Sunday, 10 May 2015

Quite Literally a Shite Week!

Well this last week has been pants in many ways. I've been struggling with technical issues and subsequently my profit has been non-existent. Then on Thursday I had my grandchildren staying with me and my grandson had picked up a bug and spent most of the day throwing up and shitting.

Fast forward to Friday morning and now I'm the one yakking my ring up and fuck it hurts! The shit that came out of my stomach was unbelievable!

The only good thing to come out of all of this is that my weight dropped drastically and with a bit of good work down the gym and some good dieting I'll be ready for the coast when the weather brightens up!

I was browsing through my videos and came across my cycle cam video from back in 2012. Not exactly Go Pro quality (I might have to invest in one of those) but it captures the moment! Cycling along in the sun after a 5 or 6 pint morning session is a right crack!


+£14.31. Got out of bed ... traded 2 races .... felt like shite .... went back to bed ...


+£109.77. It's fucking annoying when I update my blog but then forget to presss the 'Update' button and all of my changes get lost ... grrrr!


+£541.78 Smashed it!


+£128.64. I'm still having some technical problems and that's having an adverse effect on my P&L. Hopefully I can get them sorted ASAP!


+£122.02. Had my Virgin 152Mb fibre connection installed today and literally five minutes after the guy fucked off the connection dropped mid race.

Luckily I didn't have an open position, but now I have even more fucking technical problems!!



+£200.67. I had an abysmal start to the day! I was not in the best of moods due to my ongoing tech problems and added to that I had family issues, AGAIN!, and just before racing I had a heated argument with my youngest daughter. Now it's been mentioned before that you have to be 100% focussed on the trading otherwise you will be open to mistakes. Well in the first race of the day I got caught with my pants well and truly down ...

.. and managed to lose £48.74 in the place market and £202.94 in the win market .... oh fucking happy day! I was NOT fucking happy!!

When this sort of thing happens you need to control the burning inner rage, take a deep breath, re-focus and go about business as normal, even though you feel like smashing everything in sight, including the next few races!
Well I chipped away with my first aim to try and get the loss under £200. I was feeling a bit better once I had reduced the loss somewhat and then late on I had 2 cracking results back-to-back which saw me go from a -£250 start to just over +£200 at the close of pay.


+£227.50. Well my technical issues seem to have been resolved, fingers crossed, so I was able to crack on with the trading today. To be honest I was expecting a bit more as we had seven meetings although I do prefer the more volatile lower grade races as my trading style is usually more effective.


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