Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Well that's May done and dusted ... nearly

Well things haven't exactly gone to plan in 2012. Profit levels were mediocre at best during May, although they seem to have increased slightly towards the end of the month. I've decided to crack-on during June with the thought of increasing my bank nicely so that I can fuck off to the coast during July (dependant upon the weather). I think I'll do a daily update in June with a focus on profits and beer!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

When's it going to stop fucking raining???

Well I didn't add £10K to my bank in April but one thing I did do was get back on the beer and spunk plenty in my local bar and kebab house! And what about the poxy rain? Just when we thought that Summer had arrived we experienced the wettest April since the start of the world and we lost zillions of meetings.

It's now May and it's still pissing down, but more meetings have survived and my profit seems to be picking-up, largely due to the number of races that we're getting per day/week. I've also moved more over to the dark side, so that now most of my initial, and sometimes only, bets are backs. Additionally I've also managed to stay out of the boozer and kebab house so the only money leak that I have at the moment is my missus helping herself to my hard earned!

As soon as we get some nice sunny weather (maybe early June according to the idiots at the Met Office) I'll be off to Ramsgate to re-charge the batteries, get focussed, get sunburnt, get laid and get pissed (not necessarily in that order).