Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Early Summer in Devon

As mentioned in my previous post I had arranged to visit a couple of very good old friends down in Devon and for once the weather did not disappoint!

Surprisingly the trip down there only takes just over 2 hours so we were in Exeter just after 16:00 on Friday which gave us plenty of time for a couple of beers on the veranda followed by a forced march into town and another couple of beers and a pizza.

On Saturday we took the train to Exmouth for more walking and a few more sherberts. In the evening we popped out for a meal and even more beers in a nice boozer and yet more walking! I also had the chance to have a play with my new GoPro camera and here's my first go at doing some editing ...

The weather was absolutely glorious on Sunday so we made the most of it and took the train to Topsham for yet more walking followed by a nice little beer session sitting outside a boozer overlooking the river Exe.

It was blistering hot but luckily I had packed the factor 50 and 6 or 7 pints of Amstel also helped to keep us cool!


+£141.51. Steady daytime trading but the late evening didn't really produce any decent results.


+£221.17. More steady trading today with a nice little surge in the early evening period which helped accrue a few holiday beer tokens.


+£233.05. Despite it being a Bank Holiday I only managed to trade 30 races. It's always nice to get a half decent day in after a short break and that helped pay for some of the trip expenses.


+£152.74. I had a good start to the day and was over £100 up after about 30 minutes. Then pretty much nothing happened all afternoon until I dropped almost £100 on the evening racing only to get it all back in the last few races of the day!


+£275.88. I've caught the GoPro bug so while looking around on YouTube I noticed an interesting attachment known as a gimbal. It helps keep the camera steady when you are moving around so I thought 'well if I can win some cash today I'll get one'. I was pottering along and then had a couple of good wins so it was straight on to Amazon for a Prime one day delivery ... just in time for the weekend.


+£274.73. A nice steady day today with no major losses or fuck-ups.


English summertime bollox ....

We had booked a couple of days down in Ramsgate way back in February and sod's law the weather was pretty fucking crap! However, we had a great time and I had a chance to have another play with my new GoPro camera and gimbal ...


+£105.85. Sunday back from the coast and I only managed to trade 23 races so a fair result I suppose.


+£11.33. One of those fucking frustrating days where I just missed cracking entry points by a gnats cock and spent all day in front of the fucking screen for fuck all!


+£229.49. Today was very very slow and then late on in the evening I managed to knock out over £100 in one race and I then had the total arsehole! I sat there muttering 'wank fuck cunt bollox wank vagina prick nob twat' to myself as I'd just spent another day stuck in front of the screen and was about to end the day with less than I had in my pocket in the morning!

Now in the last race I backed the leader in the NH flat race as it had a very easy lead and yet the price didn't contract as I thought which led to more mutterings of 'fuck this bollox I don't believe it! What the fuck is happening?'. However in this scenario I sat tight as my selection was seemingly cruising along in the lead. As they turned for home he legged it off into the distance to be greeted by several 'oi fucking oi' screams from my living room!


+£89.48. Another one of my brilliant starts to the day when I backed a 1.05 loser! Ho hum, I cracked on as usual and managed to scrape a few quid back and end the day in front, if somewhat frustrated by my general incompetence.


-£21.93. It seems to have been a real tough week so far and I really struggled today. I once again managed to get myself behind by over £100 early doors and then spent the remainder of the day slowly recouping the losses.


+£318.77. I was literally winning pennies here and there for the first couple of hours and then things gradually picked up and I had a good late afternoon and evening.


-£202.86. It was probably one of the busiest days of the year today and I had a nightmare start. I hammered one late on in the place market when it jumped into a clear third place jumping the last and plenty of 3.2 was available. In fact I thought that someone had made a big mistake or that Betfair was stuck so I clicked a few times and then about 10 seconds later the fucker went past the post in fourth place doh! I was pretty much almost £300 down after 30 minutes of trading! I then had a cracking afternoon and had the loss down to less than £100 and then had a complete mare of a late evening and ended up over £200 down for the day doh! What a nob!


+£92.68. After yesterdays debacle I was looking to get any sort of winning day under my belt and I made a lovely start and was almost £100 up after 2 races. It was then a very frustrating Sunday afternoon where I couldn't get anything matched and then late on I managed to lose over £100 in 3 races and I was back to square one!! It get's so fucking annoying when that sort of thing happens, especially on the back of a shite Saturday. However, I pulled one out of the hat in one of the last races of the day and therefore managed to post a profit instead of what would have probably been a small loss.


+£114.17. Only traded 18 races on a wank of a day but only had 1 loss so can't complain.


+£156.43. A bit of an up and down day with some of the markets recently being unplayable as there's no fucking money in the queue once the race turns in play. The end is nigh ....


  1. Must admit I do find it odd that GoPro haven't any image stabilisation included in their cameras either digital or optical, but I guess that's what keeps prices lowish.

    Best results are usually ,imo, obtained from the digital methods where you basically lose some of the outside of the frame and the software basically crops some of the frame to keep th rest of the picture centered from frame to frame, makes hell of a difference and can be down post filming on a PC.

    1. Hi Robbo.

      Yep it's only after I got the camera that I got the bug and then noticed the gimbal :)

      The GoPro Studio software is pretty basic and prone to crashing so I'm going to try Adobe Premiere. I know that there is a lot that you can do post filming so I'll have a play around and hopefully it's not too complicated.

      I'm should be getting out on my bike at some point so I'll try and capture some more interesting stuff (I'll try the head/helmet attachment) and start to think about different camera angles etc ... and also remember to turn the fucker on as I 'recorded' a few clips with the fucker still turned off lol

      Cheers - Dave.

  2. Hi Dave, again i love reading your blog and seeing your constant progress. As one of the only in play traders on horses out there I wanted to ask you some questions because i really want to improve my game

    What percentage of your bank do you use or what percentage would you advise per single trade ?

    Do you use a stop loss ? if so do you use the offset and stop or do you just click to exit. and what point do you decide to use it ?

    Do you use the one click or ladder?

    Lastly do you ever let races settle while you are still in the trade as the market is volatile or do you get out as early as possible

    Also do you do any training sessions ? I really wouldnt mind paying you for an our of training or so ?

    Thank You

    1. Hi Elisheba

      Thank you!

      I probably use about 1% of my bank per click but I probably should be using at least 5%.

      I have never used a stop loss. If the market doesn't move as I expect, within a given time frame, then I exit my position immediately.

      For my trades in the win market I use The Geeks Toy ladder and for my late-on bet placement in the place market I use the Gruss grid interface.

      If I have an early green position then I normally attempt to phase out some of my initial stake and then hold onto a pecentage depending on whether or not i think that the green is going to get larger or not.

      I may think about doing some training but the cost would be relatively high :)

      Hope this helps - Dave.

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