Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 ... Earn More, Drink More, Weigh Less and Fuck Like a Rabbit

Friday 2nd January and what a cracking day weatherwise eh? Makes me think of those long hot summer days sitting in the sun and drinking Hoegaarden.

Unfortunately the Hoegaarden ran dry in The Belgian Cafe over the New Year period so I had to resort to Guinness on our first session, Fosters on New Year's Eve night and then wade into various different bottles of white wheat beer on New Year's Day (pics to follow).

So we had a cracking time but now it's back to the grind in an atempt to win enough cash for more coastal shennanigans in the Summer!


Ffos, Ayr and Southwell followed by Wolves and Dundalk didn't exactly get the juices flowing but I nicked a few pennies here and there and following a small break it didn't feel  as boring as it might have been on a 'normal' day.

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