Wednesday, 25 February 2015

We've Almost Made It!!

Yep we've almost made it through the winter and so far the weather hasn't been too bad (well at least it hasn't been down here in the south-east of the UK). March might see a bit of a frost and the cancellation of a few meetings, but then hopefully once we reach April things should start improving as we see the start of the flat season hurrah!

I've trundled through February and to be honest my application has been somewhat lacking in terms of watching the replays, updating my horse notes, training, diet, etc. In fact I've been a right lazy fucker .... AGAIN!! If I don't get my act in gear for March then I'm destined to be a LAZY FAT bum for the rest of my life!

Around about this time last year I vowed that I would be getting up at the crack of dawn each day in order to get some work done (such as watching the replays) and also savouring the beauty of spring/summer mornings. So once again I'm going to set my alarm clock for just before sunrise each day, spring out of bed at the first beep, have a cuppa, sit in the garden (when the weather permits) and then hit the gym at the opening time of 07:00.

So if I set my alarm for 06:30 that should cover me until 08/03. Time waits for no man though and I'll have to be getting my ass out of bed at 06:00 by 22/03. The clocks change on 28/03 but I'll stick to 06:00.

So what about the trading I hear you say? Well February wasn't too bad although there was plenty of potential to do a lot better. From memory things start to pick-up from March onwards (in terms of profit) so as Caan mentions over in his blog it's time to win some summertime beer money!!


-£36.60. I didn't have a good day's trading today and I kept getting hit by those annoying losses of between £20 - £50 that soon add up!



£103.07. It's always to get back into 3 figure territory, especially after a pants day like yesterday. I actually started the day with three losses in a row but then traded pretty steadily after that and just edged past £100+.


-£36.59. It's obvious to see the effect of my current lazy attitude on my recent P&L.

I traded fuck all races, lost £30+ and ended the day by saying 'oh so what losing £30+ isn't too bad' while shoving another piece of chocolate cake in my mouth. What a fucking nob!


+£94.30. I only actually traded in 4 races today which must be some kind of record. I spent most of the doing making cups of tea, doing the housework, eating and lazing around!


+£20.02. Despite the fact that we had 3 RUK meetings today once again I made a poor effort and the only thing that is growing at the moment is my stomach! In fact is was feeling SO lazy that I hit the sack for a snooze after the 16:55 @ Bangor!


+£213.00. A steady, if un-eventful, day of trading that was greatly improved by the nice place market win in the 16:25 @ Ludlow.



+£118.62. I was plodding along today and then threw away the best part of £50 @ Dundalk but then managed to retrive it later on in the place market.


+£68.06. I started OK today but then my effort petered out and it ended up being a poor result for a Saturday ...



  1. Mate, you need to lay off that cake or they will have to hoist you out of the house on a crane soon !!! It's dangerous being at home all day isn't it, with the fridge only 20 steps away and all the goodies it contains. I found myself eating lemon and lime marmalade out of the jar yesterday between races.... whilst reading my book about willpower!! I cannot have chocolate in the house or else it just goes, so my Mrs hides it. I found out where she hides it today, in her underwear I wasn't trying them on whilst she was out at work!!!!!!! lol

    Be glad to see the back of Feb mate, only made a monkey this month after the 6k last month...biggest lay yesterday got beat a short head..hooray ...then the ******* stewards amended the result!!!!! I very nearly went on mental tilt but it was the last race of the day, so put the oven gloves on so I could not get involved on the keyboard!!!! lol

    Roll on March and some decent weather..

    Cheers, Steve

  2. Hi Steve.

    I popped over to see my dad on the weekend and his missus made lasagne. I didn't each much during my stay but asked if I could take the remainder home for a late night snack. Boy this lump of leftover lasagne must have weighed 2kg and I munched the lot in 2 sittings that evening!

    Fortunately I'n not at that advanced stage where I sit there with a pot of marmalade however on the other hand I do occasionally trade whilst only wearing an ensemble from Victorias Secret!

    Yep I saw that last race yesterday doh!

    Cheers - Dave.

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