100 times as punishment! So with all of this in mind tomorrow I will record a masterclass of pre-race trading and stick it up on YouTube. Bring it on ....


-£20.30. Oh what a day ....

All explained here ...

Anyway on a good note we have the local estate agents coming over tomorrow to give us an indication of what our house is worth and depending on that, my missus finding a job, getting rid of my kids and finding a suitable place then we might find ourselves living down on the south-east coast come next summer.


+£115.87. Felt like ages since I had a winning day. It's impossible to record any of my trading during the day as my house is absolutely manic at the moment and it's probably no wonder that my results have been generally crap over the last few days. There's a mass exodus in the coming days so it should be nice and quiet from Monday onwards .... hopefully!


  1. Well good luck to that one, buddy...I 'kin hate DIY and try every excuse to get out of it...the main one is that I am crap at it!

    My own DIY this week has been spread sheet based...I had a piece of software written a couple of years ago that downloads the Racing Post racing cards for me. But every time the RP change their web-site the code needs changi9ng so I have to pay a programmer to change it. So I decided this week I would write my own program in Excel to scrape the data I need. Still some work to do but at least I am happy in this sort of DIY!

    Good luck, Dave!

    1. Hi Dean.

      Good luck with that one mate! I spent over 20 years in IT and if I had to try and do that Excel malarkey I'd probably throw the PC out of the window within 5 minutes! (don't have much IT patience these days).

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. Thanks for making my day Dave with the photo of the Goddess. I like to think she is a really high maintenance woman, rubbish in bed and also a dreadful cook, as if she is good at those, along with being sublimely beautiful and highly intelligent, I will have to murder her boyfriend and start stalking her!!!!!!!! lol

    1. Hi Simon.

      I don't know how to tell you this mate .... she's already married!


    2. Thanks for ruining my life Dave. Just googled it and turns out he is young millioanire toff working for Daddy's company. Some blokes have a tough life don't they. Me jealous? Well maybe a little!!!!!!! lol

      Steven, another screen would help, but I trade now in running on one screen only and the normal size BF video is fine to see the action. You can also reduce the resolution which I seem to recall made the BFvideo bigger if you need it.

      Dave, I REALLY admire your profits from the place market, that is impressive mate, as although I have only been trying it for a month or so, the strike rate at the odds I am getting, needs to be too high, as twice in last 2 weeks I have dropped a few hundred quid on 1.02 -1.03 shots, which negates a whole weeks place market profits!! I have made about 48 quid this month in place markets!!!!!! lol Think I will stick to the win market in running. Pre-race made about 35pence this month, so another success story there!!!!!!!!

      Have a good day. Love Saturday trading with strong in running markets.

    3. Hi Simon.

      If you have mastered the win market then stay there! I don't know anyone from the Exchange who moved from win into place, but I think that a few moved the other way. Nearly all of the big hitters were strictly win market.

      Cheers - Dave.

  3. Hi Dave hope you are well ... Good luck with the DIY mate ... Rather you than me.. Just a quick one re betfair video please .. Do you have a seperste monitor for watching it as I can only get a reduced screen so can't really see which horse is where etc lol


    1. Hi Steven.

      Yep I have 2*23 inch monitors. I have my Gruss and Geeks windows on the right hand screen and I set my left hand screen to 800*600 and have the BF Live window which fills about 1/3 of the screen and I can toggle between this and RUK from my Sky box (which is obviously full screen). I'd definitely struggle using just one screen.

      Cheers - Dave.

    2. See here:

    3. Thanks Dave .. That's really helpful



  4. Cheers simon ... One screen sounds easier



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