Monday, 19 December 2011

Monthly Targets for 2012

I've put some thought into how much I need to win on a monthly basis in order to reach the £200K target. I've had a look at number of meetings that are due to be held each month and obviously there are far more races scheduled in the months of May - August. My initial thoughts are that I need to gradually build my bank in the first 3 months of the year, aiming for monthly wins of £5K, £7K and £10K respectively. I'll also have to change my PIN number so that my missus doesn't get her hands on any of my hard earned.

There are approximtely 115 meetings in January (update: there were in fact 117 in January) and February (update: there were in fact only 95 in February) , rising to approximately 130 in March (update: there were in fact 133 in March). Obviously the weather will no doubt force the cancellation of a number of these meetings.

My starting bank is £2000 and I aim to increase my stakes and/or aggressiveness as my bank grows, although I'll only need £1100 in my account as a working bank during January.

As the volume of racing picks up (180+ meetings per month in the Summer) I'll be looking to get £14K in April (approx a monkey per day (update: there were in fact 123 meetings in April) and £18k in May (approx £600 per day). For June through to August I'll be looking to get £20k per month (approx £700 per day). For the remainder of the year I'll be looking to get £15k per month.

My initial attempts at Football trading are going OK, but it's still a bit too early to say how much I think that I could win, but I'm pretty confident that at some point I could take at least £500 out of game. We'll have to wait and see ....
I'll stick the obligatory graph up somewhere when I learn how to do it!

Let's get ready to rumble! ... Dave.


  1. Good luck with your blog mate. It's already interesting reading. I'm an IR trader,but at a much lower level than yourself bank wise. That's improving all the time tho. My main thing is backing to lay,and it's good to see you work on that phobia! Do you have an e-mail I could hook you up on?

    Happy new year,

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