Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shit or Bust/Man or Mouse?


+£43.92. It's that time of year where I really need to start earning some decent cash. Unless I grow a pair of bollox I'll just gradually go skint.

Now that the Summer has arrived I'll be spending some time down at the coast cycling and getting pissed so I need some extra funds. Unfortunately earning £50 a day is not going to get me very far!


+£43.80. Didn't have a losing race today but won fuck all!


+£26.49. And I thought that yesterday was bad!


+£31.42. Not much to say about today ...


-£8.42. Made a balls-up early doors and spent all day chipping away to recover the losses ...

Really need to string a few £100+ days together to get some momentum going!


+£49.95. Spent most of the day screaming and swearing at the markets/TV/jockeys, etc. Just couldn't seem to see any opportunities and didn't even break the £50 barrier.


+£2.87. Thought that I'd have another day of general screaming and shouting ....

I've decided that tomorrow (Saturday) I will ONLY trade pre-race and see what damage I can inflict upon my P&L.


+£1.99. Well an interesting day of pure pre-race trading which felt quite refreshing and was only let down by the fact that I only won £1.99. I felt that quite a few races were perfect for scalping (after the event) so I would imagine that Caan has hit quite an impressive figure today as I know that scalping late on is one of his strong points.

It was quite different concentrating entirely on the pre-race side of things and nearly every time that I made a mistake I recognised almost immediately what I had done wrong. I really need to get my pre-race game up to speed so I might have another pre-race day tomorrow and see if I can make any progress. My staking today was £20 and £50 depending upon the price range so tomorrow I will go for £20, £50 and £100.


+£40.20. A day of mediocre racing brought an equally mediocre return ...


+£18.54. Another dismal day ...


+£0.28. Today was a day that saw me wanting to punch something! Everything I traded early doors went tits-up. I was left in that state where I was looking at a market and just didn't have a clue what to expect or what action to take. I almost gave up at one point in the day and felt like I should just turn the PC off and watch the TV instead. However, I cracked on and actually traded the last dog race at Newcastle to get myself back into profit!


+£121.60. Had a much better day today and felt a lot more relaxed. Did make a few balls-ups pre-race but noticed where I had made the mistakes so I'm feeling a lot more confident with my pre-race trading. Might up my stakes slightly from tomorrow and see how things progress.

I'm also going to make an effort to try and record all of my pre-race trading so that I can review these in the evening/next morning to see what I do well and where I go wrong.


+£52.82. Really enjoyed todays trading. Did get caught out on one race where I layed £150+ on a last minute mover expecting the price to bounce. Unfortunately my timing was all wrong as the horses were about to go into the stalls and I had to bail-out for a £20+ red to avoid going in-play. I was maybe a bit hasty as there were still a few runners to go in and as soon as I took the red the price did in fact move well in my favour, so maybe if I had been a bit calmer I could have taken a nice green instead of the red. Apart from this I traded really well and my confidence is quite high.

The only opportunity I did miss is when someone made a massive rick in a late race in Ireland and there was £7000 matched at 1.01 on a runner that was clearly out of the frame (apparently they may have mistook the position of the winning post?). These are the sort of things where in the old days I could have easily taken at least a monkey and maybe even over a grand of that misplaced cash.


+£41.27. Had another enjoyable day today and I'm really starting to feel that I'm getting to grips with the pre-race markets. didn't post a big score with regards to profits but confidence is high and hopeful of a good Saturday (tomorrow).


+£240.29. Probably the best day that I've had this year. Had a couple of nice IR winning bets but once again felt super comfident pre-race and it's only a matter of time now before I start getting some profits along the lines of Caan from TFF who is smashing it to bits!


+£33.50. Jumped on the scales this morning and noticed that my weight has crept back up to 94.2kg. So I'm going to smash the diet for a couple of weeks along with a bit of training and get myself back down to sub 89kg by the end of June, hopefully in time for the nice sunny weather that we're due in July?

I found the pre-race markets very unpredictable today, especially after the good meetings and liquidity of yesterday, so played very cautiously.


  1. Been eagerly awaiting your new posts. Just to confirm this is a report of what you achieved last year?


  2. Hi TraderDave, i'm a newbie horse racing trader and would like to know if you're interested in exchanging blog links?

    Congratulations on your results, hope to get to your level someday.

    Best Regards

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