Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's Impossible to Lose!


+£187.06. Had one of those days today where it felt impossible to lose. OK, it wasn't exactly a world record but I feel that I'm still heading in the right direction and days like this give you an extra boost when they come along. Unfortunately these tend to come once in a blue moon, although having just typed this I'm realising that despite all of these years on Betfair I still have a pessimistic approach!

I have mentioned before though that just when you think things are easy you tend to come down to earth with a bump, so hopefully it's business as usual tomorrow, grinding away and not getting too carried away and doing my bollox!

PS Wouldn't mind having a week like this!


+£35.75. Felt a bit defensive and spent most of the day just trying not to lose yesterdays profit (although came very close to blowing £210 in one race and was only saved by an early suspend at the end of a race) so only managed a paltry gain.


+£108.61. Another good day profit-wise and also learnt a little bit more about the pre-race markets, so all good!


+£43.97. Trundled along early and then realised that I was winning fuck-all and fell into a miserable mood where I couldn't win a thing! Nicked a few quid late on to ease the pain ...

Also ventured into the Betdaq market in a couple of races to play IR over the sticks ...


-£34.90. How the fuck I lost today is fucking unbelievable! Started OK and was easily heading for another £100+ day and then it all went tits-up with 2 losing bets in close proximity. Could have been worse I suppose ....



+£46.93. Retrieved yesterdays losses but as mentioned before I really do need to start winning more than £50 a day!


+£116.63. Another 3 figure day today so pretty pleased. Would be nice to finish the month with three of these days in a row? We'll see what happens ....

One of the afternoon cards was AW racing from Wolverhampton and I'd forgotten how volatile the pre-race markets can be at this track. You certainly do have to adopt an entirely different strategy at Wolves as the markets seem to act totally different to any other 'normal' track.


+£107.83. Just about edged through the £100 barrier so happy again. Is it possible to do it again tomorrow?



+£48.18. Tried hard but was unable to pull off the treble.



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