Friday, 2 August 2013

Time to get a bit more AGGRESSIVE?

I've missed a lot of good IR trades during July dut to being too risk adverse. Playing this way is OK but it does little to alleviate the burden of the Premium Charge and it severely limits what I can win. So this month I'll be striking a few more wagers. This will probably result in me having a few more losing days, but my winning days should be a lot more fruitful and I would expect to get a few £200+ days if I play in this manner.

My pre-race trading has been a bit sketchy over the last few days, probably due to the fact that I'm still playing mostly IR, so I need to regroup and start making the pre-race game pay.


+£56.49. Missed a few opportunities today as my house is full of screaming kids, grandchildren and the wife, all conspiring to give me a nervous breakdown and not the ideal situation in which to be trading. Also found myself practising the piano when I should have been working!



+£193.96. Got straight into the groove today and never looked back. Still missed 1 or 2 oportunities by a gnats cock but overall I was happy with the result and I'll be looking to keep the momentum going tomorrow (Saturday)


+£11.89. Chipped away and was just approaching the £100 mark and had a reckless bet at Lingfield and knocked it all out! Felt REALLY FUCKED OFF! Probably just took my eye off the ball for a second and made a silly bet .... well that happens sometimes I suppose.


-£6.29. Just back from the coast that saw us combine some lovely early morning/lunchtime drinking coupled with lacklustre efforts in the evening. After a late start went straight into the red and once again spent most of the day and evening trying to claw back the few quid that I had lost. Clawing back the money that went across the several bars that we visited may take a few more days!


+£119.50. Bounced back to action today and probably could have won a bit more if my cautious approach hadn't kicked-in once or twice.

Going to focus on getting that elusive three £100+ days in a row and as we're heading into the weeekend the opportunity is there ... I just need to take it!


+£55.61. Was trundling along and may have possibly just hit the 3 figure barrier and then lost a bit towards the end of the day and had to settle for just over £50.


+£63.03. Started off the day poorly and was soon well down. Had other issues going on and as I mentioned previously if you're not 100% focussed on the trading then you're more likely to fuck-up and do your cash. Started to claw back a few quid and then came SO close to dropping over £300 in one race and this definitely gave me a bit of a shock, so re-focussed and ended-up just over £60 quid up after being £70+ quid down (and almost going £350+ down!!).


  1. man, I just found ur blog today ( I started with betfair like a month ago) I will read since the first post to learn more from ur techniques.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Cheers Souza.

    I try and keep it light-hearted and you should be able to pick-up a few pointers here and there.

    Good luck on your Betfair/Betdaq journey and let me know how you progress!


  3. Hi Dave,

    What sort of stakes are you playing with?

    I'll be resuming my own trading journey soon, albeit football.


    1. Hi Dez.

      My pre-race stakes are usually £50 a click and I never get too trigger happy so at this point in time I'm looking for profits of maybe £1-£10 per race.

      My IR stakes are £50 or £100 and I keep my bank to about £1000 although I could probably work with a bank of £500 or even less as I rarely have liabilities of £500+, only when I smash something at the death and I don't mind having all of my bank on, even 1.01 if it's home and hosed.

      Hope this helps - Dave.

    2. Yeh that's good insight thank you.

      £100 day is a good target and as you know reasonably achievable, I expect I will also aim for several £10+ results to built it up rather than go crazy with one £500 punt.

      Football can be a right c*nt however, had 3 goals in 6 minutes ruin me yesterday. Unfortunately I understand it more than horses atm

  4. I have a strategy/theory for the football which I think is quite unique and I did dabble with it last season with some success but I'll be looking to give it a good trial this year and see how it goes.


  5. Worth a go mate, so so many markets!

    Good luck.


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