Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Quads, In-Running Video and Skype Chat Room


+£43.12. I decided that I HAD to get some clobber so I shot down to Lakeside. Now it felt as though I went in EVERY fookin shop there! I finally ended up buying 2 pairs of jeans in M&S as they were practically the only store that did 'relaxed fit' jeans. There's no way that I'm going to get my gigantic quads and even bigger butt into slim, skinny or super skinny jeans!

Then I scoot into Primark and pick up some socks, a leather belt and a couple of jumpers and to be honest some of their gear is up there with similar stuff selling at 4 or 5 times the price! Then off to Debenhams and get myself some boots .... so after over 4 hours there I finally got my shit together, including another 12 bottles of Bavaria wit!

I didn't sit down to trade until after 16:00 so profits were minimal.


+£184.04. I've had quite a few requests for some more in-running videos so I'll try and get a few done this week and post them up on YouTube and put the link on here.

I also joined a Skype chat room 'Sports Trading Chat' where likeminded traders share tips and advice etc. Seems like a nice bunch of guys there and we're all helping each other and having general chats about trades and techniques etc.


+£25.06. I don't know why I even bother on Mondays.


+£227.60. I could have done without dropping £70 in the penultimate race but apart from that I had an OK day.

I quite fancied Funky Munky to be somewhere near the lead in the 16:00 @ Catterick so I fired-up the Camtasia and recorded my effort.


+£35.38. The fairly good weather is hanging on in there nicely for October. If we can have a few more mild weeks then it helps make the usual bleak winter months much more bearable.

Additionally my foray into the world of Yoga and Pilates is going very well at the moment and I'm currently doing at least 4 or 5 classes a week as well as a few gym sessions. If I can lose a few kilos then I should be in good shape by the end of the year and ready to get super lean for next Summer!

I found trading today quite tough, in fact almost as tough as this morning's Pilates class! The instructor had us all tied in knots with various stretches and feats of balance as well as untold ab excercises. It hurt ... but it was enjoyable!

Downward Facing Dog: try holding this for a while before it turns you into a quivering wreck!


-£182.99. I checked my lifetime P&L today and realised that I'm right on the verge of the mega premium charge. I thought to myself  'I'll ressurect my old greyhound system' which I was using a few years ago which made me some money, but more importantly helped me turn over a bit more cash during the week, therefore helping with the premium charge.

So I opened another Geeks Toy and threw a few quid at the dogs ... and ended up losing £130! Now my system would often go like this, and some days I would win hundreds. However, I realised that really I should just be throwing some more cash at the horses.

So not one of my better efforts ...


+£28.78. I always say that it's important to get a winning day under your belt after any losing effort (see yesterday!). So although it wasn't a great effort I wasn't too bothered, especially as I generally find Newmarket unplayable.


+£19.29. I wasn't able to trade many races today so won fuck all!


  1. does this chat group accept new members? how can we join? thx!

    1. Yep. Give me your Skype id and I'll passs it on to Joe who runs the group.

      Cheers - Dave.

    2. my skype id is - prikomoki


  2. Hello! Can I join to that chat group?
    My skype is tompoo003

  3. If your greyhound system works I wouldn't abandon it Dave, especially if it churns over money. See if you can automate things as the 40% PC is a killer and I'd guess you may even be higher like 60% from your pnl postings.

    Don't underestimate how hard the higher PC bands are to overcome as it's a real mind fuck when it hits you. Probably too late for you but for anyone winning they really should look at building up comms rates now rather than later. Very hard to churn your comms up to 40%to avoid the PC but getting your charges above that 10% is very important, remember less than 5% lifetime and you're on 60% and that's really call it a day territory , over 10% and you're in at 40% which with churning can pretty much get you back to around the 20% paid area.

    1. I just need to increase my stakes. I'm never going to make a fortune but if I can keep my head above water even with the charge then I'll setttle for that!

      Cheers - Dave/

  4. Hi. Can you add me to the skype group please?
    Skype id: getintheir
    Aka: rfsportstrading (twitter)

  5. Hi. Can you add me to the skype group please?
    Skype id: gtg2004

  6. hi dave .could u ask to add me on that skipe group please
    id: Daniel Fardilha


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